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  1. If anyone has a PD Coupe that you would consider selling I would love hear from you. If I hear from someone I will travel to see the car with cash so NO scammers. Call or text: two OH five, six one 7, 1933. Thanks, Kevin
  2. If anyone has a 1933 Plymouth PD Coupe that you would consider selling I would love to hear from you. Projects are OK. NO Scammers, I will be traveling to see the car in person with cash if I hear from someone. Please call or text at two Oh five, six 1 7, 1933. Thanks!
  3. Some assembly required the car is currently under going a frame off restoration. The frame was cleaned and painted with a rebuilt front end and new leaf springs on the rear. The bottom and fire wall was cleaned and painted and the body was set back on the frame with new mount bushings. The body was striped and is in primer. Original paint is on the left door. This car was bought new in California and stayed there until 2007 and I still the black plate that was registered to the car most of its life. It was last driven in 08. The car is 100% complete and extremely straight and solid. All stainless, grill, and bumpers are really nice. Has a perfect factory tinted windshield and rear glass. Has a numbers matching poly 318 and auto trans. It is a factory power steering, power brakes car. $6,800 OBO. If interested please call Kevin at 205-647-five two 28. Thanks for looking.
  4. I am considering buying a 1954 Chevrolet Convertible and am questioning the trim tag. The paint and trim codes are not 54 colors but are 1952 colors. Everything else seems ok on the tag. This is very strang. I just want to make sure I'm not getting a bogas car. Attached is the tag in question. Anyone have any thought on this? Thanks.
  5. Ian, thanks so much. I have been away from the computer all weekend and just now seeing these messages. I sent you a private message. Thanks again, Kevin
  6. @TomP: they are in 2 halfs @Landman: you're right, only if I could find an extra winged dodge emblem like on the grill shell but those are hard to find..........anyone have a extra???
  7. Very interesting, thanks for the info!
  8. The side mount is attached to the car as you can see in the attached photos. The tire surround looks to go about 95% around the tire. I havn't had either tire off but you would have to install the surround before installing the spare on the car. I've seen sevaral factory photos that show side mounts that look just like mine including the attached photo. There are no holes in the cowl and never has been (I checked) so apperently some cars came with the attachment to the cowl and some did not so I really don't think this car is missing anything on the side mounts. 33chrysler, The color of the car on my monitor looks just like the color in person so it really could be a 33 Chrysler Corp. color and a option for 33 Dodge just like the man said.
  9. Chris, looks like you nailed it according to the pic that Keiser31 posted. (Man, is he handy!) So it obviously it is a 34 Chevy rack. I now have to decide to keep it on there or remove it and sell it. It kinda looks good on there even though it is not correct. As far as any major change up in the '33 Dodges they did extend the wheel base in April of '33 from 111 1/4 inches to 115 inches at the same time the Plymouth PD came out. But as far as I know there wasn't any model name change and no redesign just a longer wheel base which had a longer hood and running boards. My Dodge is the earlier short wheel base. The 33 Plymouth PD in my avatar is for sale in the buy/sell section on this site. Thanks for the info, Kevin
  10. Thanks for the comments! Keiser31, that's the one I usually see as well. This is why I was asking. It could be off another old car or an old after market. It's been on the car for over 53 years so it may be hard to identify. Any thing on this color? Was there optional colors like this?
  11. I just purchased a 1933 Dodge Rumble Seat Coupe. I know there are very knowledgeable people on here and am looking for info on the color on this car and the rear luggage rack. The previous owner had the car since 1960 and said this car came black with red stripping but he restored the car from 1960-62 and painted it this cream yellow color that he said was an option for this year. I’m not aware of any such color for 1933 Dodges but it does look good on the car. Also, he said the luggage rack came on the car when it was bought new and it was on it when he got it in the spring of 1960. I’m also wondering if this is really original. Can anyone identify this luggage rack? Thanks for any input on these questions.
  12. Thanks for the info. Yes the Ahooga horn was added and can be easily taken off. The trumpet horns in front work great. I have some extra carbs that will go with the car, maybe one of those is the original one that came with the car. Don’t know about the oil filter but that is the original engine. I imagine you could change the engine color? I don't know everything there is to know about 33 Plymoughs, just love them and I wouldn’t want to miss represent the car in any way so I appreciate your input.
  13. Thanks Justin, it pains me to let this car go but circumstances force me to sell. It's about original as they come and I will probably never come accross another like it.
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