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  1. Fired up my reatta for the first time in three months started right up as always. Added my BCA sticker too.
  2. I find FB is okay. One thing it does that I hate is sometimes it doesn’t show exactly what your looking for. You may search one thing and something else comes up and when searching that thing a different one of the first comes up. Last summer a beautiful 96 Park Avenue showed up when I was looking up roadmasters. But not park aves. And naturally some one else had bought it by then
  3. Are these caps metal or plastic? I have grey metal ones on my lesabre. Pretty sure my 91 has black plastic need to go check later today
  4. It’s a shame how few color combos you can get with modern cars. I’ve notice with my lesabres that the maroon interior hides the dirt a lot better than say grey like I have now. So I could see maybe a dirty flame red looking more maroon
  5. I saw a white/tan car for sale in Florida last year. In my opinion not the best looking combo out there. But the car was a bit tired from that Florida sun.
  6. Kevin M


    I’m a big fan of the 91 wheels but the crime ones drone the late 90s Park aves. That really should have been an option in my opinion.
  7. You got a suede seat car don’t put a sunroof in it. Like said above it’s really late in the production of 88s for this to be a suede seat car. Keep it as original as possible. There will always be another reatta for sale with a sunroof.
  8. Do you mean the face of the cassette player or the whole area around it? There’s write ups for the latter on the ROJ forum here’s a link to that page http://www.reattaowner.com/roj/repair-tutorials-a-information
  9. I can say I’m in agreement with most of what y’all have said. I did a paper for one of my capstone business classes in college on brand image and I chose Buick. This was in early 2016, so a year or so after the avenir concept came out. That was my whole focus of look they’re trying to be new and exciting but that never happened. It’s just some rebranded opel or Chevy. I do like the regal tourX, For what it is. I don’t think I’d buy one new unless they make it closer in size to the 96 roadmaster. But that won’t happen. I do agree the GM that made the mistake of getting rid of cars.
  10. 1999 silver arrow $1995 not mine. Saw this in Craigslist. From the pictures it looks good. Price is fair but no miles mentioned. https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/cto/d/riverview-1999-buick-riviera-silver/6985341127.html
  11. From the database it’s one of two with flame red CD Player and a black top. Something to me that seems like a fairly reasonable combo they only made two of. The interior looks sun damaged so that maybe why it doesn’t have to pop flame red usually does.
  12. THIS AD HAS EXPIRED This one is interesting original a 1of 2 car. The other according to the data base was crushed in 03. So guess it’s a 1 of 1 now. Looks fair to me fading on the wheel and rips In The driver seat. If I wasn’t at sea I’d definitely go look at it myself. https://newjersey.craigslist.org/cto/d/saddle-brook-1991-buick-reatta/6976704726.html
  13. I had it happen once on my 91 it was a cold wet day hasn’t happened since. If it happens more often that’s bad. But if it a one time deal you should be fine. Or rip it apart and clean it like said above. It’s one of those things that does go in the 90-91s so doesn’t hurt to clean it to prevent it.
  14. So is that some sort of digital Sales book? Or more of a program to show the difference is size of the cars on top of each other?
  15. The VATs is a lock out of the fuel pump and starter. If the VATs fails while driving your car will still run until you shut it off. If trying to start the car cold the security light is flashing and you get a no start the easiest thing to do is try the other key. Or clean the resistor like said above. In my opinion it’s probably not a VATs issue.
  16. I’m going back to sea for a couple months so had to winterize my reatta today. Should be home around thanksgiving, so hopefully it will still be nice out and I can drive it again this year.
  17. It is weird how 60 is a common color combo for a Reatta. My 91 is one of one and it’s nothing to weird maroon/grey CD player and Pinstripe delete
  18. My 91 has a pen, flashlight, pressure gauge, plastic key, dealers business cards, road map and atlas, card to get the engraved plate, note pad, and the sign off sheet. I believe this is correct for everything that should be in there. All the other paperwork I have like warranty info was in a separate bag.
  19. Not Mine. Looks great in my opinion. Idk about price owner wants $97500. Landline only 570-561-2519 https://poconos.craigslist.org/cto/d/mount-pocono-1953-buick-skylark/6942921397.html
  20. I also joined the BCA today. So I need to figure that website out now lol.
  21. Went to the Buick club of CTs show today. As always the only reatta. But some other nice stuff too.
  22. The last VIN vert was for sale earlier this year, Number 622. A black with red interior. It’s also a one of one that had ~300 miles on it and was in a museum until 2008. Gm the sold it to the previous owner. That guy died and his wife was selling it through a brokerage. Don’t know where it is now. But I saw an Instagram post a few weeks ago and it was having the radio replaced. I’d put money on it that this one hasn’t been registered in a while if ever. With the data that Barney has 184/305 is a damn good survival rate. Hopefully some more will come out of the woodwork.
  23. I think it really depends on who the buyer is. If the buyer is well aware of what the 91 verts went through it would be more valuable. I’m a big fan of lots of documentation so I know I’d appreciate it. Also I guess if it was supposed to be scrapped it makes it more unique.
  24. @azreattacollector you can check the database for some information on how many cars are still around, that will at least give an idea. I would assume since there always seems to be a few for sale at anytime in the country that there’s more than we think.
  25. Didn’t do much today. Last few car shows have been rained out hoping for better weather this weekend. But I bought some In the bag floormats. I don’t think I’ll actually use them though they just look too nice.
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