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  1. TomP

    Pinstripe Colors

    Not sure if this is correct but it's from
  2. Scott, thanks for your answers they are very useful as it had no welting at all when I bought it, still have an amount to do. Both sidemount covers need repair and I have parts for the sidemount iron to machine and adapt from other models, would like to think it could be this year but it all depends on how many times I trip myself up with the 2 others I'm working on. Good to know your PE still going forward Tom
  3. FENDER WELTING. 33 R/S PD Coupe About to start putting this one back together, need some advise on where the Fender Welting should go or perhaps where it shouldn't go. At the moment the body is 2" off the frame, no panels are bolted to the body and the running boards are not attached to the side sills (rocker panels?), at the rear, the valance is ready to bolt to the trunk floor. If possible an order of assembly would be useful. Look forward to your advise.
  4. You could always try to contact him through the Plymouth Owners Club Inc. FaceBook page, you will have to join the page first.
  5. Dsquared if your interested in passing your old Hood Ornament regardless of condition I would be interested. Thanks
  6. Looking for a 1947 P15 Special Deluxe Club Coupe usable condition, suitable for Import to the UK. Thank you.
  7. Good to have you back again Chris, I was some what worried until I received your email, thank you for that. You certainly have proved that the wait was worth it. Thanks for posting your latest progress. Tom
  8. I have seen one Chrysler model that bracketed up from the frame rail to a false hub that didn't use side mount irons but I can't find the photo on my system.
  9. Interesting, if it turns ok no reason why it shouldn't start with a little work, most of what I've seen photo wise have had the side mounts, I don't have any Dodge literature to refer to. Wish I lived closer might have done a deal.
  10. Hi Jack Original Base Price$835.00 No. Produced1,397 Body MakerDodge No. Doors4 Passengers5 Model Number Weight Dimension Wheelbase121 inches Quite a handsome car but what an ugly rear panel no wonder someone put the extra spare on the back. Don't understand your comment that you don't know what to do with it, does it get a lot of use?
  11. I got my figures from Classic Car Database Original Base Price$875.00 No. Produced350 Body Body MakerDodge No. Doors4 Passengers5 Model Number Weight Dimension Wheelbase121 inches Were there different body styles within the DS model as you would get under the Plymouth PE , I take it there is not a database similar to Tod's First Decade for Dodge?
  12. Looking for anything I can find on this model, most of what I have worked on so far has been Plymouth but recently I have made contact with a friend that has this DS Convertible in pieces and I am trying to help him. I have established that it is on 121" W/B and is a 4 door model with an extended trunk bulge possible extending 10/12"at the top giving a vertical rear panel. There is no windshield uprights or frame, the ragtop has almost fallen apart. The only photo I can find is the one below. I believ only 350 of these were ever made but would parts from other Chrysler cars fit. Thanks for you help.
  13. TomP

    PE Lovejoys

    Thank you John, Steve and Scott I have found a pair of 1460K/J4E as Scott's post suggests above.
  14. TomP

    PE Lovejoys

    Hi Scott, those are on my PD September 33 build they may have been changed, my parts book doesn't give a part number and says same as PC, I will note that in my book. Thanks Just found it now at $4.20 ea