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  1. FWIW: One of the most things that is overlooked is the 32-Bit vs. 64-Bit operating system in your computer. All of my programs>eg: Calendar/Name&Address & etc. are with the 32-Bit system. It is hard to find a new computer that has the 32-Bit system; they have all gone to 64-Bits. Bottom line> ALL YOUR 32 BIT SYSTEM PROGRAMS WILL NOT WORK WITH THE 64-BIT NEW COMPUTERS!! So Beware. Larry
  2. Would be nice to know what the percentage of cars that participate in a Grand National are trailered? If you deduct the cars that live within 10 miles of judging field I would think the trailered car percentage is enormous. BTW the NCRS gives the cars that are driven to the meet to be judged .1 point/mile. This can really offset the deductions of the car. In some cases 2nd Flight Corvettes become Top Flight Corvettes. Larry
  3. Thanks Phillip for the comment but I did not know that choosing a class was negotiable. JMHO: If not in the guidelines a car should not be allowed to change to another class. Larry
  4. FWIW: Just got a letter from Herb Oakes (VP of Judging) which tell the owners that the Camaro classes will be expanded next year. New Classes are the following: 34G First Gen Camaro's 34H Second Gen Camaro's 34I Third Gen Camaro's There will also be an expanded "Factory High Performance" class (TBD) Your guess is as good as mine which models will be in the HP class because of as now the 1 Gen-Z28's where not even in the class. (From last Judging Manual I saw) Comments Please--Larry
  5. Very interesting topic. For me I will take the easy/less time approach. I will buy my engine paint from a known supplier that has done all the work for me and will pass all the judging standards. That's why I pick quanta for "Chevy Orange". Only my opinion. Larry
  6. I don't pretend to be a Chemical Engineer but how does one change the "Gloss" in a paint?? This is one area the judges look real close at. I have noticed that the gloss in engine paint(Quanta) is different from the regular can paint one buys at the box stores. Larry
  7. Restorer32: AFAIK the texture/color is made to match the OEM paint of the engine. Larry
  8. Not sure what color you are looking for but if is "Chevy Orange" the following is very good. It will pass NCRS. I also believe they make more colors then the above. Larry Departments Specials GAS TANKS SENDING UNITS / PUMP ASSEMBLIES GAS TANK STRAPS GAS TANK ACCESSORIES RESTORATION FAN BELTS PAINT RESTORATION SERVICES FUEL LINES RADIATORS RADIATOR HOSES OIL PANS CORVETTE BRAKE COMPONENTS TOOLS ALARMS/SECURITY HOW TO... CLASSIC FUEL INJECTION NEW PRODUCTS View Cart Account Info Address Book Thank you for showing an interest in Quanta Products Our business hours are Monday through Friday 8am-5pm EST. Quanta Products LLC 743 Telegraph Road Rising Sun, MD 21911 Main Line: 800-235-8788 Questions: 410-658-5700 Fax Line: 410-658-5758 sales@gastanks.com sales@quantaproducts.com We welcome anyone interested in our products to stop by our store front located in Rising Sun, MD. If you would like to pick up your order at our location make sure to call and verify we have the products you are looking for in stock at our main location. If you would like to send payment for an order via postal mail please be sure that you enclose your Name, Address, and Telephone Number so that we may contact you after the order is recieved. Please call us at 800-235-8788 or prepare your order online to verify the total amount of your order before sending payment. If you are sending photos, please be sure that all forementioned information is enclosed or we will not be able to return your photos. Company InformationAbout UsPrivacy PolicyTestimonialsSite MapMy AccountLogin / RegisterView CartCustomer ServiceContact Us
  9. Just wondering why the photo tab on the home page is not working.(At least for me) Comments?? Thanks-Larry
  10. FWIW: 1969 Z28 Camaro still not listed in 36B. I posted this problem about a year ago; must have got lost in the wind. Larry
  11. FWIW: I try to powder paint every part I can for durability and longivity. Here is a picture of my 77 Chevrolet pick-up leaf springs. Larry
  12. In a few short weeks we will have B-J at AZ and Mecum Auctions in Kissimmi FL. We should see all types of Cars/Trucks in different stages of restoration. I will be keeping a close eye on these auctions. Larry
