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  1. Sure do remember it John S.... the 1st one in town was brought in from a neighboring town, and parked in front of the drug store. It was red and white, automatic, and seemed unreal to me. I was 9, about to turn 10 and loved it ! I got a model car of each year, and only had one real one, a 59 Villager wagon. I still think the 58 Bermuda wagons are one of the best looking cars out there.... but like the other guy, I drive Studebakers and British cars, ha !
  2. Mr. Z, this amazing story of yours is still one of the 1st places I go to each morning, and when you post something there has never been disappointment. When you are finished with this project, I think I will just fold up the laptop and quit looking, ha !. You are truly one of the best sir, and an inspiration to all of us that thought we could "do stuff" with our hands. The car is gorgeous, and I still can't imagine the detail you have went to even though I've been watching from the 1st. Thank you !!!!!!
  3. John Byrd

    Mecum Auction Harrisburg PA Aug 2-4th

    There was a pure stock red 50 or 51 Stude truck sold for 18K so far this morning.
  4. You're welcome Craig, I scratched out (w the computer) my signature, here is the sale "deal". I had a guy from the Fairlane Club of America tell me there were around 19 cars similar to mine, but don't know if that is right. You can see that they had me make (for back then) a large down payment, that was because I specified NO air conditioning ! They said they had not sold a non-air car in years, ha ! Anyway, fun times, neat car, lots of memories. The pic of it in front of the mobile home we had at the time is the day the used car dealer came and got it in March of 72. Took me 3 months to decide to sell it... Oh, I immediately put the Cobra Tach ( they were made by Faria) on my Ranchero, and several other cars through the years..
  5. Craig, unfortunately, I don't still have the car. At 65 miles an hour one Sunday afternoon in January 1972, traveling on hwy 72 in North Alabama, just driving along with traffic, we suddenly started spinning and sliding back and forth, and when it stopped, discovered that the rear wheels wouldn't roll. The output shaft of the big top-loader, close ratio 4 speed had broken I discovered after having it hauled home. As we had our brand new baby with us, the car being what I immediately started calling "lemon yellow", and scaring my wife and I so bad, I took the Cobra tach off the column and sold it to a used car dealer for $700.00...... BAD, bad mistake, but that's what I did. It had about 69000 miles on it then. We saw it a few weeks later on the highway with a whip antenna, rebel flag, the rear end jacked up and probably 10 or 12 inch wheels sticking out the back. I nearly threw up. We turned around and tried to catch him, but never did and also never saw it again. I have put complete info out trying to find it since with no luck. I still have the window sticker, sale paperwork, and a couple other things, but no car. Oh well, it's too big for Hawaii roads and parking spaces anyway, ha !
  6. My very 1st new car was a 1969 Fairlane Cobra. It had paint on the left side of the grille and bumper, the left turn signal lens and frame, as well as on the side marker light. There was also no tach in that beautiful 4 pod dash like I had ordered, but the dealer got me an original Cobra tach and put it on the steering column, which I liked better anyway. Being 20 years old and having a brand new, special order Cobra Jet, 4 speed, formal roof, posi-trac, factory hot rod, do you think I complained ? No Way !!! I was surprised that it was flawed from the factory though. AND, I was there the day it was hauled in and unloaded at Texas Motors Ford in Ft. Worth, TX. It was built in the San Jose, CA. factory. Still miss that car.... this pic is the day I got it and got back to the house in Azle, TX, immediately took of the smog stuff, put bigger jets in the carb, bumped the timing from 6 to 10 degrees, and put on a set of Walker glass pack mufflers. Hey, it was mine now, ha !
  7. Key hole or cover perhaps ? Other than the letters not being on...but just guessing, looks perfect as is to me !
  8. 1937hd45.... wanna' see exaggerated ? Kaiser/ Frazier/ Henry J was one of the best .... The folks in this car would have been about 3 ft. tall, ha !
  9. I got to drive quite a lot before I was legal (16 in Tennessee). Part of it was on a farm driving anything, part on a country road with my younger cousin, and the rest in town as Dad and Mom both worked and "might need me to do some errands". It helped considerably that it was a small town and Dad was a part time cop, deputy, collector agent, and they owned the Credit Bureau. Back then I just thought I was lucky or must have looked "legal". Another thing that didn't dawn on me back then was that I was a polio kid, and they did everything they could to keep me off bicycles or motor scooters....they might have thought the car was safer. It certainly was slower...a 55 Studebaker Champion 3 speed, ha ! I had to set on and also had a cushion behind me in the earlier days. LOVE and appreciate so much my good fortune of having those times.
  10. We have lots of pics with me and cars, that was my 1st love outside the house, ha ! Here I am in 1949, which seems to be the oldest of my pics after learning to walk, and no idea whose car, but probably my aunts, as my folks didn't get a car until 52 or 53. I was one of those brats that named the make of every car I could see, ha !
  11. John Byrd

    In honor of Father’s Day

    Victoria, my Dad wasn't much of a "poser", or even much of a car guy since he worked at dealerships all day, so it was hard to get a pic of him, but here he is with our 55 Studebaker Champion and me acting like a monkey...... My Grandad, ( on Mom's side ) on the other hand loved cars and wasn't a bit bashful. He was my "other Dad". Both gone, both dearly missed. The Chevy was Grandad's last car, my cousin is with him.
  12. John Byrd

    1966-1967 Comets? Where did they go?

    Ours was a red GT convertible with a white interior. The previous owner had taken the 390 out and put a 289 in it. Great car, but when we sold it, it went to Memphis, TN and got a 427 put in it. The guy that bought it had a big boat sales place you could see from the interstate. All this back in 88 or 89 I believe. So, that's where one went ! Yours looks great !
  13. John Byrd

    This is why you should have spare parts

    Medd448, that sure is a lot like my old Dodge. It and a Chevy truck came with a house we bought back in the early 90s. The guy I sold it to was going to put an industrial Hemi in it out of an old aircraft service cart, ha ! No idea if he did or where it's at now. Neat old cars. The folks that had this one had bought it new and just quit driving it when they got too old. Keep yours on the road, looks good.
  14. John Byrd

    Now this is a heavy duty truck.

    Wow ! That rig sure is nice... never saw a radiator shell with metalwork like those two bulges on the top front...beautiful ! Wonder if they had tire sizes that mis-matched when new ? Makes sense, just never seen that. Thanks for this, now I'm gona' have to read about Sterlings, ha !
  15. John Byrd

    Hemmings Article on Moderating

    It was an excellent article, and Kurt and all the others there do a great job. Thanks for putting it on here too Steve, I didn't think about sharing it when I 1st read it early this morning. Of course you guys are great too !