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  1. West Peterson

    Packard Parts headed for Hershey

    Hi David. I need a luggage rack spring-loaded knob. Actually, all I need is the knob. 1940
  2. West Peterson

    Cruising speeds

    A few years later, in Pennsylvania, they did have some place to go to pick up some speed. Pa. Turnpike opened up in 1940... or at least parts of it did.
  3. West Peterson


    More than a full-time job in the un-traditional sense, tho.
  4. West Peterson


    Any teacher worth their salt spends a LOT more time working than what you've just posted.
  5. West Peterson


    Some of the world's worst teacher's do this. I wouldn't brag about it. I do NOT respect ANY teacher that says they teach for the summers off.
  6. West Peterson

    Radial tubes in bias tires....comments?????

    From what I've seen provided by the collector car tire suppliers, the tubes are paper thin. For my 1940 Packard, when I went to a Firestone store in Gettysburg, they used a truck tube, and it seemed like it was at least 3 times thicker. I don't know if it was a radial tube or not, but it was sure a lot more beefier. In addition, it was about half the price.
  7. West Peterson

    Do You Like Bugatti's? Interesting read!

    I liked it. It was a refreshing change from what I normally see when reading "city magazine" articles about old cars.
  8. West Peterson

    Updating brakes

    If you go through with the conversion, the discs will not help you one little bit unless you also install radial tires. It's not the brakes that stop your car, it's your tires. So, if you want a more economical way of improving your braking, put on radial tires. (I can't believe I even suggested that, cuz I can't stand the look of radial tires on cars that were not originally designed and delivered with them.)
  9. West Peterson

    Cruising speeds

    Agreed. Unless you install some sort of an overdrive unit, I wouldn't "cruise" at 55mph, and I'd definitely stay off the freeway.
  10. West Peterson

    Do You Like Bugatti's? Interesting read!

    Give him a break. It wasn't an article that was directed toward car fanatics. It appeared in the city magazine.
  11. West Peterson

    Overhaul of a Packard V12

    Not true. The model name was "Twelve", but they certainly called their engine a V-12 in spec charts. This is from the 1933 and 1934 sales portfolio.
  12. West Peterson

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    You look a lot like Chris, apparently. Sorry for the mistake. It's not a bad thing, really. Regarding the radiator. Thanks for the new information. Of course, I'm aware of the lack of louvers on the 1929 Duesenbergs. We owned J-350, and I loved that look. Just didn't know about the silver color. (not sure why the new owner decided to cover it up with a stone guard, except that maybe he drove it enough to worry about stones)
  13. West Peterson

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    That's Chris driving the car onto the transporter, by the way. Question for Ed, or Bob, or Al (whoever knows the answer): I'm curious about the radiator. All other 1929s I've seen the radiator has been black. I haven't seen a close-enough photo of the radiator of this car to see what's been done, but it's certainly different than any other 1929s I've seen. Can I see a close-up shot? And, what's the difference between this radiator and the others? Thanks.
  14. West Peterson

    lost but but now i have found

    That's a prewar Lincoln Zephyr. The parts are from a postwar Lincoln. (I think they actually dropped the name "Zephyr" after the war)
  15. West Peterson

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Great collection, but rarely seen, as far as I know.