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  1. What is the best way to put the Tribeam headlight lense in? In 34 dodge.
  2. Working on headlights for 34 Dodge and would like to know best way to put lense in .
  3. Bought a 16mm which is .6329 from MSC. Finished honing with flex hones. Fit so they move freely but tight enough that they don't out. Tappets actually measured at .631. Wore out two flex hones.
  4. Ordered a set of tappets .008 over from Vintage Power Wagons. They have a lot of old Dodge engine parts. They are .630" O.D. If I can.t find a reamer this size I can have one made but it wouldn't be cheap. Thanks
  5. I am looking for oversize valve tappets and reamer for a 1934 Dodge engine. I had engine rebuilt and when I got it running it had noisy valves and found tappets were loose in bore. In process of tearing it down to ream bores and replace tappets. Builder didn't think to check clearances on them. Any help would be appreciated. Checked with Bearnbaums and he is looking for oversize tappets.
  6. Looking for chrome trim for 1934 Dodge radiator shell. Any leads to used, new or something that would work would be appreciated
  7. I would like to know what the base color was for the wood grain on 1934 dodge DR and the top coat color also. Considering getting from GIT Tech. Friend already has the plate and transfer roller.
  8. Sorry I didn't get back to you but I wanted to get a picture of the parts. Someone asked earlier about steering wheel and I need to contact him, the fender trim is already gone. I have the gas cap which is battery operated which works but needs rewired and chromed. The wing glass is ok. I will try to member the pictures.
  9. One ash tray for rear seat. Mounts in back of front seat.
  10. Doesn't have S-11 emblems on hood. Only has chrome strip on hood and below rear end of hood it has CUSTOM emblem.
  11. I will check it out and get back with you. I am working on a 34 dodge frame off which I have had since 1970 and a tractor which I have had a long time too. Don't think I will start another.
  12. Took awhile but here are some pictures. Finally figured out how to resize so they would load. I have removed wheels to use to roll around my 34 and removed the rocker panel trim since the fasteners were rusted and it was hanging on one end.
  13. I am thinking about parting out a 48 Desoto I have. It is pretty complete now. I had the head off to free up a stuck valve a couple years ago and never got it back on. If anyone needs anything in particular let me know. A lot of the stainless trim is still good.
  14. I guess I will hold on to my old wheel cylinders in case these don't work out. If I would have known sooner I would have sent these back and had the old ones sleeved or find right ones somewhere else. I also got a pair of lower A frame rubber bumpers that weren't correct. The ones on it are 2-3/4" dia. and 3" long with 2 ea. 5/16" studs. The ones I got were smaller and only one 3/8" bolt. Can use them on top if I drill the bolt hole out to 3/8" instead of orig. 5/16".
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