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  1. I still have the frame if anyone is interested.
  2. Is anyone interested in Panhard Dyna Z or PL17 parts? I have two aluminum bonnets as well as doors taking up space in my shop that should find a new home.
  3. Hi Jay its located in Western Washington in a town called Eatonville.
  4. I have a frame with leaf springs from a Maxwell 25 tourer. Willing to crate and ship. Asking $400 but open to offers. I realize I'm not going to use it and should help it find a good home before it returns to the earth. Its in excellent condition. Serial numbers are painted over and I'm concerned about removing them if I wire brush the paint off. I'm not entirely sure of the year. 1916 to 1918 possibly Located in Eatonville, WA 98328. Willing to crate it and ship it anywhere some one is willing to pay to. Uship.com and Fastenal have been very good to me with large shipments. I also have extra parts such as rear end, doors, front cowl, front axle and some smalls. Cheers, Ryan
  5. Hi everyone I was wondering where the best or most recommended place to find current or yearly vehicle values is. I remember when I was overseas in Germany the Oldtimer Market magazine would publish a yearly reference guide for vehicle values and give them value based off of a 1 through 5 condition. Is there anything like this now. Every now and again Hemmings puts something out but its vehicle specific. I would love to hear from you all. I'm looking specifically for values for 1915, 1916, 1925, 1931, and 1932 Willys but would love a one stop place to find just about all makes and values. Thanks Ryan
  6. Restorer 32 this is an amazing state minus the government seems they have found a way to either block business or tax just about every aspect of it. I use to live in Montgomery County in PA and I doubt if I moved back to my old stomping grounds it would be much easier. They say most of the laws started to combat the tweekers selling cars for scrap so they could buy meth. Then the Russians moved in. This remindsme of the scene in Shawshank Redemption where Andy tells Red he had to come to prison to become a criminal....I didn't think about breaking the rules until I tried to start a business in Washington.
  7. I have for some time been toying with the idea if establishing a consignment based business revolving around classic cars trucks and motorcycles. I have been trying to work with some friends over in Europe to start exporting vehicles and parts however the "slow down" at the ports have created doubts in my clients. So I thought I would start a business where I help advertise show and research classic cars and parts for individuals also who have collections they are looking to pass on. Always wanting to be on the right side of the law I established a small business and started to make myself legal in the eyes of the state. To get my foot in the door I figured I would work on consignments only that way I'm not buying and selling on my own dime. Just to be sure I contacted the local vehicle registration office and explained what I wanted to do. They said it would be best if I contacted the states vehicle dealer division. Upon doing that I got in touch with a woman that explained that in the state of Washington anyone who consign vehicles is considered a dealer and would have to get their dealer certification and permits through the state even if the vehicle remained in the owners name and never transfered through me during the sale. Now I eventually want to be able to legally sell vehicles so I'm only a little upset that I have to go full bore just to consign but when I asked about parts I almost dropped the phone. I asked the lady what about the selling of parts, I.e. on individual has some vintage parts laying around and after the vehicles are sold he/ she would like me to sell those. She informed me that I would then be classified as a wrecking yard and need to establish myself as such even if I were not to bring any parts back to my shop. I know that was lengthy but can anyone shoot me some advise on a legal means to do business? I would like for this to be a part time that could evolve into full time but I want to keep it small, internet based, and out of my shop in the early stages. Any advise would be appreciated.
  8. To help fund my DS 21 project I have picked through my parts cars and I'm looking to sell some parts. I have motors, gear boxes, doors, fenders, glass, trim ready to go. Wheels suspension steering and interior parts are to come but I haven't pulled any of that yet. I can start posting pictures. I have bumpers too. A few or good ones and a few with some dents that need some work. Let me know if you need something. Thanks Ryan
  9. I have one but it needs to visit a hammer. For sale
  10. I'm in Western Washington. Shoot me a PM with an email and I will send you the high def pictures
  11. I have an entire stash of Maxwell parts I'm looking to pass on. Motor 2 x gear box Wheels 8 total Sod pan Tire carrier Rear axle Fender set Top irons Drive shaft Door Hood with sides Almost I complete set of wood good for templates only PM me if you are interested. Thanks Ryan
  12. With winter coming its time to move some things around the shop. My stash of Maxwell parts needs to go to make room. I'm looking to hold on to the frame, a set of lights with brackets, and body but I have a lot of other parts that need a new home. Fenders headlight buckets headlight brackets gauges two gear boxes one motor ( almost complete) all the wood is pretty bad but very good for making templates. Would sell all spare door tire carrier bottom skid pan full hood with sides 8 wheels ( one set in very good condition poorly painted yellow / one set currently on the vehicle. metal is good but the wood needs replacing. top bows 3 radiators 2 radiator shrouds I would be willing to sell the whole package for a fair price but so far I have had no luck doing that. If you are interested in the whole vehicle PM me. I'm willing to ship large stuff.
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