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  1. Like to add a few things>In 1970 the government wanted to brake up GM. They wanted to take Chevrolet(That had a 25% total market then and make them a lone company) from GM and GM would have the rest.(Just like they did with the "Baby Bells). O how I wish that would have come true. All through the years GM has been very coy on the profit/loss per division. I wonder how much $$ was siphoned off of Chevrolet to give to the other divisions and their stupid ideas to keep them afloat. Let's go down memory lane> With some of things GM has pulled off I sometimes wonder that "Profit" and "GM" is an oxymoron. Let's recap some of their fiasco's> Let start with creating a new full blown division>Saturn>Remember? It was one of the dumbest idea's ever. All it did was to cannibalize the Chevrolet Division-No new total market share ever developed. Keeping two full blown truck division today. GMC could easily be run under the Chevy Division and money could be saved How many times have they tried to get another division to have a 2 seat auto; all failed and money down the drain Giving Cadillac a manual transmission and H/P L/S engine is like putting a major league bb player into a little league. The above sales is so low is laughable. Again>Money down the drain Having Cadillac compete in a race (WeatherTech Series) is silly. All they did was to take the Chevy Teams with their knowledge and "rebadge" that makes no sense. Again>Money down the drain P.S. Cadillac knows less about racing then my Grandma’s Card Club They went broke and belly up for having a "Each Division Gets Everything the Other Have" thinking. I'm afraid it still exist today. There are plenty more fiasco's but I do not want to bore you. Again JMHO-Larry Larry
  2. 1968 Coupe>L68-427 Tri-Power M21-3:36 (AU)Rear/G81-Posi-LeMans Blue(976) Medium Blue Interior (414) Numbers Matching-Frame off restoration-Car has multiple NCRS Top Flights and is Bloomington Gold Certified. Original (PT7) Firestone Wide Ovals on (AG) wheels(Including Spare). Has A82-C50-N36 rare options. Comes with Partial-Tank Sticker & NCRS Paperwork. Asking 45K Call Larry Phone: 815-663-8304 NCRS Member #16324
  3. Have added picture and set price. See original thread on top-Thanks-Larry
  4. Thought I would move this up the line. Have gotten some interesting bids so far. Have added the "Build Sheet". Thanks--Larry
  5. Thanks for the response. AFA price I have no idea what it is worth since it is so rare and so low mileage. Can not find anything else to compare with. Larry--P.S. I am open for opinions.
  6. CAMARO: 1994 Z28 1LE, very rare 1 of 135, Black with Gray/Red Interior; B-W(T-56)6 Speed-192 total miles. Have all conceivable paperwork on the car, bought new and still has the Chevrolet inspection stickers on the windows. Car should be treated as an investment. Legal to run on the street. Primary customers were sold to the SCCA members. This is a “No Frills” Pony Car. ”This car could be the lowest mileage Gen4 1LE in the country” ASKING 20K. Call Larry@8156638304 ASKING 20K Reason For Selling>NEED ROOM-Have an eye on another car. I am not in the market to make a big profit on this car. All I want is a "Fair Price". On the other hand I do not want to give it away either. This car is intended to be sold to a "Low mileage Camaro Collector" not a dealer that wants a quick turnover.
  7. One must also remember the cost of "Real Estate Tax" when one has a storage facility. In Illinois this tax is going up drastically. Also when your storage facility has no one living there the rate is higher then if it is attached to your house. (At least in Illinois) It is starting to become a very expensive hobby! Larry
  8. MC>Thanks for the input. Instead of saying "improperly restored perfect car" ; I should have said "Improperly restored to the original condition of the car". As we know when you get into the AACAGN all cars look perfect but they all are not restored to the original condition of the car. IMHO P.S. I am a judge in other org. but sorry to say none of what I learned in those org. applies to the judging in AACA.
