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  1. What is the best way to put the Tribeam headlight lense in? In 34 dodge.
  2. Working on headlights for 34 Dodge and would like to know best way to put lense in .
  3. Bought a 16mm which is .6329 from MSC. Finished honing with flex hones. Fit so they move freely but tight enough that they don't out. Tappets actually measured at .631. Wore out two flex hones.
  4. Ordered a set of tappets .008 over from Vintage Power Wagons. They have a lot of old Dodge engine parts. They are .630" O.D. If I can.t find a reamer this size I can have one made but it wouldn't be cheap. Thanks
  5. I am looking for oversize valve tappets and reamer for a 1934 Dodge engine. I had engine rebuilt and when I got it running it had noisy valves and found tappets were loose in bore. In process of tearing it down to ream bores and replace tappets. Builder didn't think to check clearances on them. Any help would be appreciated. Checked with Bearnbaums and he is looking for oversize tappets.
  6. Looking for chrome trim for 1934 Dodge radiator shell. Any leads to used, new or something that would work would be appreciated
  7. I would like to know what the base color was for the wood grain on 1934 dodge DR and the top coat color also. Considering getting from GIT Tech. Friend already has the plate and transfer roller.
  8. I took the springs off today and plan on taking them too Wheeling Spring and have the arc reduced. Still looking for the spec on arc.
  9. I made the link and the rubber bushings and washers are from a sway bar kit for mid 70's ford f-150.
  10. I tried to hook up linkage rod on rear springs and found the rods were too short. I had suspected this for a long time because the rear end seems to be sitting higher than front end (measured at front of front door sill and rear of rear door and found rear to be 2" higher). I had springs re arced and I believe the gave them too much. They have 8 leaves and seem pretty stiff ( you have to jump on running board support to make them flex any). The arc hanging on car with body jacked up is 7 1/2" and with weight of body 6 3/8". Length of rear shackle is 4" c/c. Spring pack is 2 1/4" thick. Anyone know correct arc, number of leaves and length of each leaf (may have been built up for hauling moon shine or whatever)? Could the spring shackle I purchased be too long? Need to lower about 4" (see picture of shock linkage) to hook to shock and have travel in both directions(now you have to pull shock to bottom of stroke too even hook up). Will have springs re arced but need this information if possible.
  11. I got the dust pans made and on. This has been an on and off project. It was partly disassembled in 1970 when I bought it and I finished tearing it apart about 5 years ago or more. I have moved it a couple of times and am having problems finding things. Today I worked on throttle linkage but couldn't find linkage from cross shaft to carburetor linkage. May be called Throttle control bell crank to carburetor rod. Also can't find dipstick for engine. I would like to find pictures and measurements, purchase them or borrow some to use for pattern. Thanks Jim.
  12. Thanks for the pictures. Just what I needed.
  13. Here are pictures of what I have been doing and picture of a shield that I don't know where it goes.
  14. Need right side and front engine dust pans for 34 dodge DR. If anyone has them or good picture of them so I could fabricate them close to original let me know. Thanks Jim
  15. The part of pedal that sits on top of carpet is 4" x 2-1/2" with smaller extension that goes thru carpet. With studs going thru floorpan. just want to know if it is mounted all in front of rubber pad in carpet or part on pad. the foam pad goes between carpet and floorpan.
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