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  1. This is a really cool car. I have reached, at least I think, a tentative agreement with the seller on price! The paint however is the big ticket item and of course after it's painted then I can replace the weather stripping. I need to get a photo of that data plate to find out how the car was built in '38 I am going back to look at it again and use my paint meter to get and idea how thick the paint really is and then hopefully seal the deal. Funny you mention that. The seller did say that an inspector was there just before me inspecting the car for a dealer in the Netherlands. What year and model is that Pontiac Coupe you referenced?
  2. Minter's name is in the license plate area. From what I hear Minter's does the best job at restoring these T-Birds. Gee 160K and no sale.
  3. Not into muscle cars anymore but a true blue original hemi car is way cool. This car should be left in the condition it is presently in. Any restoration attempt would be an injustice! Remember a car is only original once. Any buyer should keep that way!!! I'm so surprised the owner has not consigned it to a big auction house. Ebay is not a great place to sell this type of a car.
  4. 38 coupes are just not easy to find anymore....
  5. As I said this would be labor of love and I love late 30's Buicks. If the seller works with me on price I MIGHT reconsider my opposition to this car. It begs for love as previous owners have just kept it road worthy and did nothing more!
  6. Not surprised it sold as quickly as it did. If it had Chevy emblems on it the price would be much higher....
  7. Well, I passed on this car. It NEEDS a paint job like yesterday. The cracking is too severe for me to leave it and drive it! It's not just surface webbing , it cracked through to the under lying primer and the dried paint chips are starting pop out. The weather stripping is so old it coming away from the body panel. There are rust spots in the headliner just above the right rear glass. Seller said it doesn't leak. BS, where would the rust be coming from? The driver's door drops when you open it and the front fenders sound like you're knocking cement instead of sheet metal. The wheels are a mess and tires don't as new as the seller says they are. The radiator has a a lot of corrosion build up. To its merit the interior is in pretty good shape and the woodgrain on the dash and windows sills is in pretty decent shape. Additionally it does have good bones The previous owners have squeezed the life out of it for far too long. In my opinion it's time to put money into it. At the seller's asking price of 18 grand it does not make sense unless it becomes a labor of love. I don't mind buying a car at fair market value, if there is one these days, but this car would leave anyone upside down and drowning with just paint and bodywork!
  8. I would take that '62 Wildcat previously posted in the board over this car. I know it was double the price and I would have to dig in to my piggy bank much deeper but it just had a lot more going for it.
  9. The car seems to be kept original and the car looks great. However the black painted wheels and the wide whites don't add to the cars look. If this were a custom built car, lowered the wheels and could make for a bad ass look. It doesn't work well with this original design
  10. what cool looking bubble top at a decent price. The car probably shoots down the highway at a pretty good clip and you wouldn't even feel it! However it's just a BIG car!
  11. Between Team Buick and the BCA judging hand book I have confirmed that the frame number and the engine number are from 1938! As for the ribbing and the color on the valve cover I cannot confirm those. The pictures on the web show some '38 engines painted gray some green. Same with the ribbing; some show the ribbing looking like the one in the car and some show it to be like the picture above. If I get the car than I'll call Dave Techeny regarding the valve cover. The issues with sputtering of the motor and the condition of the undercarriage are the things that I question. Hopefully the seller can show it tomorrow. Can anyone tell me what the model number of the carburetor is supposed to be? Chris
  12. Referring to the latest picture from 50JetBack that car must be car equipped with the 320 motor!
  13. Judging by the engine number I believe the block is either a 38 or a 39. The seller said he pulled the plugs and they were no oil fouled or full of carbon which indicates to him the engine has most likely be rebuilt. But that's what he said and I can't prove it.
  14. Correct me if I am wrong but the '38 engine was painted forest green. I did get the engine number: 43545485. It is indeed a 40 series motor and I believe the following digits are a match for a '38. The seller says "it needs some carb work because it sputters. But why is the carb so clean? The carburetor is supposed to be a Stromberg however I am unsure of the correct model number.
  15. It's a Flint built car. Built late in 1938. Motor is from'38 as well. So the car appears to be original. Seller says he got it out of Virginia. There is undercoating undercarriage that is old and pealing off. Waiting for more pictures.
  16. It's a beauty. If the seller wants a good chance at seeing close to 35 grand he/she should chase down the title....
  17. I spoke with the seller and he seems down to earth and a stand up guy! He said the car drives but it does sputter which he says is the carburetor needing to be rebuilt. I am skeptical because I have heard that one before and usually it needs quite a bit more. Additionally he says the car has been sitting so it would make some sense that carb is varnished and/or the internal rubber and leather pieces of the carburetor are dried out and cracked. Apparently there's new Coker tires on it. I am going to look at it and I'll get a feel for what the car is. Who knows, maybe I'll come home in a '38 Buick..... He said the paint chipped and cracked in some places and if you look closely the right rear fender does show an area of crows feet.
  18. WOW anther stunning 4 door Buick for sale and this one is at a more than reasonable price. There was a '55(?) Roadie for sale on BAT and and I believe it sold more than 25 grand. Buy this one and you'll be smiling every time you drive it. There are 4 port holes on the fenders and this is a Super; is that correct? I thought the 4 port holes were for Roadie's only...
  19. It's has the 8 lug wheels too; a pricey thing to get nowadays and those wheels can be hard to find. I like the 'GP' letters embossed on the rear center arm rest. I'll bet that gets left out on any reupholstered GP interior! A non power single circuit brake system; be careful. I like these cars but it's too much work and time which I don't have. I hope it goes to a Pontiac guy who restores with originality in mind.
  20. The Model 46 was a "business coupe" and it had a storage area with shelves just behind the rear seats. The pictures show this vehicle has jump seats in behind the front seats which makes this a model a 46S. Those type of seat were cool be the seat bottom was hinged from the panel just beneath the rear quarter window. When the seat were hinged down and the seat bottom was out you could sit on it. Hinge it up back into the side panel and you had all that space. Pretty cool, ha.
  21. I like the GM coupes from the late 30's and I ran across this one over the weekend. This car is 25 minutes from me and I thought to go kick tires and see if I would consider buying it. Well the ad was not compelling and it is a special. However to its merit I believe this a 46S and not the standard business coupe. I had a '39 Buick coupe and it was a 46S boy was it a blast to drive. Seller is asking 18 grand which is a bit steep!
  22. This car is still listed on Facebook for $1,234. No sure what that means. I always liked early Wildcats and this one fits that description. When does "that's cool" turn into "I am going to buy it"? It's not close so I just can't drive a few miles and see it.....
  23. Very collectible cars however I don't the market will bear the money the sellers asking...
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