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  1. After making the drain tubes and then moving on to a method of catching the rain water not covered by the gutters I came to the conclusion that the drain tubes had no purpose. The next step will be to fabricate a catchment tray with drain pipes at 41" centres approx. 2" behind the uprights which has the shoulder bolts for the rumble seat pivot points. Couple of problems to overcome, the tray needs to cover the total area of the sweep of the R/S, size of the tray must be able to fit into the rear trunk space which will mean it has to be tipped at an angle to get it in there and the drain pipes need to be long enough to go through the pan, be at the lowest point when level plus other problems. Now on my 3rd attempt to get this try done but will get there.
  2. I'm wondering what this extensions purpose is, could it be that something has been removed, am I missing anything.
  3. Very nice car you have there, I have sent the link to a contact I have over here in England he is ideally looking for a 34 PE Coupe. Hopefully he will come back to you, shame that the spring boxes are missing but I do have them for my PD that he could use as a sample. Tom
  4. Now stripped most of the paint to bare metal in readiness for paint, need to take action on the new drains. Most of these photos are several yrs old. First of all I will cut 2 3/4" sq holes 1/8" from the end of the original gutter, into those will go a special steel tube 3/4"sq reducing to 3/4" ø , I'm thinking this should be 3" overall and fit vertically, initially an upstand will be left at 1/2" high from the bottom of the gutter floor to act as a dam, the sides of the square section will follow the curve of the gutter forward. Almost directly below this part of the trunk here are 2 holes already in the floor to take drain outlet pipes, this mod will take place in the next few days. My approach is water will get in regardless of what type of seal we try due to the different size gaps at the corners. The last pic is where there was a dent in the bead line which I dressed out from the inside and lead-loaded as they did back in the day. Tom
  5. You can find more on the Plymouth here and on my website below. Thanks Tom
  6. I purchased the 33 Plymouth PD r/s Coupe from matchlesspat in 2012 I am currently stripping the paint back to bare metal as overtime the corners of the bead lines crack and separate the paint from the metal below. The last photo is when it was pulled out of Dave Murray's garage in Westville Durban South Africa, Apart from the rear of the trunk being rusted out from water puddling as it runs off the trunk lid, a common fault with rumble seat cars.
  7. Hi Chris, hope all is well with you and you are having fun with the car. Recently I came across a thread by Scott talking about the provisions of drains to try and prevent water getting into the trunk, was wondering if you tackled the problem but didn't document it. Here's the link https://forums.aaca.org/topic/367096-1934-plymouthdodge-rumble-seat-drain/ Still working on mine but I will drive it one day. Tom
  8. Scott, have read through most of Chris's thread and can't find any reference to the problem, do you know if he made any provision for drains? https://forums.aaca.org/topic/211871-paint-colors-for-1933-plymouth-pd-convertible-coupe/page/11
  9. Hi Scott, all is good thanks, have been working on all three through the summer perfecting my spraying skills. Like your idea on an inverted rubber channel but not sure it will work on the bottom, not sure mine is factory as I believe a piece may have been repaired along the bottom edge. The body is stock at that point and looks identical to your photo 1, several yrs ago I did the exercise of getting into the trunk from underneath with the car on my 2 post lift and the rear floor pan removed. Could be wrong but think this is the bottom edge of the trunk opening. Tom
  10. Hi Barry, just a thought but why don't you cast in aluminium alloy or brass, before retiring I was a loss wax tool maker, I have someone close by that does a little casting for me, he uses scrap car wheels for his aluminium casting and they are much superior than the old pot metal. Tom
  11. Hi Scott, I have often pondered over this problem, I am of the opinion that the side gutters need an outlet to take away the bulk of the water, my thoughts are to cut a 3/4" sq hole close to the end. This square hole needs to be as big as possible to catch 99% of the water, at this time I'm not sure how to catch the run off at the lower sides and the bottom. This was mine when I purchased it in 2012
  12. Need some help locating Front Floor Pans and Rear Lower Quarter Panels from the B pillar to the wheel arch for a 2 dr Coupe. This is the car that needs the panels to keep her on the road. Any leads will be appreciated. Thanks Tom
  13. Hi Tim, have known Wayne since 2012, always very helpful. Your car being a Canadian build you wont be able to get a Chrysler Historical Build Card, story goes that when the Windsor Plant was shut down some of the boy had a bonfire and the microfiche slides were lost. You could get a letter from them stating that the serial # is within the 1938 build production. (I have this for my LA bult PT125) What would have been useful to you would be a follow on from ply33.com but sadly that stops at 1937, it covers the first decade of Plymouth production. have fun with your project. Tom
  14. Can't value the Cab but I know a couple of guys that would pay good money for the stainless trim on the nose provided it's reasonable.
  15. Just found this one on eBay item # 201561738434 . Have no personal experience with this supplier.
  16. Waiting for more photos to check condition.
  17. Looking for 33/34 Plymouth/Dodge R/S Coupe seats. Front bench and Rumble seat cushion and back spring box.
  18. Managed to find the safe place I'd stored the brackets, I want to get a short video made before I offer these for sale.
  19. More info can now be found here :- https://ctrestorations.com/
  20. TomP

    1934 PE ??

    More info can now be found here :- https://ctrestorations.com/
  21. Hi Arian, Thanks for your interest, when I'm next out at my unit I'll get some bits together for an updated photoshoot. Not easy at the moment with Covid19.
  22. Hi Gents, these are available if they are of interest, they will fit the PD, PE, PF & PG Coupes, not sure if the Dodge Coupe had the same rear valance but sure someone will chip in. For the last 3 yrs I have a pair of these nailed to a piece of timber sitting on the top of a container to make sure the elements will not affect them. When lockdown is through I will take a ride out to my unit where I think I may have approx 10 pairs.
  23. Hi Keiser31, Just seen this postI live in the UK and have only since Christmas replicated one. Shipping cost would have killed it, not the weight but the volume. Thanks anyway 3 1/2 yrs later
  24. Not sure if this is correct but it's from paintref.com
  25. Scott, thanks for your answers they are very useful as it had no welting at all when I bought it, still have an amount to do. Both sidemount covers need repair and I have parts for the sidemount iron to machine and adapt from other models, would like to think it could be this year but it all depends on how many times I trip myself up with the 2 others I'm working on. Good to know your PE still going forward Tom
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