  9. I humbly disagree. Judging a AGNM is harder because a judge has to know the cars better and separate the "bling"(improperly restored perfect cars) from the original cars. As good as best intentions are; it is very easy to get "overwhelmed" by the bling.-Larry
  10. Frantz: I concur what you said above but differ when you indicate "If every point on the vehicle". When you have to be within 5 points of the Top Car (Grand National)>EVERY SINGLE POINT IS CRITICAL!!! Something has got to give and it comes down to this: 1)Change the requirement of being within 5 Points to a more realistic number. Or 2)Take more time in Judging and get input from the car owners to a more degree. Yes you give the owner the right to defend his car but no one is giving you the input of taking points off the improper over restored cars that are explained above. (eg:Gloss Point vs. Semi Gloss) Every-time you let this slide the original car has a more difficult time of getting within the 5 point threshold. Of course this is JMHO--Larry It comes down to this: It not the points taken off of your car but the points that are not taken off the Top Car.
  11. Curti: Take it from me that the "bling" still exist especially when you get to the Grand National Level. It appears to me as good as the judges are they are still "overwhelmed" with the "bling" and make it hard for an all original car to get within 5 Pt. of the Top Car. JMHO P.S. Try to explain this to the judges before the judging started to point out some of the differences but to no avail. BTW-NCRS will take points off for this-the way it should be. The judges are only human and "THIS WILL INFLUENCE WHAT THEY SEE WHEN THEY COMPARE CARS"
  12. Plan on going to the meet@Bettendorf IA in Aug.. I have an original type battery(Restoration Battery) that is a perfect looking type for the car. Problem is that it is old and can barely start the car now. Question: can I drive the car onto the show field with a new none original battery type then "change-out" the battery for judging purposes on the judging field?? If not can I put a "battery box" on the original one to drive onto the field; then take it off before judging?? Thanks in Advance--Larry
  13. Marty>Thanks for the response. But extending it another 200 Miles is way to far for one way for me. That would mean a layover somewhere in between which is what I don't want to do for security reasons and time involved. Larry
  14. Couple of questions. Will the car get judged identical as cars get judged for "Senior"? P.S. Not talking about the % from top car is class but the things they look for on the scoring sheet. Is there a limit on times to go for in Preservation Award?? Thanks
  15. Restorer32>Car has been awarded "Senior" several years ago. Thanks
  16. Plan on going to the "Central Fall Meet"@Bettendorf IA in Aug. with one of my "Senior" awarded cars to get judged. What is the award given in this case?? I plan on buying the 2017 Judging Guide when they become available. Thanks in Advance. Larry P.S. Plan on going to a Grand National IF we ever have one closer to Illinois. My towing range is 200 miles one way.
  17. FWIW: Of course there are always two side to a coin. It's been my experience that the recap you get from VP of Judging is very very vague. It is very difficult to find out what exactly the deductions where for. Unlike NCRS/Bloomington Gold and other top flight judging events which "pinpoint" the deductions>AACA does not. JMHO>Larry
  18. I started to convert my United Trailer (Bought New) from regular tail light bulbs to LED's. Upon doing this I discovered that the Red Lenses are reversed (Top to Bottom) on the passenger side of the trailer. The bulbs are also placed opposite from the Left side compared to the Right side. (The bulbs are placed upright on the DS and placed down from the sockets on the PS) This is the way it came from the factory. Lenses have never been taken off. Has anybody ever come across this?? When I put the new LED's in it appeared to have different brightness (Not much) from Right to Left.(Lenses placed the same) Question:Did the factory install the lenses this way on purpose which would mean the lenses bend light different from its placement? Thanks in advance-Larry
  19. Good luck with your meet in Mankato Mn. but that is way out of my traveling/towing range. I know some members don't consider this that far(over 400 miles) but it's all relative. Larry P.S. Like to limit my trips to about 200 miles or less that's why I belong to many more org. then AACA.
  20. I see in 2017 we will have a meet in Bettendorf IA(Part of the Quad Cities). It is sponsored by the Mississippi Region. Meets in this part of the country are few and far between. Larry
  21. Don't know when it got started but I wish AACA would give a more a definitive type of car for the winners. Listing the winners under "Chevrolet" tells me nothing. eg.: Would like to know how many Camaro's where in 36B. But it is what it is I guess. Larry
  22. A more interesting question would be: Did Chevrolet offer a Impala SS Convertible in 1961?? I guess they did; picture of one below:
  23. Here is a picture from my files showing Yenko Chevrolet's "COPO Holding Lot". Circa 1969
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