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  1. 😢 My wife and I went to the show to see Ricardo and couldn’t find it. We asked the guy that was bringing it there where it was and he said it was still at the shop... He couldn’t get it to start last night or this morning. He charged the battery and he tried to jump it. I’m terrified that he used a 12 volt charger or a 12 volt car to jump start it. Either way it didn’t start. He would turn the key and it would shut off all electricity to the car. He found one of the ground straps was loose but it didn’t start. If he had called me even once I would have informed him that I had one of the termin
  2. Exciting news! I just got asked by the company that fixed my transmission if they could use the Cadillac in the festival their town is having on October 5th. They are sponsoring it and want the car to be one of the features!
  3. That I could not tell you. This gauge was installed into the hole for the oil pressure light sending unit and I could only see it when I open the hood. The car is a 4 speed automatic and it insists on getting to 4th gear so when I’m going 25-30mph it shifts into 4th and the oil light comes on. After about 5 minutes of that sort of speed I hear the knocking in the engine from a lack of oil.
  4. I’m running 15W-40 oil. The book says use 20W oil. The car doesn’t overheat to the point of it spilling out of the radiator. As you have seen the temps seem a little high but I don’t know if they are considered too high to cause problems. The oil filter is a partial filter. It has the tiny little metal tube going from right next to the breather tube to the oil filter, then it comes out through a tiny little metal tube going into the breather tube right above the fuel pump.
  5. Oil pressure when I started, at idle.. Oil pressure when I ended my 15 mile drive, at idle..
  6. I’ve been trying to take Ricardo out now that the windows are in to try to get it moving again. Last night I timed the ignition. It was severely advanced so I brought it back to the C, which is the mark for regular gas. However, I don’t know it today’s 87 octane is the same as 1952’s 87 octane or if this is what they would have considered premium gas with all the new techniques they use with gasoline now. Adjusting the timing did not help the heat issue in the engine. When I stopped after the drive and was letting it idle today the temp gauge was at 1/4 but the upper house was 180, the lower
  7. What size are the cables that the car came with? The cables I have look original
  8. Yes it’s a 6 volt. I’ve been toying with the idea of making the starting system 12 volt and keeping the rest 6 volt with voltage reducers because it cranks so slowly and just as I think the battery is dead it fires. I might get a battery with more cranking amps. Today I started it and let it idle while I worked on getting the vacuum antenna to work. It took about 30 minutes for the oil light to start flickering. But the second I put it in gear the light came on steady. So I had thought that maybe there was a chance the oil pressure was getting better since I’ve been running the car more but th
  9. The windows are in and they are working beautifully. I took it out today and put the windows up and down a couple times. I gave it its first wash in probably 45 years. Naturally it leaked at the door seals and a tiny drop of water showed up on the inside of the rear window but didn’t leak off of the gasket. It’s got a long way to go before I’m comfortable taking it anywhere (front tires, suspension front and rear, tightening the steering, fixing the vapor locking symptoms, fixing the internal engine issues that cause the low oil pressure when warm and the faint smoke coming from the left tailp
  10. How about this hat? it seems like it is the same as the one I originally posted. This is a picture of Milton Hershey. Is this a homburg?
  11. What’s the name of that style of hat?
  12. Although it was a warm day today I decided to tackle the windows. The rubber sweep for the bottom of the windows case in and I was feeling excited about being almost done with the windows finally. I only had the rear windows to do. I turned on an old country song that I love and got the first of the two windows done. So I moved onto the second one and was putting on the track when it slipped off and the window fell forward. It cracked the glass in one crack on one side and two on the other. It wasn’t flimsy or falling apart so I decided to keep going and finish the job. I got one half of the t
  13. Before I install the rear window cylinder assemblies I want to take the rear windows out and replace the rubber trim at the bottom of the windows. In order to do that I need to remove the window from the door, pry the metal from the bottom of the window glass and replace the rubber, then reinstall it. But when I lower the door to remove it it gets stopped by the block that connects the cylinder assembly to the door and the metal covers that protect the electrical wires and metal lines. They stop the windows as if they are a stop for the windows right at the bottom of the window opening. There
  14. Minus the hydraulic lines, the front windows are back together! I finished coating the inside of the door earlier today and then replaced the old cylinders with the new ones and put them in the doors. I aligned and connected the window glass to the cylinder assembly and wired it. Unfortunately I have the new lines but am still trying to collect the fittings to connect them. It’s hard to imagine but the shops around here only had a limited amount of them and I had to order some online. I had enough to connect the rear ones so I started connecting them and split an old brass connector so I will
  15. The insides of the front doors have been sprayed with rust converter. When it fully dries I will apply the bed liner material then put the cylinder assemblies in, flush the system, then put ATF in it and the windows will be done. Then on to the next fun adventure on that car.
  16. Heading onto the highway. Guy all dressed up and the engine was spitting steam or smoke when he took off.
  17. Matt, the book says to set the timing to “A” for premium and “C” for regular gas. This was back in 1952. With gasoline’s changing to unleaded and the octanes being different, I’m assuming, what is considered premium and what is considered regular gas to this engine? Currently the car has 87 in it. Out of habit I put it in because I remember the octane debate with my ‘51 Meadowbrook on P15-D24 and they said that that engine is a tank and can handle lower octanes without a problem. Anyone can answer that if they know.
  18. Jumping the gun a little, I had a couple minutes to do some body work and for the sake of giggles I painted the bare metal with some black lacquer I had in the garage. I can see why they were mainly painted black. However, when I bought the blue parts car, in the trunk there was quart of some old old paint which matched the car. It is a blue that is very pretty in the sun. Way down the road when I paint the car I’m going to get them to try to match the color.
  19. The issue is that the square part of the cable isn’t grabbing onto the gear housing. It spins inside it which means the cable is too small. It doesn’t make much sense because it’s a standard Hydra-Matic transmission.
  20. The book says 20 weight oil in all seasons except under 32 degrees, then use 10 weight so I was wary of going all the way up to 50 weight oil. That won’t cause an issue inside the engine being so much higher than original?
  21. Keith, I’m using 10w-30 currently in the car. I have an oil pressure gauge that I am going to use to test the engine pressure. I get a little confused on oils because it was my understanding that this oil starts off thin and then gets thicker as it gets warm. Someone suggested using straight 30 weight and it may help. I have added Lucas oil to thicken it but the warning light still comes on when going slow in 4th gear or at idle when the engine warms up. When the engine is cold the light does not come on.
  22. Spinneyhill, I agree with you on the heat shrink. I like using it but I didn’t have any. The closest stores to me are 45 minutes away so when I run out of stuff it’s not a quick run to the store I have to improvise on several things. That has been my fear about the tape as well. To combat that I wrap it one way, overlapping, then overlap it wrapping it the opposite way then 3 laps in one place generally to make it harder for it to just untangle. Where these wires are connected they are under a cover that has no clearance so they can’t move and don’t have really any chance for them to unravel.
  23. My ‘51 Dodge Meadowbrook has a leaking rear window. When it’s raining I watch the water come down the window and then in the bottom rubber between the glass and rubber. It is causing problems with the cardboard, or whatever it’s made of, lid and the rear seat. I have checked Steele Rubber and they don’t make one. I have tried Andy Bernbaum in person and he told me that their gasket would work but it doesn’t. The rubber has a slot for the window glass, a slot on the other side for the pinch weld, and a slot for the stainless trim. The one that I was told would work has one slot for the windo
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