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  1. My bad... Grizz is in his new garage !!
  2. Well Phil, on to positive side, when you get it fixed you will be more confident about going anywhere with the car. I was hesitant at first about opening up engine or transmission, ( manual ) but I am glad I did. I found some issues and fixed them. My intentions are to travel cross country with this car, and should any issues surface, I now have the knowledge to be able to repair or diagnose most issues. And with the help of this forum, if I don't know what's wrong, there's enough people connected to it, to help me(or anyone) to figure it out. Keep us posted... Glad to hear you are in your new garage . John
  3. Good job Phil.... I know it's frustrating... Tried to fix mine but just kept making more holes. Core was brittle. So had to bite the bullet and have it recored... John
  4. I'm looking for a 53 Pontiac 4 door with l8 and 3 speed manual for daily driver. Not running ok. Paint not important. Prefer no or little rust... Current project of same car but I want a driver.... Thanks, John, in PA
  5. Phil.... You might have just found your calling !!!!.. 2 years ago, $600 for my 53 recored ... John
  6. Black silicone in a caulk gun for now.. or don't drive on rainy days !!. I have an old one from a 53 Pontiac. I can send you a sample piece if you're interested John
  7. Hi Mark... Charles ,and all... Your oil bath air cleaner should have a 'fill to this level' or something like that stamped inside. The fact that it is not level should not be a problem. When the engine is running the oil will be swirling around inside anyway like it's supposed to. You will have the air cleaner off to clean it as Charles stated. Wash in kerosene and drain. Refill bottom with oil to 'fill' line, install filter in bottom half, install air cleaner on engine/carburetor, bolt down, drive and enjoy !!!!. The engine thrust line ( through crankshaft to transmission to driveshaft to rear differential pinion) is canted slightly downward giving you that illusion that your engine is sagging. Hope this makes some sense.! John
  8. Since you now believe the noise is from the rear, is a parking brake cable sticking on one side or the other?.. jack up rear and be sure both brakes are not dragging... Apply, then release parking brake and check both brakes again before moving the car...
  9. I am looking for the interior kit parts for a 53 chieftain 4 door... The headliner and windlace to be more specific... My headliner has the part #s on it.. 2569-61. On the windlace I find #s 2569036. The headliner doesn't seem to be a problem. It's the windlace kit. Is the chevy windlace kit the same for the pontiac 4 door?. I did see those available presewn. If so, is there a difference in the 210 vs 150... Any help greatly appreciated !!!. I'll be at the POCI meet in Gettysburg Pa... Hopefully some leads there.... Thanks John
  10. Hi Phil.. you might want a helper with that heater fan .. especially with the fenders still on... Gotta work inside the wheel well for the screws... Then it will fall out the bottom where your antenna base is attached to the bottom of the fender.. just put mine on, but no fenders in the way... John
  11. Hi Mark... Just saw your post., I will send a picture when I get home... I think I can help you out on this... John.,.. if I get sidetracked, get back to me..... Some days my CRS (can't remember sh) acts up.!! .
  12. My 53 Chieftain 4 door is soon to be done,(mid summer) and that is my intention for this car... Long distance, cross country travel... straight 8, 3 speed manual, as built in 1953...... No extras... And a paper map, if I can find them ... Hope to meet like enthusiasts on the road....
  13. Got new gasket from Steele rubber.... While I wait for car to come back from paint shop, should l install gasket on windshield to let it 'relax' the wrinkles out or wait? Any tips or ideas on this appreciated.... Tried to put it on this winter, in the cold barn, by myself, with soapy water...... Would have made a good AFV video !!!!.... Certainly not an AGT video.... thanks John
  14. Did you ever find out what your noise is?
  15. Car still in paint shop.. I am using this down time to do final repairs on stainless trim and then polish... Thanks to YT for many tips on repairs.. saves on the learning curve... As soon as car is back, we begin the shakedown for those loose bolts you speak of.... Will do some short local trips to prove the rebuild, (25-50 miles) ...gradually extending them to 100+..... Plans are to get to the ETC reunion in Kentucky in September... 400 miles.... Then if it's still together, I am going to Phoenix Arizona in October... It will be a busy summer.... October will be 6 years since the frame was separated from the body and the car was officially "in surgery".... . John
  16. My 53 l8 4 door has the metal hole cover just like your pictures.... John
  17. Hi Mark,. I agree.... I've had practically every nut bolt and screw off my 53 4 door.... Biggest head scratcher l have had recently was rough running engine after 'barn' tune up.... Turns out I forgot to tighten distributor hold down.... Hoses difficult to seal properly..., But hey, it's all about learning to maintain your car.... Best teacher on these cars is someone who has gotten greasy hands and busted knuckles a time or two... John
  18. 'High compression' will be cast on top of head just rear of water outlet to heater hose. Most likely be on an auto transmission equipped car. Manuals had 'regular' heads
  19. The better news is a whole bunch of us learned some new tricks... This is why I read the forum regularly... John
  20. 55er...... Beautiful car..... Thanks for the picture and your input. I agree on the radials... Won't use them on this one... I have a few spare hubcaps of marginal quality that I may sacrifice by drilling center hole to make some type of wing nut/bracket to secure them. Probably be of 1/4 inch wire. 1/4 20 thread with stainless/chrome acorn nut or similar to not be noticable on hubcaps..
  21. Nice work there Jeff.... Colors good too.. John
  22. Thanks for your thoughts... Since my intentions were to keep the car original, I had already decided to go with bias ply tires... Now just need to decide on 2.75 or 3.25 inch white walls...... Looking at lots of photos.... Some paint combos compliment wider ww, others look better with the lesser.. hmmmmmm. Decisions decisions................. John
  23. You say only gasket to heat riser not replaced. Did you have it apart ?... If so, make sure to leave the 4 bolts loose until the intake/exhaust stud nuts are torqued. Ask me how I know... John
  24. Also look at vac advance on dist.. make sure diagram holds vac... Old rubber cracks.., also I agree with Mark.... Wiper tubes go bad.... Unhook and plug line at vac/fuel pump to check this.... John
  25. No updates for awhile on my 53 4 door... Long wet winter here in Pa. But now weather is breaking.... Car is scheduled for the paint shop Friday..... Can't wait !!! My question for all of you is....... Bias or radial tires ? My decision is made. Just curious on your thoughts.... John