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  1. Here's a photo of the '39 flexible steering wheel. I think the folding center bumper guard rotated (vertical to horizontal) to the side to allow easier access to the trunk. Maybe someone who has one will jump in with a photo. John V.
  2. Mine is obviously different and it can be seen under the dash between the clock and the radio. Is that where you mounted yours, or on the other side of the steering wheel? John V.
  3. Grant, Can you send me a photo of this heater switch and where you mounted it? I am sure what is on mine is after market and I think it is 12 volt to boot (i'm still running 6 v). It works and has a maroon knob that illuminates when on, and it is mounted below the dash to the right of the radio tuner knob. There's one just like it on ebay right now that I may get since the knob on mine has been mended but still falls of easily. Been searching for a more correct looking switch but haven't gotten one yet. Thanks, John V.
  4. Barney, That is a fine looking automobile - you must really be proud when you're out and about in it. Thanks for the photo, I would like to see more if you are willing to share. John V.
  5. Thanks Barney, I love the pricing of these accessories. Grant, hush-up on me being the Accessory Guy, Barney seems to have that covered. Now we just need a list of the Dealer Installed Accessories available, which I suppose might be anything one decided to get their local dealer to track down and install. John V.
  6. Ah-ha!I found one on the Buick Heritage Alliance. I really don't want to buy the book, but if no one comes forth I guess it will be my Christmas present to myself. So, if you have one of these, please let me know what you find. Thanks, John V. Buick Accessories Facts Book 1939 Buick Accessories Facts Book, 21 pages. Item is printed in black & white. Presents, illustrates, and prices the dealer installed accessories available from Buick in 1939. Contains difficult to locate 1939 accessory information
  7. Grant, The '39 Shop Manual lists the following accessories: Radio, Norol, Car Heater, Electric Watches, Wheel Moldings, License Plate Frames, Folding Rear Center Bumper Guards, Fog Lamps, Exhaust Pipe Trim, Seat Covers, Radiator Grill Covers, Bug Screens, and Etc... It's the etcetera I'm interested in learning about. I looked at the '38 Shop Manual to see if the visors showed up in it, and they do not. However there is an etc. following that list as well. I have seen Accessory books listed for sale for other years, but I have not run across one for '39. Does anyone remember seeing one to even know if there was one issued? Thanks, John V.
  8. Can someone with a list of "factory approved" accessories for 1939 tell me if Fulton (or some other) sun visors were an approved item? I like the look and am thinking of adding one if it is a correct accessory. Thanks, John V.
  9. Grant, By the way, it's currently 29 degrees F. here, so your guest should be happy to be somewhere warmer - I'm jealous. Hope you have a good visit and a great holiday season. JV
  10. Grant, I'm in Carrollton, suburb of Dallas. JV
  11. I bought a front cable from Cars several months ago - think it was $89.50. There are also a couple of rubber 'thingys' you can get separately to keep the cable from rubbing that will bring the price up another $11 -$12. I am still fiddling with it to get the tension just right - has a turnbuckle type adjuster back where it connects to the rear cable. Happy Holidays, JV
  12. Had to go take the photos in the dark with the shop light - not too clear but maybe they will work.
  13. My '39 Coupe has bracket on the front and just the mud shield on the rear. Here are a couple of photos of each - sorry about the dirty car - it's a driver.
  14. My '39 has 2 of the two prong rod bumpers on the very front at the radiator and one round bumper down lower. Photos may help illustrate - hope they show what you want. John V.
  15. I'm John - I have a 1939 Buick Business Coupe (original engine and tranny) I purchased just over a year ago. I found the car in New Mexico and purchased it from a man who bought it in 1971 and did the maintenance and restoration. It is a driver and I have put about 1,800 miles on it so far. I have added some NOS and restored or rebuilt parts in the last year, and still have a few things to do, but am having a ball with the car. Have entered a few shows and have several awards so far, but the real pleasure is the joy people get seeing the car in traffic here in the Dallas area - lots of horn honks and thumbs up. Only scary thing is when they start trying to get a photo while driving and about run into me.
  16. Fisher made all the GM bodies in that period and their manuals were for all GM makes and models in that years production. You should be okay using this for your Buick body.
  17. Here is a link to Fisher Body manual that will show you how to remove the outside handles as well as many other items. 1939 & 1940 Fisher Body Service & Construction
  18. From the album: Member Galleries

    '39 Buick Coupe at Murphy's for TRAACA meeting
  19. jvelde

    Make & Model

    Can anyone identify the car in the attached photo? Thanks, JV
  20. JohnUSAF - I have not taken photos of temporary temperature gauge installation, but can if that is what you are asking for. I can take the spark plug cover off and show where the sensor is located on the engine block.
  21. ply33, thanks for the tutorial. I swear I saw your article recently when I started Googling my options.
  22. Thanks Frank, I purchased a temporary gauge at NAPA yesterday and will drain the radiator sometime tomorrow after I take the '39 to a morning classic car show. The temperature was only 105 here today and they predict a mere 101 tomorrow, so should be just right for doing some work out on the driveway - ouch! John
  23. Harold, Thanks for the input, I think I have seen that (or similar) article about placing the glass sensor containing ether in an ice bath while you repair/reattach the tube to the gauge. Think I will take out the old one and see what it looks like is wrong and put a temporary gauge in place until I have decided what to do next. John V.