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  1. Well put Bob; I guess the powers to be are trying please everybody; by doing so the true factory cars get hurt by it. I mention the above situation several months ago about "changing the edic" in the judging guide will open a new set of worms. Will they are really starting to wiggle around now. Larry
  2. Not the way I read it; to me it indicates the Z-28's from 70-74. I hope one of the powers to be will clarify this. Larry
  3. FWIW: Unless I reading it wrong they took all the Camaro Z28's out of class 36B. Maybe they don't think they are Hi-Performance; strange SCCA sure thought they where when the Trans'Am series where running. OK; I'll go back to class 27H then. Larry
  4. Well here is my 2 cents worth: Totally disagree(Whats new?) with MCHinson; Shop Rat is correct in this. If not factory authorized or not installed at the factory deductions are correct. AACA is slowly but surely trying to get away from "Factory Originals". I guess they are trying to please and give trophies to everybody. I don't even like the idea of "Dealer installed and factory authorized accessorys". All this is doing is to devalue the award they give. IMHO Larry
  5. Any additions to class 36 divisions? I sure hope they do something with the class 36 Divisions. I have brought this up numerous times in previous post. At the Grand Nationals in the last several years Class 36B had the most entries by far compared to other classes. In retrospect I should have never brought my 69 Original Z28; should have brought another car that had only 2 entries in it's class. JMHO Larry
  6. Dave: While I will not respond to anything that happened 40 years ago as I indicated I will respond to your response since it has to do with the original post. You are correct when you indicate that GM might lose some total market share if they send GMC/Buick to "Boot Hill" but I do not believe it will be significant. I also believe that their profits would go up if they make this move. To operate two "full blown" Divisions with so low vehicle sales is not smart. I do believe that somewhere down the line (not to far off) that Chevrolet and Cadilac will be it. Of course JMHO. Thanks-Larry P.S. Caddy will survive even with low total sales but it has such a huge profit margin.
  7. If Chevrolet hadn't had disproportionate market share and production capacity over the years, I don't think you'd see GM touting it as their premier product now either. Glen: Thanks again and I truely like your comments. This will be my final entry on this subject. I can see you & some others are "hard losers why GM droped you". I would be also. Now a few ending comments. On the above about Chevrolet having the disproportion market share and etc. All I can see it was never given to them; they earned it! Common sense tells me that a Major car company should have only one racing involved division. Chevrolet Bros. where at and won Indy a long time ago and had the tradition/engineering to carry on. If Pontiac/Olds/and Soon to be Buick had stayed with a game plan to sell/improve their product they may still be around today. You guys had no business to get involved with racing or a horsepower race with Chevy. Then you (Olds) had the stupid idea even to work on Chevy Engines when your Engines needed help the most. You Figure. Bottom Line: In the next lifetime please put your effort on selling cars not racing. At the end you guys could not even give them away. OK; That is enough on my part. Good Luck. Larry
  8. I'm just not following that logic at all.:confused: If anything, Olds underrated its horsepower ratings more than any other GM Division. 300 horsepower out of a 2-barrel single exhaust 455 is nothing to sneeze at, as is 310 horsepower out of a 330 inch engine. Sure, 307 Y's were weenies, but they were a victim of corporate politics and emission standards. But, I have learned that arguing GM engines with Chevy people is a lot like arguing theology with a fundamentalist. They know only what they believe and love to tell you that what you know and believe is all wrong. Glen: Thanks again. I respect you for your comments. Will be Gentleman and agree to disagree. Olds underrated its horsepower more then any division??? Huh; I suppose you never heard of the L88 rated at 430 HP?? Anyway I will leave you with two pictures that the Olds people have nightmeres over. 2nd picture is a Gentleman you guys never had and never will; he is with a engine you guys only dream about. 1st picture is a car you have no clue what it is or what it can do. I stand by my 1st statement. Hay Dr. Olds start making room; more coming. Again Thanks; Larry
  9. BTW the Olds 350 HP NASCAR engine was completely an Oldsmobile design. It shared nothing with the SBC. It also took Oldsmobile engineering and metallurgy to finally work all the kinks out of the BB Chevy and create the DRCE GM big block. They also refined the SBC into the "Rocket Block" which most aftermarket (read improved over factory) SBC blocks are based on. So watch how you diss the Rocket Division- Chevrolet owes a lot to them. That "America still builds Rockets" Corvette ad pisses us off too. Glen: Thanks much for your insight. Not sure where to begin on a response but here goes. Yes you are correct the Olds 350 NASCAR is completely yours; you can have it, AFAIK it never won anything of any consequence. Nobody on the Olds team had anything to do with the B/B Chevy. People like Vince Piggins;Dick Keinath;Denny Davis;Fred Frincke and of course Gib Hufstader where all Chevy people that developed this great motor. This motor has won more races in a year than OLD's would do in two lifetimes. Yes you got into the act and did some "head work" for the SBC and DRCE engines (which by the way is all Chevy internal components.) All that work went for not as everything as been surperceded by the "BowTie" people. This is part of my point what business was it for Old to tinker with Chevy's engines?? Stay put with your engines as they needed help in the worst way.(Low RPM Engines with no Horsepower) Anyway that's my point of view; I call a spade a spade. I appreciate your point of view. Larry
  10. Hearing throughout the "Web" that this new GM CEO (Mary Barra) is a no nonsense kinda gal. She will take no excuse to any division that can't "hold their own". She is open to sending GMC and Buick to "Boot Hill" to join the other "not for profit divisions". Chevrolet who is now 80% of GM and Cadilac will be the only ones left. Lean and Mean as they say. I for one say "Bring it on".JMHO Comments? Larry P.S. Ford learned long time ago to get rid of the losers.
