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  1. Rooney3100: As you can see there is a lot of different opinions. Don't know much on your perticular model and don't know how deep your restoration went. My cars/trucks are all "number matching" including engines/windshieds/ and etc. Some parts can not be duplicated. I suspect most people that have responded do not have "number matching" original type cars. They can drive these cars with only time and generic parts at risk. Some original parts are getting near impossible to find or require enormous abouts of $$. Larry
  2. This is just my opinion but: One can enjoy the car/truck very much without driving it. I switch off my cars in my "Man Cave" and enjoy looking/tinkering with them. Lot of people do not realize that there is a lot of time/effort/money that goes into restoring a old vehicle. It only takes one mistake or event and all that effort is gone. I restored my vehicles to suit me not others. Larry
  3. MC: Thanks for your response and your 3 points are well taken. Don't agree with your top statement though. We are not arguing; we are just voicing are opinions. It too bad the judging committee doesn't "tune in" to the forum for some input. AFA your three points the first two are not an option for me with the vehicle I brought to the G/N as the rules are written now. I will choose option #3. I do have other vehicles that I will compete in with other classes that do not have so many "overrestored cars". So I will be "class jumping" to particpate. Yes this is a hobby but one wants to be in a fair plane to begain with and with the 5 pt. rule at the G/N the fun is taken out of it. IMHO Larry P.S. I have nothing against "overrestored" cars but when they are not properly judged is my concern. (As examples given with my previous threads)
  4. From ex98thdrill: I have been an AACA judge for 10 years and never at any time have I ever taken, nor have I seen anyone else deduct points from a car because of overrestoration. Usually the ones who yell the loudest about overrestoration are the ones who don't have a restored car. Are these cars overrestored?? Yes they are, but understand that a lot of the materials that are in use today are better than what the factory used back in the day. XXXX But one must remember that an overrestored car may be an incorrectly overrestored car. (See my pictures on the first page) That's where I would like to see some points taken off. An example of this would be like a overrestored car in my class at the G/N in Moline. The car was perfect but his hood hinges where painted black and not gray phosphate like they where supposed to be. I know the fellow and of course no points where take off. Larry P.S. It not that I worried about his score its the fact as long as we got the 5 or 10 point rule it effects the lower point car as the "spread" becomes unjustifiable bigger. Larry
  5. Wayne; Thanks much for your comments; always like to see what you think. I'm too involved now with other organizations like I mentioned. I have been to your judging seminairs at the meets and understand your system. Your judging system is very unique and doesn't follow any of the others mentioned. My philosophy just does not co-in-side with AACA. My philosophy is factory original cars;you guys seem to be getting away from that. No dealer add on's period w/o points deducted. When they started that and changed the rule book; that turned me off. Thanks again; Larry
  6. ex98thdrill: Thanks much for such a wonderfull reply. I think we are on the same page. OK now my reply to you: Where do I draw the line? I think that the AACA Judging system could be vastly improved will just a little tweeking. As long as there will be overrestored cars and original cars in the same class let's drop the rule where cars have to be within so many points on the top car. No body else does this AFAIK. Let's judge the car against your own car when it came out of the factory. Bloomington/NCRS/Camaro Asoc/Mopar/ all do this. As long as the car meets the minimum points for the certain award. eg. 370 to 380 Third Place--381 to 390 Second Place and 391 to 400 First Place. My points are just example and could be redone however they want. But don't forget an overrestored car should have points deducted if the restoration is incorrect. As it stands now the correct original car gets hit in the points two ways. It gets deducted points for when judges compare the overrestored cars to original type cars and by not deducting points off the overrestored incorrect cars the "spread" points are increased. When dealing for example with 5 points at a G/N it don't take much to be out of the picture. I don't expect the judges to be experts on every model but at least ask the owner for some input if anything is in question rather than just taking off points. Of all the meets I have attended it is rare that a judge even ask me for anything. Another point that I don't understand is why the judges can not give you a quick 60 seconds on the rundown of points that where taken off. A lot of things could be corrected right there and then. This is done with all the other org. as everthing is fresh in the mind of everbody concerned. Thanks and comments are welcomed. Larry
  7. Yes it does but this is a untouched original. Picture shows how an original Camaro trunk looks as far as overspray; that being said it still has wear and tear on it after over 40 years of being made. Larry
  8. I also have an issue with the AACA judging system. I attended the G/N at Moline this year and got a "second" place award missing the first place award by a very few points. (Got to be 5 points from the top car) I went up against a bunch of "overrestored cars" in class 36B. My car was restored to be original= nothing more nothing less. I got docked points because my car was a little different from the overrestored ones. My car BTW is a Jerry MacNeish certified 69 Camaro. IMHO the overrestored cars should have been docked not mine. It is my opinion that the judges did not know what a 69 Camaro should look like. Will show example: Below is three pictures. #1 is a picture of a stone stock 69 Camaro from the file of CRG (Camaro Research Group). #2 is mine as both mine and the 1st picture show a factory overspray found in all Camaro latches. (Some vary the amount but all have them) #3 is picture of an overrestored Camoro. Just like the ones at Moline; of course they sailed right through judging. OK; made my statement--Larry
  9. Any good stabilizer should work for just over the Winter. AFAIK--Car Jackets can only be purchased direct. There are many sizes available so comunication is a must. Larry
  10. FWIW: I have used "Car Jackets" for years with great results. http://www.carbag.com/ I buy the ones with the zippers. Just roll the prepared (Battery Out and widows rolled up) car in and and add some moisture remover like the white pellets they use in motor homes and zip it up for the winter. They come out just like you put them in. (No surface rust anywhere) BTW; my garage is just like yours (not heated and concrete floor) Go to their website to read up about them. I used these bags for over 20 years. Being carefull the bags can be used over and over again. They are expensive though--Larry P.S I use Av Gas and "Stay Fresh" (Blue in color) and have never had any problem with old gas.
