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  1. With the wires and cylinders being burned I decided to buy new cylinders so that I can replace the old cylinders and put ATF in the new system like Hydro-E-Lectric says to. But I am not putting them in until I finish prepping the doors. I will finish smoothing the exterior of the door and then I am going to spray some sort of undercoating/bed liner material on the inside so when water gets in it cannot deteriorate the doors from the inside.
  2. Everything was going fine until... I took my helmet off and could see the black smoke that I had been checking constantly for but didn’t see because of the dark lenses. The inside of the door caught on fire. Both doors did that to me. I would be fine with that because it’s all metal except I had window cylinders with wires and the under-door lights that had wires. All of the wire coatings were burned off so now I have to find a way to get my hands in there to do the work of rewiring them. And now I found that one of the door’s metal that holds on one of the lights has deteriorated so I have to
  3. Time to repair the holes in the back doors. I removed the paint and ground the holes to remove the rust. Then I took my welder and started filling in the holes...
  4. Feeling cocky her and I decided to take Ricardo to the pool store to get chlorine for the pool. We got there and it was about 80 degrees. Since the car is hard to start when the engine is warm I left him running. After about 10 minutes it sputtered and died. I knew what it’s issue was, vapor lock. So I had to let it cool down and I poured some water on the bowl to re-liquify the gas. Then it started and we left, with my pride in the trunk, to go home. Sad day and it has completely made my faith in the car sink. So I have to figure that out, probably when I take the engine out to rebuild it for
  5. I have been so frustrated with the old guy that I gave not had the energy to post about him. (My aunt named the big green boat Ricardo.) My has gauge will not read over 1/2 even when full, except for about 5 seconds one time before I turned the car on. I haven’t gotten to the bottom of that yet. I pulled the antenna all the way up and turned on the radio and it started working. Exciting day for me. It kept going in and out but I had 2 AM stations and I was happy. So the girl and I took the 20 minute ride and did errands in it.
  6. Tinindian, they were loose but they did not clear up the sound. In fact after tightening them the sound was more apparent not only when turning but also when driving straight under 20 mph. And now I could feel it thumping inside the car.
  7. I have read so many different answers to this that I decided to ask the wise folks here. I am trying to see where my gauge is reading in relation to the engine temperature but I’m not sure where exactly where I should be pointing the gun. Some say to point it to the upper radiator hose. Some say to point it on the metal of the water pump. Some say point it on the head. Each one of those spots produced a different temperature, especially the spot on the head near the exhaust port. Is the coolant temp going to be the same temperature as the metal engine? Where is the best spot to check the engin
  8. I found the rear axle spindle nuts to be a little loose so I tightened them and took it for a drive. Now I not only hear it in the back but I feel it. It happens between 10-20 mph. It goes thump thump thump the whole time, not just when turning. I went to look at the u-joints but they are ball and trunnion and I don’t know how to service or lubricate them.
  9. Is it safe to assume that the hot lead going to the sending unit should be a full 6 volts?
  10. The parking brake in this car is a band that goes around the drive shaft under the front seat.
  11. I rode around a parking lot today and it happens between 20-25 mph. It doesn’t do it when it is slower and it doesn’t do it when it is faster. I stuck my head out of the window and it sounded like it was coming from the rear end. I will check the suspension parts and make sure there is no marking from rubbing. I am also going to have to grease the u-joints while I am down there.
  12. Let it also be known that I don’t feel it in the steering wheel.
  13. I see no cracks or bulges. I also see nowhere where things might be rubbing. What is the pressure the tires should be at? I know the original bias tires were somewhere around 28psi.
  14. I am using radial 205/75r15 which they say is the replacement for the original 7.50-15. It isn’t at full lock. It starts at around 3/4 of the full turn.
  15. I have noticed for a little while on my ‘51 Dodge Meadowbrook that when I am turning while going slow, 20mph or slower, I hear a thumping or grinding sound coming from the front tire area. It makes the sound at both left and right turns. I have not noticed wear marks on the inner sidewalls. The shocks are not broken and are about 2 years old. It makes the grinding/thumping sound at that spacing similar to if you had a brake hitting a high spot on the drum but I have taken the brakes apart and that is not the issue. It also doesn’t matter if the brakes are applied or not it still makes the s
  16. I’m thinking about rebuilding my 331 V8 in my Cadillac. It says the standard bore limits are 3.8125-3.8145”. I measured my bores and they were 3.827 across the board. In Engine 101, what size pistons and rings would I need? I’m learning about ring and bearing sizes in this thread.
  17. I hope that’s not the case. I just finally got it to seat against the tank and not leak
  18. Update: when I first turned the key to on the gauge went up above half. But then I started it and moved the car a little down the driveway and it went below half again and didn’t go back up.
  19. On my ‘52 Cadillac I replaced the gas tank and sending unit. I ran out of gas because the unit wasn’t grounded. I took it out and checked the resistance and it tested well. It is adjusted so that when it is about to run out of gas the needle is on E. I put it back in and grounded it and it started reading the gas level. So I filled it the tank and it only read to 1/2 full. I used that gas and filled it again and it still only got up to 1/2 full. Do gauges operate on 6 or 12 volts specifically? Meaning, could this gauge be out of a ‘53 Cadillac, since ‘53 started 12 volts for Cadillac, or does
  20. I was looking in the book for my ‘51 Dodge Meadowbrook and it was saying that they recommend a 160 thermostat. I was looking in my ‘52 Cadillac book and it recommends a 180 thermostat. Why would they want a 160 vs a 180? Wouldn’t the higher block temp burn the fuel better, not to mention the higher interior heater temp? Is there a danger to using a thermostat not rated to the recommended temperature?
  21. My thoughts are to trust your gut. If you read something and you don’t feel right inside about it then stay away from it. I have had people use my posts on other forums and post them here in an effort to gain credibility. He is making it a point to target certain people with direct messages to them based on how I’m reading these responses. It doesn’t necessarily mean he is scamming anyone. At the same time it doesn’t mean he isn’t scamming anyone. People get more creative all the time and come up with ways to gain credibility prior to enacting their scams. Regardless of whether or not this is
  22. Unfortunately I can’t help with that but when I bought my ‘52 Cadillac Series 75 I called my friend whom owns a limo company and said that when I fixed it up enough for his satisfaction he could borrow it to drive people that wanted a fancy old car for an event. His response was that nobody wants that type of thing anymore. I’m glad to hear that people do in fact still want cool things like that. I got an email recently from Hagerty that they have some sort of program where they link people who have classic cars with people that need them for events. I’d check there to see if they have anythin
  23. Why do people put words like “original” or the year of the vehicle in quotes? Is that like when people use air quotes to make a sarcastic claim? Like when you say someone you hate is a “great guy?”
  24. M-man, help me fully understand who is selling this car. I know that the owner died, and the family was throwing the car away. You stepping in and said I’ll take the car from you. Did they sign over the car to you? If you are getting rid of the car for them are they or are you signing a bill of sales? Essentially I’m asking about the legal ownership and authority to release the car to someone else in a way that they can legally register the car in their own state.
  25. When I had my Cadillac brought from Washington to Rhode Island it didn’t run. They used a local flatbed to pick it up off the ground then they rolled it onto the multi-car trailer. Cost about $1700. It can be done.
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