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  1. Key hole or cover perhaps ? Other than the letters not being on...but just guessing, looks perfect as is to me !
  2. 1937hd45.... wanna' see exaggerated ? Kaiser/ Frazier/ Henry J was one of the best .... The folks in this car would have been about 3 ft. tall, ha !
  3. I got to drive quite a lot before I was legal (16 in Tennessee). Part of it was on a farm driving anything, part on a country road with my younger cousin, and the rest in town as Dad and Mom both worked and "might need me to do some errands". It helped considerably that it was a small town and Dad was a part time cop, deputy, collector agent, and they owned the Credit Bureau. Back then I just thought I was lucky or must have looked "legal". Another thing that didn't dawn on me back then was that I was a polio kid, and they did everything they could to keep me off bicycles or motor scooters....they might have thought the car was safer. It certainly was slower...a 55 Studebaker Champion 3 speed, ha ! I had to set on and also had a cushion behind me in the earlier days. LOVE and appreciate so much my good fortune of having those times.
  4. We have lots of pics with me and cars, that was my 1st love outside the house, ha ! Here I am in 1949, which seems to be the oldest of my pics after learning to walk, and no idea whose car, but probably my aunts, as my folks didn't get a car until 52 or 53. I was one of those brats that named the make of every car I could see, ha !
  5. John Byrd

    In honor of Father’s Day

    Victoria, my Dad wasn't much of a "poser", or even much of a car guy since he worked at dealerships all day, so it was hard to get a pic of him, but here he is with our 55 Studebaker Champion and me acting like a monkey...... My Grandad, ( on Mom's side ) on the other hand loved cars and wasn't a bit bashful. He was my "other Dad". Both gone, both dearly missed. The Chevy was Grandad's last car, my cousin is with him.
  6. John Byrd

    1966-1967 Comets? Where did they go?

    Ours was a red GT convertible with a white interior. The previous owner had taken the 390 out and put a 289 in it. Great car, but when we sold it, it went to Memphis, TN and got a 427 put in it. The guy that bought it had a big boat sales place you could see from the interstate. All this back in 88 or 89 I believe. So, that's where one went ! Yours looks great !
  7. John Byrd

    This is why you should have spare parts

    Medd448, that sure is a lot like my old Dodge. It and a Chevy truck came with a house we bought back in the early 90s. The guy I sold it to was going to put an industrial Hemi in it out of an old aircraft service cart, ha ! No idea if he did or where it's at now. Neat old cars. The folks that had this one had bought it new and just quit driving it when they got too old. Keep yours on the road, looks good.
  8. John Byrd

    Now this is a heavy duty truck.

    Wow ! That rig sure is nice... never saw a radiator shell with metalwork like those two bulges on the top front...beautiful ! Wonder if they had tire sizes that mis-matched when new ? Makes sense, just never seen that. Thanks for this, now I'm gona' have to read about Sterlings, ha !
  9. John Byrd

    Hemmings Article on Moderating

    It was an excellent article, and Kurt and all the others there do a great job. Thanks for putting it on here too Steve, I didn't think about sharing it when I 1st read it early this morning. Of course you guys are great too !
  10. Mr. Z, I refuse to believe the tire is too big, or the wheel well too small because of you... I think it's FOMOCO's fault for a mistake on their design team, ha ! It all looks so good sir, as always, awaiting the next post eagerly !
  11. John Byrd

    Need some tuning help please !

    I am almost embarrassed to ask for help on this, as I have done everything that can be done to all kinds of mechanical "things" except chrome plating. However, either age has slipped up on me, or I am overlooking something so simple that I can't see it. My pal has a 32 Ford Phaeton that he built in 66, and it has a little 302 with a C-4 tranny. Very normal, very dependable, very carefully maintained, and it is his baby...normally. He is even older than me, ( ha ! ) and perhaps isn't remembering something he changed, but we cannot get the car to run smoothly AFTER putting it in gear ! He has his 3rd new carb ( which leads me to believe it isn't that ) but I went thru it anyway and did replace the power valve. The vacuum is good, the timing right on, the Mallory with dual points ( and now a new condenser ) is functioning properly, the plugs are new, the plug wires are new and in their proper location, just everything seems right. He said it just "rather suddenly" started doing this, and it actually pops and surges so bad he is afraid to drive it. The darn thing idles great, revs cleanly, but put it in gear and ...pow, pop, surge, stumble..... It can't possibly be the vacuum modulator "going open" can it ? Should we try another coil ? I am open to, and would sure appreciate any suggestions. Thanks guys and gals !
  12. Mr. Z, I too rarely comment, but be assured I am always waiting for the next post from you ! This is always the 1st place I look when I get on this forum, and really appreciate your words, wisdom, talent, and pictures. I used to think I built models, but realize I just "glued stuff together", ha ! Thanks again, you are an amazing gentleman.
  13. I realize how long it's been when I talk about the "common" cars around town when I was young that folks these days have no idea what I mean. And, the folks that ask me who made my Studebaker and Austin... Oh well, I don't recognize the jelly beans that most folks drive today, so I guess we're even.
  14. My son Barry and I getting ready to put a "regular" engine in the "Flame Truck" as he called it. This would have been in March, 1979. He is 7 years old here.
  15. John Byrd

    Porcelain Exhaust manifolds

    Thanks Spinneyhill !