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  1. Another mystery bracket Found this bracket in a box of bits but I only seem to have the RHS, is this the right place for it??
  2. Thanks Chris. Any chance of taking another lower down across the back from the gas filler to the middle trying to see if the panel turns its nose up before the rad that fixes to the gas tank cover. Sorry to be a pain.
  3. Kev that's what you call a result, put Ian on the Christmas card list. Like your style Ian, wonder if youv'e got anything I need.
  4. Need more advice on what the shape should be where the back panel meets the rear valance In the process of shaping a panel to go across the bottom of the rear panel, pic 1 is looking across the back with the rear valance in place which has a curve that will join the trunk floor pan. Above that is the rear panel with the lower 2" missing. Question 1 :- Across the back panel does the rad increase towards the bottom or is it constant (its got a 3/4" bow at the top) Chris (1935EB) mentioned a wedge shaped bracket that goes between the floor pan and the back panel. Question 2 :- If the back panel is constant, does the bottom curve backwards to meet the valance as in pic 2. Thanks for looking.
  5. The side mount covers, when fitting to the wheel are they in 2 halves where the chrome strip is or is the hole which passes over the tyre the same size as the tyre. Why I ask is that my 33 Plymouth should have the covers with the steel rod and clamp from the bottom of the fender to the cowl. Now being UK based it's going to be nye impossible to get replacements, so over a period of time I am gathering info to reproduce them.
  6. ​I'm also going to take a guess, This is definitely a 33, trust me, and the build card says wire wheels, because of the state of the roads or no roads in the Bloemfontein area of South Africa they might of stored the wires and fitted the steels for durability. One things for sure its back on wire wheels now. Thanks for your input.
  7. Here's the best I can do but got to say they are more rounded than I thought, they fit the sidemount cover OK but of course they might not even be Chrysler.
  8. Hi Mr T, that was what I thought, not having much knowledge on the subject but I don't think they appeared in the UK until 1938 on the Morris and Standard 8s. This next clip is the same car in 1970. The Mini in the background didn't launch until 1959
  9. The photo under has been sent to me and I am wondering if the wheels on it were right for the day, It is a PD and would guess taken around 1940?? I have checked the parts book but don't see a steel pressed wheel listed. What are your thoughts? Thanks
  10. This is a 33 Plymouth rack which to me looks the same apart from the emblem ​If they are the same and sure someone will soon tell us , it could make your search easier for a replacement. Sure is a nice looking motor.
  11. Chris those blades look great, think my rear will come up ok, did I read somewhere that your front is a repo.? when you get a minute could you measure across the outside fixings on the front are so that I can compare it to the one I have. Many thanks.
  12. That dims does it for me Mike, Thanks
  13. Mike the body metal is 19swg but the gutter channel and the rear beam are thicker not sure of the gauge?
  14. Hi Mike, these are from my 33 Plymouth PD Rumble Seat Coupe which is a dodge body (or close to) Not sure what the 2 holes are for but I will get them at the end of the week. Note that vertical end points are to the outer edge of the bead line (where I think yours has been cut off) as mine is rusted out at the bottom rad.
  15. Thanks Boys great information, and Mr T don't let the beggars get you down, the work you do is invaluable (we wont mention mechanical and hydraulic brakes here)
  16. ​OK understand what you are saying, no they do not appear in the 1933 parts list. What I could do with is the dim of the 2 fixing holes as marked in photo and also what the stand-off from the horns to the back face of the bumper blade.
  17. What I have found is that the front bumper I have is not Plymouth, it has the dip in the middle section but also has a centre fixing hole and one either end on the return. (could be Citroen Traction) I have found this photo of a 33 listed on an internet auction house. The fixing covers that Chris mentioned are clear to see on that car.
  18. Thanks for the reply Lynn, I'm fortunate in the fact that my repair is below the recessed bead therefore the panel will be conical into the 1/4" rad. I have most the tools to do the job, stretcher/shrinker a part built wheel etc. What I do need is the dimension as in Pic 6 or from the bottom of the gas tank hole down to the end of the 1/4" Rad. Your angled edge to the rad in Pic 1 looks quite different to my Pic 3 ??
  19. Hi Chris, thanks for the quick reply, I have looked at the panels Floyd produces but feel there's nothing there I can't produce myself plus the fact I would be throwing more metal away than using, that being said, brilliant panels though. Your comments on the cross member, is that the piece in pic 2 ? or are you referring to the panel immediately above the gas tank. About the drainage from the trunk lid, my intention is to totally redesign that area, on my body there is nothing to take the water that runs off the lid itself in-conjunction to the side channels that you refer to. Finding parts this side of the pond is very slim, according to POC there is 1 other 33 and 3 34's in the UK.
  20. Rust got the better of the backend, this is the only area thats missing on the whole car, its a PDX rumble seat 1933. What I am trying to do is establish the approx dims to make good, eventially there is a rear valance which covers the gas tank and bumper irons. Picture 1 is another car with the same rust problem. Picture 2 is my trunk rear floor panel. Picture 3 shows where the previous owner got happy with the angle grinder and cut back to good metal. Picture 4 is where I have laid-up paper template of what is needed to be replaced on the rear inner fenders. Picture 5 is Pic 4 with the paper removed. Sketch 6 is the info hopefully someone can come up with, Im guessing that the ? dims is about 3", but I would like to make it right. Thanks for looking.
  21. ​Scott load it into "Paint" resize it 25% save as ?? and post it here. You may get away with 50%, try it
  22. , The seat has 4 1/2" movement, these views may be completely different on the convertible.
  23. Probably too late but this is mine today inner edge is end of panel.
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