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  1. That's a beautiful car and it will sell as there's no reserve. However it is a 2 door sedan with a 6 cylinder. Not too sure the seller will get the money he wants for it. Old cars on BAT are hit and miss. Someone might end up getting at a great price!
  2. That fan leaves question marks for me as well. But in the big picture the buyer is getting a fair deal at 18k and below if the car is what's described!
  3. I do see some signs of rust on the right and left rockers. Maybe I'm wrong, but if there is rust in the rockers one wonders what else is infected? I sent a reply to the facebook listing on Monday or Tuesday and 2 more messages afterwards and no reply, yet!
  4. Well. Well, well!! Nice looking car. I have looked a few Buick's in the past few months and have come away empty handed.
  5. As I understand these four cylinder engines are derived from half of the Pontiac V8. They are decent motors but they don't idle as smooth as other 4 cylinder motors. I wasn't aware of the 'trans axle' feature. This car is intriguing especially for $3900 bucks! I like it.....
  6. I have a '38 steering wheel with the horn ring, horn bezel and button. The wheel has been re-chromed and re-casted in bone ivory. I have two horn buttons available: One button is not re-chromed and painted properly and may be original from the factory. This button is not show quality rather it's average driver quality. No dents or dings The other button has been stripped and re-chromed. The button lost some detail in the chroming process. This button has not been painted. This button is shown in the attached picture. $1.850.00
  7. Oh yeah, I have to say paint and chrome is in very nice shape. I was impressed when I was look at the paint and my plans to reinvigorate the paint to the point of needing sun glasses...LOL I toy with the idea of putting Edelbrock or H&H heads and twin carburetors on it. Has anyone done that and if so is there a recognizable difference in the engine performance? I know it will look cool but it would be a chunk of money to do it.
  8. I 'm a picky originality freak I guess that's why I have walked from 4 Buicks already. Mainly paint issues which cost the most to fix. However you numbers sound about right.
  9. Just an update on my '47... Upon receiving the car off the transporter I found brake fluid splattered on the inside wall of the front left tire. I replaced the front brakes including the cylinders and drums. Checked and the rear brakes found axle grease dripping out on to the brakes. Pulled the rear axle tubes out and replaced the seals and then rebuilt the rear brakes! Replaced the brake fluid, engine oil & filter, rear end fluid and the trans fluid. Pulled the plugs, which looked good, and put new autolite's in. Next I replaced the front carpet with the correct front rubber mat. The paint wore off the left and right interior door window garnishes so I prepped them and sent those out for paint. Polished all of the chrome and stainless. Removed the hub caps and wet sanded the wheels. It's is a work in process with more to go. It's not been too expensive but I have a lot of labor in it; which is a labor of love.
  10. So if you wanted a correct car and bought this one as a project and more appropriate selling price would be 10 grand. Then the interior and if possible painting just the roof and it would have be a "scuff and shoot". That would get you a solid driver. But over time I have come to find out cars of this vintage are never that easy. I have looked at 4 cars and walked away because of condition/price.
  11. Lance, I agree with you on the 3 points you make. One, get rid of the continental kit. The car is long enough and it has a very spacious trunk. Besides, in my opinion it's ugly! But the question is, is the factory bumper still there? If it is what condition is in? Two, I guess my premise with old cars is that they are a piece of Americana! Keep them like they were designed Third, the use of blue in the interior and exterior is overwhelming to me. I would have to "re-do" the interior the way car looked when it left the factory. I have 2 questions about the paint detail. First: The lower blue section behind the front wheel well the blue stops about an inch and half from the wheel well,; is this the way it came from the factory? From the pictures it looks amateurish and goofy! Second: You re saying that it should not have 3 color separations. Is that to say the roof should be white along with the trunk lid, hood, tops of the fenders and doors? I did look at a 55 2 door Century and it have chrome strips at the base of the roof to separate the colors. They tend to rust underneath the strips as I saw on that 55. That this car doesn't have the chrome strips could be considered a plus! Chris
  12. I am sure there's good honest dealers out there but I have run into dealers that do a basic safety inspection, shine em up and put it on the front line. If you look at and don't catch the issues and buy it; you own it. Then you're saddled with all the problems! This Century if I am not mistaken came from a museum. Museum cars are iffy because their parked inside a building for long periods of time. From the time it was by purchased to the time it was put back up for sale this seller didn't do much at all to it! When you look at cars such as this you have to have the mind set of what problems are they hiding. As an inspector it just makes me mad!
  13. The seller could rouse interest by posting more pictures and prices for these cars. The cars are on the very edge of the east coast and I am at the very edge of the west coast. As much as I'd like more details on these cars I can't be a buyer! The sellers nowadays don't tell the bad things about their cars. Be careful out there: a lot junk and money pits that these sellers dress up to be great finds!
  14. A dealer bought and wasted no time selling it again. It just doesn't seem right! I wish a Buick guy got it and kept to enjoy and keep the hobby going. Oh well, that's the way it goes...
  15. That's pretty crappy!!!
  16. Not too gone on the color but for 7K beggar's cannot be choosers. I did send a message to the seller and no reply yet...
  17. Was pink a color that Buick offered in '58?
  18. It did pass the magnate test and the paint meter readings were decent. That where most of the good parts stop and list of repair goes on and on and on.
  19. I'm out! Lotsa work and I just don't have the time.... It has good bones, no rust and from what I can deduce an original interior that's in pretty good shape which includes the wood grained dashboard, and all the window garnish. The trim #401 translates to a "taupe mohair fabric interior! To an originality guy like me that's awesome! I really hope some Buick guy buys it.
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