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  1. Good idea for the spring retainer... Mine keeps falling out.. I have an aftermarket spring and it is thinner material I guess.. won't stay in slot.....
  2. Yep, very close... Thanks Phil.... Looks just like mine.... John
  3. Mine is functioning, just mainly interested in comparing weight location on shaft. I had mine apart for bushing repair. Not much info on this type of repair. Trial and error mostly.
  4. Then refer to my earlier post..... John
  5. Seriously though... My 53 l8 has a on again- off again noise also. I think one of the lifters or cam has a flat spot. A slight increase in idle speed will stop it... If your valve covers are off... Watch the valves to make sure all are rotating... This is how I made my diagnosis... John
  6. If all else fails...... Turn radio up louder !! Works every time......
  7. Looks and sounds great Phil... I see your heat riser counter weight... Is that in the hot, open position? And is it functional? John
  8. Took wife's 2000 BMW z3 for touch up paint from door dings and also front air dam scuffs on bottom. Went to pick it up and service tech(valet) brought it around front and promptly pulled it up to the curb and did the same damage to the air dam that had just been repaired! No words spoken imediately... I just turned around and asked them to call me when it finished..... The 53 Pontiac is at another paint shop right now, don't think I will have someone move my cars again.... Ever
  9. Take one starter bolt out and clean contact area of bolt head. Run a jumper wire to ground cable on block.. sounds like bad ground to me.,. John
  10. Contact Jeff at penndutchrestoration Glen Rock Pa. They do steam bending top rails. John
  11. I also have a 53 4 door in progress. I'm almost in the same time frame as you also. 4 1/2 years so far. Body just back on frame, getting panels prepped for paint. That was probably the best milestone for me cause now it looks like a car again !!! Been following your build. Looking good ... John
  12. On my 53 4 door chieftain the thick part is on the front of the sway bar.
  13. Charles, thanks again for you research. My rechromed parts also show no sign of this. Funny that 2 parts from 2 completely different venders had the same thing though. Hope you're not in the blizzard. I drive also, just local here in pa...... John
  14. Hi Charles. Now I'm confused. I have another center section of a 53 grill and it also has the speed nut in the same hole. What's your thoughts on this? Anyone else with a 53, I'd like to know if your grill has this. I might be a bit anal on this, but I'm trying to be as original as possible. Thanks. John
  15. Thanks for the reply. The reason I thought there was something missing, was the speed nut that was attached to the hole. Guess it was just put there by mistake. Thanks again, John. Happy Thanksgiving !
  16. What you said is my order. Manifold thick gasket shield thin gasket. John
  17. My 53 'thick' gasket is actually just 5 thin ones stacked. I guess you could build your own as thick as the studs allow. John
  18. I have a question for anyone on a 53 grill. I was prefitting a spare grill on my 53 chieftain to align panels before going to the paint shop. What am I missing here? It looks like there should be a brace of some sort behind the top center piece but I don't see any corresponding holes on any of the black sheet metal. I can make one to attach to the radiator center support but I just wanted to ask everyone for input. Thanks in advance. John
  19. Paint got a little rough, too cold.. should have waited.
  20. Hi Mark. Yes I painted the dash in place. Remember I had the car completely gutted. No windshield, no headliner, nothing. Made it easier I guess. Taped up engine bay and firewall since that was finished. I'm sure it can be done in place since the dash is actually welded in. If you are putting in windlace, that will come out in one piece as the widndow post trim will come with the windlace kit. I'll send ya some better pictures of the inside when I get home so you can see what's in there. Here's what I did this weekend.
  21. I like the color. Can't really be a miss match if you had none to compare to.(like mine) It's certainly an eye catcher.. John
  22. Looks very nice. I'm getting ready to do my 53 pontiac hubcaps. This will really help.... Thanks, John
  23. This project started off as a simple oil leak repair. Rear main rope seal spun and leaked oil and got clutch to slip. Simple repair, right ? Well,sorta.. That was 4 years ago.. I don't think my health insurance will cover 'imgonnafixitrightitis' , cause let me tell ya, I got a full blown case of it, and it's just wonderful ! This easy repair has since caused me to do the following: #1 body off frame #2 disassemble running gear, clean, paint and reassemble #3 blast and paint frame #4 engine rebuilt (remember the rear seal ! ) #5 blast bottom of body and apply Upol truck bed liner #6 clean fuel tank in and out, paint and reinstall #7 body back on frame #8 paint dash and steering column #9 And the reason for this post.... I found myself painting the lower bellhousing/clutch cover. This will never be seen by most people, but since I had to remove it the other week because of a stuck clutch, I thought, why not ??? Turned out pretty nice too !!! Does it ever end ? What next ?…......... John
  24. Make sure you have GOOD ventilation if you can't hold your breath for 5 minutes. Supplied air is best. That's why I won't be painting the body for awhile !!!! If I even attempt it... I want to, for the sake of 'doing it all', but I might just bite the bullet and have it done professionally.... John
  25. Thanks Charles.. do you have any near perfect taillight lens's for a 53? My 'drivers' will not do just to the new chrome.. Need both if anyone reading has them... Nothing found at Carlisle. Can't get to Hershey...