  13. I will give you my 2 cents worth of opinion which I believe is objective. I have cars that have been judged by AACA and Org. that specify the brand. EX. of these are NCRS,Bloomington Gold, ACA (Camaro's), Mopar Assoc. and etc. The bottom line is that the AACA judges are not in the same league as with the above mentioned. They are volunteers that do the best they can. Yes they know detail but do not know superior knowledge for the specific car. To get a car judged to see exactly where you stand (original) you have to take it to one of the above mentioned. I find the AACA as far as judging to be a fun exercise; nothing more nothing less. It is what it is. Larry
  14. This is just my opinion: Since AACA checks nothing on the credentials of the cars I don't see why your car needs a plate. But: Depending where you park your trailer the local police may require a plate to travel on public roads to the judging field; so beware. Larry
  15. Its been my experience to get the car judged with the floor mats in. I always go to the main judge(before judging begins) and tell/show them the original window sticker that shows the mats came from the factory. I suspect they where installed from the dealer prep. I also tell them I will certainly remove them if they want to see the carpet or whatever. Larry
  16. I think your missing the point: Don't need to know what it means; just if it matches the registration VIN to see if it is the correct car. JMHO Larry
  17. Ted:IIRC- Kinda surprised that when I took my 69 Z28 to last years Grand National in Moline IL that no one from the AACA even checked my VIN on the car. How do they even know that was the correct car from my registration?? They seemed to be more concerned that my fire ext. was fully charged then checking any credentials for the entry. All other organizations check the VIN before the judging even begins; if any irregularities exist the car will not get judged. I'm not complaining as I do like AACA but find it strange they do this. Larry
  18. 31 Caddy: Very good points you make on the "escape" door. It is also a good idea to have two doors (can be small ones) on both sides in the nose of the trailer. By having them it is a snap to strap the front of the vehicle to the floor. Also when you spec. out a new trailer have the factory install extra "rings" in the floor for strapping purposes. It's best to get everything done correct when buying. JMHO Larry
  19. Curti: No; the 102" is outside width;maximum per D.O.T.---Larry
  20. Curti: Not sure what you mean by C6? Corvette Maybe?? If that is what it is then you would not have no problem fitting it into the trailer. BTW; my trailer is maximum legal width (102") wide. Wheel wells are maximum distance from each other. If you got something that is too wide for this trailer; you will need a open flatbed then. FYI Larry
  21. Ok; found some pictures of my trailer. Here is one of them with my Camaro in front of it. You can see how low the height of the trailer is. Larry
  22. Curti: I bought a brand new United Enclosed Trailer in 2000. All I haul are Camaros/Corvettes. I spec. it out for that. Total hight of trailer is 7' and length is 18'. Fold down ramp door is no problem as the car being loaded "pulls" down trailer; so angle is not bad at all. Also trailer was ordered with a "beaver" tail floor. When I find some pictures I will put them on to show you. Trailer pulls like a dream and have no problems with it.FYI Larry P.S. Trailer inside hight is around 60"; perfect for Vettes/Camaros. Have had many compliments on my "Specs" at the various meets I have attended.
  23. Thanks R.W. for input. Final comment is "It's not the area's of your vehicle that were incorrect" spotted by the judges. Its the area's of your vehicle that are incorrect but missed by the judges.(Only the entries themselves would know) Its like looking at a 1/2 glass of water; is it half empty or half full. Larry P.S. The evaluation sheets not only tell what areas your vehicle where incorrect; but it also tells what areas where overlooked and assumed correct.
  24. R.W.: Not as hard as you think; I knew most of these "Chevy" people before the show itself. (In my class) Larry
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