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  1. The other side of that is finding how much is unique to your particular car and year. These are definitely not Chevys.
  2. I'll second "Clarkson's Farm". It actually made me like him more than I have before. The big star of that show is his hired assistant. Sadly, I think "The Grand Tour" will end up crashing the cars. I'll still watch though.
  3. I like the chromed stock parts. Very cool. If you get the chance, I would check the timing chain gear. My 62 had 136K+ on it when I took it out for a rebuild. Everything internally looked great except for the timing chain. It had nylon teeth on the big gear and they were all gone (and sitting in the bottom of the oil pan). It was sticking time bomb. I probably could have replaced that alone and gotten many more miles out of the engine.
  4. Nice looking car. Has the engine been rebuilt? That paint looks really fresh. Unless you want to go full original, a standard inline fuel filter should do the trick.
  5. Oil leaks are fixable. I chose to do the swap rather than rebuild my Dynaflow. I'm not done yet, I still have the engine out for a rebuild. But I've had to do everything everyone has already said. It's not that big of a deal really, but it takes some creativity to get it all back together. Could you swap in a 65 Shifter? That would solve that issue. The bellhousing is a direct bolt on. But that's about it.
  6. Is this your website? That's quite a collection.
  7. I guess that's better than being buried in the car.
  8. There's a guy northwest of Kenosha that parts out Buicks of the 60-70's. I bought an ST400 from him last year. Bob Wambach is his name. He's on Facebook if you have access to that.
  9. So what's a fair price for this car? Assuming you were mechanically inclined, you could do a fair but of the work yourself, maybe not keep it perfectly correct and have a very nice driver. Where was the rust that was so worrisome? Were the floorboards rotted out? Was the frame junk? Just curious.
  10. So, is that car parked at the Dad's grave site?
  11. My 1962 Lesabre has a printed circuit board for dash instrument lights.
  12. Also consider that zinc vapors are poisonous. Unless you have (very) good ventilation, you don't want to melt that base metal. Brazing or silver solder may be a choice. A high silver content solder and MAPP gas might get you a good join.
  13. In the end, you'll have a car you can trust and enjoy. That's a pretty good thing.
  14. Do those wheels ever need to be trued?
  15. I've found even if dust is not a concern, a good cotton sheet (or cotton something) will wick away humidity and help to prevent rust.
  16. I'll second that it depends on what you're looking for. A spring is a spring whether it's air or coil. High quality shocks are where you get a lot of bang for your buck. The system you're showing has shocks that are only adjustable for rebound. If I had $1,800 to spend on suspension, I'd buy OEM springs and spend the rest on more adjustable shocks. This assumes that you're looking for ride quality and better handling. You also don't have to give up real estate for a pump system.
  17. Check out "Dynaflow banjo" on youtube. It might give you a good idea for your leftover parts Is that the scarebird disc brake kit?
  18. Thanks Roger. Yes, I'm familiar with torque tubes. Your description makes perfect sense. Keep up the good work.
  19. Hi Roger, so is that ball effectively a universal joint that is used on newer driveshafts? Would the driveshaft hard mount to the output flange? Is there something similar at the differential end?
  20. Working in my garage is intended to be a "distraction".
  21. How do the 66 and under Wildcats compare size wise to the Electras? I know he 62's were effectively Lesabres.
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