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  1. john2dameron: I agree 100%; more info the better. As long as we are making wishes for the club; lets add a "operations test"(lights,horns,blinkers-nothing major) to judging. If not for all meets then for the Grand National Meet. Comments Please--Larry
  2. Steve: Thanks for your input; looking forward to the G/N in Moline. Larry P.S. Any other comments from anybody on G/N are welcomed.-Thanks
  3. zipcode1964: Wow if that's the case it will be a neat show with a lot of nice cars. Hopefully there will be enough of trailer parking available. Also hope they will have enough of "qualified" judges. Larry P.S. Any other comments out there?
  4. Anybody care to guess how many entries there will be?? Looking forward to it as I will be in class 36B. Waiting for your guesses. Larry
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