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  1. West Peterson

    1921 Paige Daytona question

    Since Charles Hipp responded with good photos of Fred's car, I didn't feel the emergency. I had the pleasure of driving that car out of the show and seeing your face as I went by. 😁🤪
  2. West Peterson

    1921 Paige Daytona question

    I photographed the prototype in 2012.
  3. West Peterson

    Wanted black lacquer car paint

    I was getting black lacquer at a local paint store up to a couple of years ago in Dayton.
  4. West Peterson

    1940 Super 8 Engine $5000 OBO

    Do you have details and receipts as to what all was done?
  5. West Peterson

    Dim headlights on a 1947 Lincoln

    Check to make sure that whoever "re-wired" it put in a 6-volt battery cable, and not a 12-volt cable. You need the 00 6-volt cable.
  6. West Peterson

    Lyon Cover sidemount covers

    It is small enough, thin enough and flimsy enough where the crown of the tread cover is not a factor in the way in which the emblem lays down, as can be seen in the photo at the top. In regard to having a stud... no stud. However, it's possible they may have been riveted from the factory as opposed to the screws. If you think I should reproduce them without the holes, give me your opinions please. Since the holes would probably be the last operation, I could have some made both ways.
  7. West Peterson

    Lyon Cover sidemount covers

    I don't know for sure. I'm just assuming that they were only used to cover the mounting hole, but I don't see why an owner couldn't put the plate else where on the sidemount. It's very attractive.
  8. West Peterson

    Tinted glass on Prewar Packards?

    I've come to a present conclusion that tinted glass was used quite extensively on prewar cars, and the reason that many came to the conclusion that tinted glass wasn't used is because the tint was so slight that until you took the pane out to replace, you wouldn't realize it. "That is my theory, it is mine and belongs to me, and I own it and what it is, too." — Anne Elk
  9. West Peterson

    New Headquarters building

    Wow! That is an extremely wonderful contribution for your Region to make. I wish you all a wonderful week for that tour, and I will definitely keep it in consideration to attend.
  10. West Peterson

    Lyon Cover sidemount covers

    I should be receiving my "borrowed" emblem today, so hopefully this project can start to move forward again. John mentioned some historical information about the Lyon covers. I should add something, though. They are not merely an emblem to show the maker of the sidemount covers. They serve a purpose. The emblems are positioned on the very top of the tread cover, which actually covers a hole. The hole is for the mounting of a "lolly pop" stalk mirror. I understand that that several Reo Royal owners have gotten together to reproduce a batch of these two-piece sidemount covers. For more information as to size of those covers, I believe Al SanClemente can provide more information. The cost is still estimated to be around $25-30, but that has not been set in stone yet.
  11. West Peterson

    1940 Buick Drivetrain (all in working order)

    Ahhh. Thanks. I wasn't even paying attention to that.
  12. West Peterson

    1940 Buick Drivetrain (all in working order)

    Thanks. I couldn't tell from the photos, but see it now that I blow it up.
  13. West Peterson

    Tinted glass on Prewar Packards?

    Also, Packards from 1941 seem to have glass made by PPG, rather than Libbey Owens Ford.
  14. West Peterson

    Tinted glass on Prewar Packards?

    I'm getting other reports from guys who own cars with original glass. Apparently Packard DID make cars with tinted glass before the war. I'm thinking that the "V" may be the indicator, and not air conditioning.
  15. West Peterson

    1940 Buick Drivetrain (all in working order)

    Is this a Super?