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  1. I may have said said this previously and maybe not; it's mindset of a lot people thinking "that old car in my garage is my retirement". I think that idea comes from watching the televised auctions with the super wealthy buying cars for inflated prices. As in the case I'm running into and have seen in this on these boards before some dealers will buy old cars for at fair market value and re-list them for sale with an inflated price. This is what pisses me off; you buy that old car at some ridiculous price and find you're under water financially and you turn that first nut and now you're not only under water but now you're drowning. I don't mind spending money on car that want to work on and be proud of. But when I find I've over paid for it I am not happy. When I look at a car to buy that idea is in the front of my mind.
  2. deac

    1936 Buick

    WOW, thank you BLOO!!! Quite informative and very much appreciated.
  3. CCCA or not, it's a pretty car. The seller has taller rear tires on the rear maybe for one of two reasons; to give a rake and/or to help with speed on the highway. I don't think the car looks good with the rake and it needs white walls to brake up all the black on the car. 58L-Y8: Your insights are appreciated!
  4. deac

    1936 Buick

    Well the the car is in Tacoma, WA. Are you close?
  5. deac

    1936 Buick

    Hmmm, an interesting point you make! The seller did some checks while on the phone and all the checks came good. Of course everything is good with you're selling. Because of the wood content in this one I have to extra careful.
  6. I think we have seen it. The manual transmission was a topic of discussion
  7. deac

    1936 Buick

    I have a limited experience in evaluating a wood car. Visually inspecting floor boards, sagging doors and body panel fit are the buzz words for me. However I am sure there are more. For what it's worth the seller (dealer) said the previous owners son indicated that the wood in the doors had been replaced by his father, The wood content and the price are stopping me proceeding. Chris
  8. The car did not sell at $25,750 on BAT because there was a reserve. I am not surprised because these cars are worth more than that....
  9. deac

    1936 Buick

    Oka Seller says the car needs paint. There's no rust and the interior is very nice. He also said the car runs and drives. However this is what the seller says on a phone call. I have not seen the car in person as it's 1000 miles from me. Lot's can change between the sellers description and a personal viewing. And yes, it's represented by a dealer! This car is not mine and I am not the owner
  10. I have come across a '36 Buick Special coupe in B-minus condition. It has a heater and a radio. It looks presentable. Can anyone throw out a ballpark value on this car? NADA guides show 23 to 24 grand for a nice one. The seller wants 28,900 for it which I think is 7 to 9 grand too high. Am I thinking right?
  11. I agree with John, what's with the reserve? I just spent time looking to if there is a reserve and if there is what's the status of it? There will be more bids and I have a feeling this will sell in the 30 thousands. Doubtful you'll see this go for some low number of $25,000!
  12. I only have interests in a few 70's cars and this model was not one of them. However this is a pretty cool looking ride. Don't buy this if you're concerned about fuel with it's big 429 engine. It is the ultimate 70's personal luxury coupe. I don't know about the $15,000 price but you don't see these these cars running around anymore. Who knows you might get a future classic
  13. I would like to see what else is in that warehouse. I think that yellow car is a late 30's coupe. Me like!!
  14. It looks very nice. I hope the new owner preserves it and not hot rod it!
  15. WOW, it's a pretty car! The bid has risen pretty quickly so early in the auction.
  16. I spoke to the seller and he say's the car is solid. He's selling because he has a Parkinson's disease type of condition. He sounded like a stand up guy who is selling his old car that he said he had been searching for over two years. The car was in the southeast part of country before got it. It sounds like a decent car but I heard that before...
  17. anyone know the location of this car? If I had seen this ad 3 months ago I would have been all over it. But I've looked at 4 or 5 cars in the last few months and came up empty handed. Sellers nowadays flat out lie about their cars. This car is at a bargain price for some reason and the seller ain't telling you.
  18. I love the Trans Am's but I don't like this one! I think there are larger rear tires on it or tractions bars on it and so the car doesn't sit right. In my book the anniversary editions, pace car editions and the Bandit editions you just don't mess with them. I agree the T-Tops look terrible and the primer on that fender is an eyesore! A little hotter cam is ok I guess. Unless there were cooling why the aluminum radiator? There plenty of regular Trans Am's and Z-28's to mess with but don't ruin a collectible edition! I am not sure that the seller added any value. What a rant. I guess I am a hopeless originality guy....
  19. Not a Duster fan but this one is super cool. A nice drivetrain 340 4 bbl with a 4 speed. Love it! GLWTS
  20. The car is and nice and clean and it's priced to sell! How long has it been since the carburetor was cleaned up and rebuilt?
  21. The weird way of selling a car. It almost like the seller does not want to show any income for one reason or another! However 'cash' can be used for a lot of things. Something doesn't add up. I would not do business with this seller.
  22. This car you can at a pretty fair price, tinker and drive it. Either 53 or 54 was the last year of the famed Ford flat head. Pretty cool ride for the money!
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