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  1. Chris, I will check mine tomorrow and take some shots, my stalks are still attached so will get a measurement from the base up sitting the same as yours.
  2. I appreciate that knobless's old car may not be correct but it clearly shows the cover plates in chrome.
  3. Chris, can you give me a rough dimension on the front brackets as shown on your photo under Many thanks
  4. Ok you have confirmed that the rear bracket is correct, I now need to get the shape right for the front. My front bumber blade has the dip in the centre as in the my avatar, I could do with a shot from above of the front fixing showing the cover plates that Chris mentions. Main thing is we are making progress. Many thanks
  5. This is the right hand drive version of the firewall, now I have my body off the chassis.
  6. These bumper brackets came with my PD but I only have 2, 1 back and I think 1 front. The rear one on the top looks as if it will fit the 2 holes just in front of the back rear spring hanger, but I am totally lost where the lower bracket would fit. I do have the front bumper blade, but want to make sure its PD before I make a duplicate opposite hand bracket. ​Trusting someone will recognise them, thanks for looking.
  7. ​Chris my PD was exported to South Africa in Sept 33, I think that the Chrysler Kew was the UK model but unsure if they all had leather trim. Check back to my other thread http://forums.aaca.org/f154/viewing-33-pd-rumble-seat-coupe-343382-2.html regarding the preferred colour scheme. Cheers
  8. Photos as promised, sorry it took so long. Photo 1 is of the back side of the Rumble seat back, note the 2 lugs at the top which slot into the slots on you trunk lid Photo 2 front face of photo 1 Photo 3 Rumble seat cushion Photo 4 Drivers bench seat back showing the steel frame Photo 5 Drivers seat complete. If you need more detail just ask.
  9. Thanks Chris that will do to be going on with. On the other matter of rumble seat make-up etc. I'm out at my storage tomorrow and will get photos of what I have. Many thanks Tom.
  10. What I am looking for is overall dimensions of my 1933 Plymouth PD Rumble Seat Coupe, at present my car is a rolling chassis with the body off. My reasons are that I am offered a covered trailer and I need to know length, width, height and weight before I commit to it. Many thanks for your help.
  11. Hi Chris, I have the rumble seat complete out of my 33 coupe at the moment, what I don't have is any of the interior trim. My coupe was originally trimmed with leather to the seats this has since be reupholstered in leather cloth but I am hoping it will give you a point to start. The backrest follows the shape of the trunk lid on the backside. Give me a couple of days and I will post pics for you. Regards Tom
  12. Thanks 1935EB the colours have come out great the only thing is that since posting last I have come across a PD in the same colour as mine is now, albeit mine hasn't seen paint for a good few yrs. It may well be a well know car your side of the pond but I just think it looks right.
  13. TomP

    unknown PD

    From the album: Plymouth

  14. Thanks for your replies Gents, I have to admit that I am a bit bemused by all the different information you have given on the original codes, still nothing on the hide color and how much of the interior would have been fabric and how much leather. Thanks again for what you have collectively posted, I look forward to seeing the paint samples.
  15. Still trying to find what I can and have now received my copy of the Build Card. It tells me that the car was built for export to Johannesburg SA Sept. 33 the trim was leather 401 and paint was 545, can one of you wizards give me info of what those codes actually mean. Thanks
  16. Turns out that its a Detroit built car, don't know if it was exported in kit form but now have the details to apply for a copy of the build card. Thank you for the info you have given me.
  17. In the next few days I shall have the car back in N Devon, then I can check out all the No. and we will see where that takes us. The only No. I have at present is of 5 digets which I think may be the frame No. but thats a guess on my part. As said before this car was exported to South Africa where it spent its life until 2002 when it was inported to England and it has never been UK registered. I am lead to believe this could be the only known 33 PD of this body style un the UK, there is another but its a rag top. As I said the car will be with me Sunday next so lets wait and see.
  18. Thanks for the link Mr F have touched base with Jim, very interesting.
  19. Thanks for that info but I'm of the opinion that most of the Kew 6's are long gone. Is there a register of what cars exist and where?
  20. Yes it is the Plymouth PD Deluxe Late 1933 with the 189 cu in staight 6 once its home I will be able to confirm the Vin and engine Nos. so that I can get age related docs for UK registration. Where would I go to get the age related docs??
  21. Managed to strike a deal on Saturday with the owner, I paid more than I wanted and he got less, its the part of buying and selling I most dislike. The metal is in incredible condition apart from the last section in the trunk floor, quite a straight forward piece to make. The floor is another thing, its steel to the back of the front bench, under the bench is ply with an inspection hole to access the battery, the toe boards are wood and we have a hole thru to the dirt in front of the bench, will post pics after I collect it. Could do with some info on the sidemount tin and has anybody got the metalwork to secure the covers?
  22. From the album: Plymouth

    Taken from the original instruction book for cars after serial No. 2,000,001 First Edition April 1933
  23. From the album: Plymouth

    Taken from the original instruction book for cars after serial No. 2,000,001 First Edition April 1933
  24. What floor should there be steel or ply??
  25. Yes this is the PD some 3" longer in the front end with a 112 wheelbase? , I have found out today that the mascot is also included. This is too good to chop although each to their own. My thoughts are the same as your regarding its worth to me personally apart from I think it may cost a little more to restore in the UK. I am able to cope with the machanics and tin work but paint over here is pricey, 2k minimum for a bare metal respay, but time will tell at the wkend, the seller knows where to go so I can talk that one thru. Watch this space.
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