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  1. Keene, Ok, PPG numbers should show on these. If not I will copy them for you
  2. One of my favorite pictures from a past posting was from Knobless. This photo is quite inspiring to me and helps keep the progress moving.
  3. The good folks who manage this Forum are to be commended. This is easier than posting from Photobucket. How long have we been able to do this? Anyway. One item we were working with was the repair of my grille. The one I got with the car was already welded to the grille shell. This presented a problem of course. I bought a new one that I thought was NOS because it was painted black enamel and looked very straight. It was missing a few teeth but aren't we all? I cut a few bars from the "Custom" grille to place in the new grille. The screws you see are to position the teeth when welding
  4. Wow, that worked!!!! Just figured out how to do this. Photobucket has put a few holes in this thread, maybe I can fill in the blanks as time goes on but a lot of good photos were submitted by others.
  5. Here are photos of the TIG welds on the grille crank hole cove ring. The grille is now at the platers. Will post photos when I get it back. Chris
  6. I called it a Carr Bada, it is a Coats Bada. When I worked on cars in the 60's and 70's I never saw a spin balance machine, only these.
  7. Todd, I will use this little jewel I just received. Need to buy wheel weights. This is a Bada Carr M-60 from the 1960's. The wheel fits on the "spindle" so I am good to go as soon as I set it up in my shop and get the weights. I love these old gas station tools. I will post progress photos if things work out with set up, etc. Chris
  8. The wheels are completed. Three are excellent rim, spokes, and hub. One is very good hub, spokes and a very nice rim but with a small dent I did not notice earlier. One is excellent rim and spokes but pitting on hub. I think the hubcaps will cover these. The powder coating is like chrome plating it has a high build that will need to be removed to set the hubcaps in their holes. I bought the tires, tubes, and flaps from the folks at Universal Tire Co. in Pennsylvania. They were helpful and provided a good deal of information. They also have the tubes with straight stems (not off set
  9. Tom the grill is chrome plated as is the grill shell. Than they paint a good portion of the grill shell leaving only the front bead chrome like your cars. Dave, thankfully this is not a pot metal grill. Still looking for a door check strap for this car if you can find anything after your move. Chris
  10. 1935EB

    1934 PE ??

    Tom, Looking good. Black fenders are a personal preference as are side mounts verses rear mounted spares. On my '33 Plymouth I wanted to accent the sweeping new teardrop design. Side mounts seemed to interrupt the visual flow as the eyes move taking in the view. Black fenders can do the same on a car with lighter colors. The rear mounted spare tire covers showing a hint of the rim color and chrome hubcap also support this visual. By 1933 most art and color departments at the big three figured out that engineers shouldn't decide these things but artists and marketers instead. By '33 a
  11. Visited today and the '33 PD is disassembled again and in paint booth. As most know we struggle with higher humidities than most in this part of the world. We have about five days of lower humidity coming. Wheels and tires ready for disassembly sandblasting and powder coating. They will be Red, as is on the coupon, to match pin stripe and door top edge. I had a lot of repair work to add the missing teeth and crank hole ring. screws are there mainly to line up pieces so they can be silver soldered by plater
  12. Taylormade, He will use a single stage, not a system using clear coat. It is a Polyurethane (?) system from PPG. The colors on this Plymouth will be Durode Gray (actually a nice, rich tan) with Red Pin Stripe, door tops, and wire wheels. It was sure nice seeing the body and sheet metal back on after all these years. I am sure you felt the same way with your '32 Dodge when the body was refitted. Of course it will all come apart again next week as the fenders etc will be painted off the car and than reassembled.
  13. Ok, plan is to have this disassembled and into paint booth next week. I have not seen it assembled like this since 1979. I will post pictures of the finished colors in the next few weeks. Chris
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