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  1. PA 1933 Ford sdn title clear. Can fedex insured if needed at buyers expense. 500.00 OBO
  2. Is it possible to obtain the list of vendors ahead of time? (The “book” that you buy at the gate)Is it printed at the last minute?
  3. Here is the answer for anyone that needs to know C Crane 87 old ccc road Hendersonville NC 28739
  4. Where do we send the self addressed stamped envelope to get the score sheet?
  5. Are there separate tickets for the barbecue? I only received a trailer parking pass in the packet.
  6. Great Bob If you need any help at all just contact me Mitch
  7. Bob that is understandable , but I can tell you the tide is turning with MARC anyway. There is some newer blood starting to make critical decisions which is for the better. I’m looking forward to seeing ya on the VFF. Mitch
  8. Hi Bob Unlike the Ford Barn we have separate areas of interest to accommodate whatever your in to. If you would like to know about cotter pins you can ask that in the fine point authenticity forum. If you're into just normal discussion with sidebars the general area is for that. This thread was posted here to bring attention to the NEW modified forum. In there you can discuss the heavier side of chassis and engine mods or transplants. etc. Oh and there are also specialized technical forums broken down into sub categories. These tech areas are combined threads of information for the same topic. Having these separate areas of interest eliminates the pissing on each other that you mentioned. If your not interested in FP then don't open that door. Regarding your MODEL A EXPERT comment, yes we have some of the best out there participating and courteously helping others . Your welcome to come over and check it out for yourself, the folks there are posting in harmony. I'll bet that you''l be pleasantly surprised Mitch
  9. Just a FYI We started a new Early Ford modified section to compliment the stock and fine point areas on the Vintage Ford Forum. This new forum covers T’s, A’s, early and late V-8”s. The classifieds are also separate from the stock side. https://www.vintagefordforum.com/
  10. The workshop is late this coming week.. https://www.vintagefordforum.com/forum/model-a/work-shop-forum-info
  11. The workshop is late this coming week https://www.vintagefordforum.com/forum/model-a/work-shop-forum-info
  12. Last minute attendees are welcome. Sign up on the VFF or email vintagefordforum@gmail.com
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