  11. (Off Topic)Don't like correcting Susan; but 1958 Chevy Biscaynes did not come as hardtops; only 2 doors where sedans.(With Post)-- (On Topic)Truely tragic story on that fellow out in Oregon. --Larry
  12. Don't think the AACA is the only one having problems. The NCRS Discussion Board also has been shut down now and then also for similar reasons.FYI Larry
  13. FWIW: JMHO: If this would pass AACA judging then I agree with Bob Hill that the value of the AACA Awards are starting down a path I do not like. They are getting more and more devalued. Ever since they "reworded" the judging book to include every "dealer installed" item to be Ok is what started it. AACA is slowly getting away from "factory originals". Too Bad. Larry
  14. steveimpala: Yes they are getting up there. In fact from 1973 up to 1980 you will find that Chevrolets restored P/U are actually worth more in some cases then the Chevrolet Corvette(of the same year). Of course the Corvettes in those years where way underpowered and a far cry from the earlier Vettes. But one must remember that the high price restored P/U have the most popular models (shortbeds) and the most popular engines. Small Blocks and even more the Big Blocks. Don't look for 6 Cyl. to be in that range. Larry P.S. And of course the GMC pickups are no where in the range of Chevrolets just like Cougars are not in the range of Mustangs. I also agree that the NADA prices are somewhat overstated but it is good when comparing different Models and Manufactures.Of course this is JMHO
  15. So sorry to hear about the rain out in PA. AACA puts so much time/effort into an event like that. Kinda reminds me of when I went to the Grand National this year in Moline. Rain takes a lot of the fun out of the event. Not much we can do about it. Larry
  16. How ironic; now Chevrolet got the highest price cars of all GM--ZR1 $125K--and the new Camaro Z28 not far behind. Larry
  17. sambarn: I restored my car with the same criteria as yours. I wanted the car to look original(nothing more; nothing less) even with the known flaws. It did not work out for me as there where just too many over restored cars in my class which where all flawless. I wish you luck and let us know what happens. Larry
  18. This was the biggest flaw in GM throughout its history. Way too many Divisions and Duplications. Is it any wonder that they had to file bankruptcy? Even today they have too many Divisions: Why have two truck Divisions? Time for GMC to hit the Automotive graveyard as they are nothing more than a "Copycat" of Chevrolet. Larry
  19. sambarn: FWIW; here is my opinion. In some respect this is what happened to me at the AACA Grand National this year. Don't know too much about class 35B but if some entries show up in that class with recent over-restored restoration I believe you will take a hit in the points. Talking to the chief judge may or may not help depending if time permits. At the G/N it was raining on/off all day and there was no time for nothing. Even if documention is shown the judges are only human and will still compare car vs. car. Larry P.S.Your car reminds of the 1968 Corvette; full of flaws at introduction.
  20. Well within?? Base 1959 Impala Hardtop ($46000) vs. 1959 Top of line Edsel Hardtop ($19000); figures from N.A.D.A. Typical example of production figures: compare any year Cougar vs Mustang. Same Car practicaly; made on the same production line; Cougar way more rare than a Mustang--Final Outcome--No comparison to value and demand of the two cars. Mustang wins all the time. Again-JMHO-Larry P.S. It's something hard to explain but it just how the cars are preceived from the General Public.
  21. JMO: Don't believe production numbers have anything to do for the demand or car values for a car. So many examples come to mind. The Edsel had very low production numbers compared to other sedans at the time and we know what happened to the Edsel. Like I said. JMO-Larry
  22. iI been using "Car Jackets" (carbag.com) for over 20 yrs now and there the best thing I ever come across. I use the zipper bags and put the white pellets in (from camping world) to draw the moisture out. My building is non heated and the cars look just the same as when you put them in. No surface rust at all. Only drawback is bags are not cheap. ($280) but can be used over and over again if you are carful but must have flat cement floor. IMHO--Larry
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