  11. Neither; save your money and buy the real thing--70 Nova SS with L78 & M22; Larry
  12. Of course IIRC his last job at GM was with the No.1 Team ==Chevrolet. He desigined the hood for my 70Z28. One of the first hood designs that used underhood air flow to the carb. He overruled others at GM at that time that wanted some type of hood scoop on the outside of the hood. Larry
  13. Just a few more thoughts/comments on the subject. When I was in High School (Long time ago) you could ask all the boys in the class a simple question. "Who makes the "327" C/I engine"" I would say 70-75% would know it was made by Chevy. Even the guys who where not interested in cars still would know the answer. If you ask any modern day High School class (Boys) this: Who makes the LS V8 engine. I doubt if you could get 5% to answer correctly. THE CURRENT YOUNGER GENERATION SIMPLY GOT DIFFERENT INTEREST; THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT CURRENT CARS; LET ALONE OLD CARS. If you don't believe this you are in denial. As far as all your nice example of younger people taking interest in cars it such a so small sample of the total younger people it not worth reporting it.(In so far as the subject we are on) I don't believe I got a negative attitude; it is a realistic attitude. Sorry; JMHO Larry P.S. Of course there are always exception to the rule; but in general I believe I am correct until proven that I am not.
  14. Matt and R W: Always so glad to hear from you guys. You guys are a great plus++ for AACA. I hope I'm wrong but from what I see there is simply different interest for the younger generation. For every one young person that likes old cars there is many many more that are not. All we can do is hope--Larry
  15. All you guys have wonderfull comments and the correct attitudes but I'm afraid you will lose your battle. The younger generation has absolutely no interest in old cars (and new cars for that matter). All they car about is to get from Pt.A to Pt.B. You can put baseball cards, roller skateing, and electric trains all in the same category. These are things we grew up with. I just came back from a electric train convention and I was one of the youngest there (64). If you see a young person there they where "forced" to go. This is just my opinion. Larry
  16. Steve: You got one nice gorgeous Bowtie truck! I have been around a lot of(Number Matching) concours cars with Bloomington Gold and NCRS and yours is right up with them. It could be put into a Museum.IMHO If you ever need help let me know. Larry
  17. Rooney3100: One thing we did not discuss was brake fluid. All my old Bowties where converted to DOT#5 (Silicon) Brake Fliud.This is the only way to preserve the braking systems for stored cars. Have you done so?? I like your truck is reminds me of my friends which I have pictures enclosed. His has the original 265 C/I SBC!! Larry
  18. Steve: Any local airport should have it. All small planes use it. Best of all worlds--Has the octane-low lead-and won't sour. It will have to be bought in Containers (due to road use tax). They can not fill a car. I use 5 Gal cans. I lot of antique car owners, go carts, and race cars use it. They (airport) is very happy to sell it to us. No you will not have to do anything with your system; it will blend in then become pure as you use it. It is expensive but it is the only way to go. BTW; my truck has an original LS9 350 which was the last engine Chevy made that used regular gas as it has the H/D emissions engine. The next year (78) all used no-lead with cat. converters on them.FYI Larry
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