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  1. Worst part for me was seeing supposedly handicapped operators stop their scooter, JUMP off, walk around a vendors wares, get back on, move a few spots, and do it again. Need to have a better screening process for cart passes.
  2. That sucks !! But you found a second leak also. With what i saw you do with the trans, this will be a piece of cake for you phil.. john
  3. 53 canadian built, looks like base model. Get firewall tag #.... Then you will know
  4. .As you know, it onnly takes a few .0001 inch to leak. The 4 bolts could possibly have left it shift a little through handling, on /off the bench. It is 60 + years old and things get brittle. I had mine apart when i repaired the heat riser. The new gasket between the intake/exhaust manifolds will compress slightly.thats why i left them loose.. if you have new gaskets all around, i would sequence torque all 14 bolts/studs together. (Intake/exhaust studs to block and manifold to manifold bolts) hope th8s helps. Nice job on the trans... John
  5. Phil.. did you have intake and exhaust manifolds apart..? I would let the 4 bolts (2 long,2short) slightly loose, then torque manifold to block. Then tighten these 4 bolts. May save you some trouble machining. Just your time. John
  6. Just picked up my bias ww tubeless tires .. had them install tubes. $21 is cheap insurance on riveted wheels.. don't go cheap on a very important item !!!!!!!!!!!!.... John
  7. Kookie, my guess before Russ replies is, must be throttle linkage for right hand drive cars.... saw the trans linkage in the other picture... Which brings up my question .... Is a right hand drive manual transmission the same as left, just shift linkages out the other side ?.. John
  8. I walked in on the very ending of the movie 'Grease'. The car they were riding away in had a full see-through hood. Very interesting piece. Was this just a prop or was this an actual produced piece for sales ?? I do know some manufactures had some see-through panels on hood, just didn't ever see a full clear hood before... Very interesting piece for showing you underhood pride-and-joy..
  9. Good for you Mark..!! ... Original beats store bought rods any day..! John
  10. I try to keep up with the posts that have information I can use.. I learn a lot by listening.. I only butt in when I feel I can contribute... That's what's great about the site... So much information, so little time..!!!. No, wait l got lotsa time.... My car is still in the paint shop.... 4.5 months.. Painter was sick.... John
  11. It in the Pontiac- Oakland site..!! My bad. John
  12. Bloo, Sixpack77. If you go back to Phil's 51 transmission rebuild page 4, summershandy,(Mark) posted a great picture of the front of the engine showing the timing pointer.... John
  13. Nice job on the choke heater plate..!!! John
  14. The pointer is at front of engine, left side, just in front of generator. It is attached to the timing chain cover with 2 bolts. Point extends out over harmonic balancer to timing marks... Timing cover is at rear of engine ,left side, just above starter,.... Sorry no picture right now.. John
  15. Hi Mark. Have a turn signal/brake light issue also. Park lights work. Headlights work. Turn signals flash but weak and fast. One side only. Harness is off now and I found this.. wire rubbed through on top of fan shroud... Might want to check yours.... Like cars may have same issues.... John
  16. Certainly not downing the use of a tach, I was just commenting on my driving habits.. also no need for a "check engine" light in my 53. It's called 'pretrip'..… I 'check engine' every day.. truck driver thing, I guess.... Hope the transmission rebuild works out. Ya got quite a project there Phil.. F
  17. I guess I'm old school... No tach. I just listen and feel.. most engines will tell you if you're pushing too hard, or chugging too low... John
  18. Reread your post... The plate does fit tight to manifold all around.. as mentioned to force air against manifold. My pic may show a gap, but that's cause I stuck a putty knife in behind it to free up some rust.... John
  19. 1 more if I can get it to send . Sorry, tried 2 times. Must be over my limit.. John
  20. Here's some pictures of the shield you are looking at. This is on an 8 cyl manifold. The 2 holes help to heat the air faster by forcing it to follow the manifold before entering the cavity in the casting and then up the stove pipe and then to the choke spring and then into the carb... Hope that makes sense. If you make your own stove pipe/hot air tube, just make sure it does not reach the bottom of the cavity. In theory, it could suck rust chips into the carb since this air is unfiltered... Highly unlikely though, as such a small amount of air is moving through... John
  21. Looks good Mark, glad to see it's holding up..... John