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  1. Not a fan of wire wheels or caps but they seem to work with this car. I do question the console; not sure it is original to car. I would think that there would be a floor shifter in that console. Also shouldn't that gauge at the very front of the console be mounted in an upright position. But in the big picture drive and enjoy the car; it's a very cool ride!!
  2. The front end styling beginning in '79 is not my least favorite. Through the years of production of the 2nd generation Firebirds they became more and more anemic. My friend had a '77 Formula with the Olds 403 V8 which was a comfortable car but wasn't a very fast especially by todays standards. I had a '71 Formula 400 with the Pontiac motor and that thing could pull tree stomps out the ground.
  3. I had a '39 Buick special and a 40 Buick super and would maintain speeds of 55 - 65mph. Though I tried to keep them at 55 and below occasionally they'd eek up to 61-62mph. This is model 48 2 door sedan and not a model 41 and the price of $13,500 is fair but not bargain in my book. For a model 41 this would be a good deal.
  4. The heck with the Packard. What's with the Buick parked next to it?
  5. By popular demand the chrome rings for the front and rear emblems have been installed. Viola!!! I have replaced the radial tires with bias plies and the steering effort was greatly decreased. Additionally I replaced those '58 Pontiac hubcaps with the proper '57 dog dish caps! Anyone have a source for rear leaf springs besides Eaton in Michigan? Also I need some-sort of exploded view and location of where the heater assembly is. I know the heater core is on the left side of the fire wall. I believe it has the under seat heater and windshield defroster. Not sure how all of this stuff is installed on the car.
  6. Thank you; it is a nice car. I bought it as a work in progress. I will send Steve an email as I don't do FB anymore.
  7. You know what I am looking for. If you have them let me know.
  8. Isn't Kerbec a dealership famous for selling Corvettes?
  9. Yes I know that. Additionally the ring around the hood emblem is missing too. They're missing for a reason; they're hard to find and can be expensive. If anyone knows of a source for 57 used body parts I am all ears. Mechanical parts are easily found. CPR does not have the rings or the caps either.
  10. Owner states "very clean". In it present state I don't see a very clean car. It has potential but it will need quite a bit of work. But it is a "40 ford"!!!
  11. For the money the car is NOT perfect and it should be. The engine compartment is VISUAL mess. Moreover realize this is a 4 door and Buick might call the exterior color 'coral' but in these pictures I see a pink car! The black wall tires don't help it either; a set of wide whites would enhance it. But hey, that's me!
  12. Gee $7700 is a great entry price to get in to the hobby. Maybe the seller should post it on a Ford club website....
  13. pretty cool car at a pretty fair price! It's '39 model so that was the first years of the 'Juice Brakes'. I would say the right side of the windshield is not beginning to delaminate, it's well on it way! Even with the windshield issue it's still a great car. If I had the room for it I would be calling the seller!
  14. I have owned a few Pontiacs and the 2 that I have owned were flat head 8's. One of them was a 1940 and really had no engine issues with it. The 2nd one was a 1950 which ran like a sewing machine! One thing that I did with both engines was clean out the cooling jackets in the block. Over the years they build up sediment in the block in 2 specific areas; by the temperature sending unit located on the left side back of the head. The other area is at the freeze plugs. One thing you can do is open the the drain cock on the radiator and the one on the left side of the block and see what, if any, muck come from them especially from the block. Next pull a few freeze plugs and see what sort of build up is there. I mentioned the temperature sender on the back of the head; unscrew it and inspect and clean it off in both the actual coolant probe side and the electrical connection side. Additionally the little wire and connector that leads to the temperature sender. I hate overheating problems. Look at the wiring just below the heater box mounted on the left side of the firewall. If the heater core leaks coolant it drips down on to the wiring just beneath the box; careful, it is electrical stuff and if it is original wiring it could be old and brittle especially if it's water damaged. Lastly, check all of the electrical ground connections especially if your car has the 6 volt system. Much to the chagrin of many people the 6 volt system work fine. The 6 volt system needs good grounds though. So check and clean the connections battery to the block, ground strap from the rear of the block to the firewall and the negative cable to the starter. There is a small fuse box on the passenger compartment side of the firewall underneath the dash to inspect as well. I am a believer in preventative maintenance and these are checks and processes I have always done. But hey, there are others that say the infamous phase 'if it works don't fix it'. If I think of other recommendations for your Pontiac I will post them. However what I have written so far should keep you busy tinkering on your Pontiac for a while. Moreover I think I wrote about the most common and important issue to look for...
  15. That sedanet Pontiac was the deal. I have to say the 4 doors didn't distract me either!!!
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