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  1. That is a really nice car It's a deluxe model with an 8 cylinder and looked pretty clean. Congrats to the buyer! I wasn't going to last long at at the asking price.
  2. That's a great car. I had a '50 Pontiac 2 door sedan automatic with a flathead 8 and had a great time with it. It now resides somewhere in France!!
  3. This car make a statement of grandeur! It's a big elegant automobile for the well to do. Two things I am not sure about are the color of the engine and isn't a horn ring supposed to go on that steering wheel?. Whatever the case it's a lot of car for the money!
  4. I went up to Vegas a couple of months ago to see two '41 hard top coupes and I think I saw this car off in the distance. I posted comments on this message board that I don't trust the seller. If anyone's is interested in this car I would advise you to personally inspect it!
  5. it's a '41 Cad that will needs lots of work! Neat car...
  6. I really like this car but I have no room for it. A pre war Roadmaster for 11 grand; now that's a great deal for a whole lot of car! GLWTS
  7. The bumper end caps are going to be a challenge. Hard to find and expensive to buy! I noticed that trunk emblem was missing this morning. I'll be looking for one... Thanks to all of you for the compliments. Don't worry the car will never be modified I plan to keep it original. After driving it I found the manual brakes are not as bad as I thought so I plan to keep it that way. I will replace the radial tires with bias ply's which should make the steering easier. Have to finish my '47 Ford first then I will sink my teeth into the Pontiac.
  8. I knew I had a part of the story but this fills in the blanks. So that make the Lincoln K-series all the more desirable in my book! I knew I liked the K's from Lincoln but now I really them.
  9. I think the Lincoln K series from the late 30's are beautiful cars. I have only heard a few things about the Lincoln V12's how they overheat and are don't develop good power. To a Lincoln aficionado this could be a nice addition...
  10. I got it last night. Put a few miles on it and it drove nice and strong; engine never missed a beat. The paint looks as good as the pictures show. Best description I can describe was a big grin on my face...
  11. I bought my '47 Ford super deluxe tudor from an ad posted here on these boards. I still have it too. Had to do quite a bit to it and now it's done! These cars are pretty easy to own. Parts are easy to come by and reasonably priced. But I had to learn the differences in the way Ford designed and put together cars as opposed to GM. This one shows wear and tear because it's not been restored and there's something to be said for that. Moreover for 8 grand you're getting a lot of car. I paid more for mine a year and a half ago! But I must say mine is in better shape.
  12. I just thought a tri-power carburetor set up on a 300 HP V8 power brakes would be a must do project. But you guys are saying don't mess with it; ok! Right now it has radial tires which I know make the steering tough. I plan to change those radials immediately to bias ply tires and then I can make a better assessment of the steering system.
  13. It should be a good project! So here I start with questions about the '57; It doesn't have power steering or power brakes and I want to add both! Power brake systems for '57 use something called the treadle vac system which I have heard a few things about. However the few things I heard are generally not good things! I want to keep this car original but I have an eye toward practicality. I might of heard this from the Buick folks that the Treadle Vac System is rebuildable but the rebuild can be hit or miss. This is brakes and I don't care to be the Guinea pig that tests some crazy modern setup either Can anyone elaborate on this? The power steering system I think is a little more straight forward. I would like to use an original '57 pump and reservoir with a current/modern steering box. I think this idea would keep the cost down and add reliability. However I am not sure that this can be done. Also I understand that the power steering pump uses a separate drive belt and therefore the crank pulley has to be changed. Can anyone elaborate on this?
  14. It's been while since I posted here. I sold my '40 Torpedo coupe and now I just bought a '57 Cheiftain. Though it looks pretty good there is a bunch of work that it needs!
  15. I agree the exterior paint colors don't do much to help with the appeal of the car.
  16. Could be a good project! It would need an in-person inspection first to make sure it has good bones...
  17. This car appears that it could go either way; it could be cut up and transformed into a hot rod or it could restored. I have seen an abundance of the tri five Chevy's cut up and made into hot rods. These cars look good restored and I hope this one stays original!
  18. Whew brutal! I was reminded today of an important idea; don't write comments unless my thoughts are organized which they were not early this morning!
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