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  1. What are your thoughts on this car?

    Different car than I was thinking of. Sorry.
  2. Packard Rebuild Input ??

    Thanks, Pete I'd just like to add one thing: My experiences are experiences, and not read from a book. I've been in the hobby since I was born, and have been driving the big machinery since 1970. Very few miles pulling them behind a trailer.
  3. 1928 sedan

    Thank you. I knew I should have recognized it!!!
  4. 1928 sedan

    And most European cars didn't have bumpers at that time. I believe that was America's contribution to making the front of cars look like tow trucks.
  5. 1928 sedan

    This one should come right to mind, but I've drawn a blank. 1927 or 1928?
  6. What are your thoughts on this car?

    Actually, this car is smaller than the Cord in the OP.

    Is it an actual photo, or just the same art image seen in many places? Can you scan the photo and post it here, please?
  8. What are your thoughts on this car?

    I suspect they were going after this look.
  9. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

  10. Packard Rebuild Input ??

    Pete... and rePete Bias ply tires are not unsafe. A car that needs its front-end rebuilt is unsafe, and putting radial tires on it to mask the real problem is unsafe.
  11. Packard Rebuild Input ??

    ... and the wings on the hood ornament need to be squoozed together. I don't know if that's possible, but they should be closer together.
  12. Provenance and Documentation - Issues and Thoughts

    Given two identical cars (you pick, doesn't have to be a Packard, could be a Studebaker) -- color, condition, engine, options, etc. all being exactly alike -- except that it can be proven that one of them was owned by one of your favorite icons (again, you pick, could be Clark Gable, could be Micky Mantle). Which car would you take if they were both priced identically? I'm assuming that you'd take the car once or originally owned by your favorite icon (I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time). NOW, the question is, at what price point difference would it take you to buy the non-icon-owned car?
  13. Packard Rebuild Input ??

    The ones everyone puts on. So, by your post, we can assume that most people are putting on the worst radials sin the world. Better to use bias ply on prewar cars. Look better, last longer, and most people don't drive them enough to warrant any perceived handling differences anyway.
  14. "She"?

    Me either... Or is it, Me neither?
  15. Title

    Benjamin Don't drag me into that argument!! Seriously, I would STILL attempt to get the title changed to reflect the car's "number" rather than the "engine's" number.