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  1. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    I love the looks of this Silver Ghost Playboy, seen in the DPC class at Hershey this year. I'm not sure when the body was put on it (possibly prewar), but it started out life as a sedan or limousine.
  2. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    Wow! Beautiful. Again, I'd like to see it with wheel discs on it. Doesn't look very comfortable to drive, but if I could find somebody to do the driving duties I'd be happy to sit in the back.
  3. I would love to see a photo of your car.
  4. 1929 Packard 6-45 Dietrich 2-4 Coupe For Sale

    Google the area code.
  5. A few days with a Packard

    It could very well be a Rollston custom body as well, or even Murphy. Here's a Murphy-bodied car from 1928, with a front-opening door.
  6. '35 Packard 12 woodgrain pattern

    Yep. You need to find the original. I believe the Detroit Library has them, or you could get the one I linked to you previously.
  7. 1933 Packard Provenance?

    I've just been informed that Jack's car was a '34 Super Eight.
  8. 1930 7-45 sedan. Only one known?

    Hasn't been run since 1955.
  9. '35 Packard 12 woodgrain pattern

    I have seen totally different dashboard woodgraining on 1935 Packard 12s. Usually it is burled, and doesn't have a horizontal orientation. The horn ring is the same. Burled, without vertical or horizontal orientation. I have also seen several horn buttons on 100-point restorations that were painted brown. Purchasing this photo might reveal what the factory did. http://www.autolit.com/Store/1935-packard-12-limousine-interior-factory-photo.html
  10. 1933 Packard Provenance?

    Hi Bill I believe the late Jack Rich of Pennsylvania owned a car exactly like the Packard you have and painted the same color. If he is the former owner that you have on your list, perhaps a call to the former curator of his collection would be in order. If you need contact information for either him or Jack's sons, I can get for you.
  11. 1929 Packard 6-45 Dietrich 2-4 Coupe For Sale

    John It's not a 745.
  12. A few days with a Packard

    Reminds me of a solid middle-class collector in a western Minnesota town of 350 who had a fair-to-middling condition 16-car garage (former school bus storage building and shop). Inside was a 1934 Bugatti cabriolet, 1939 Delahaye 135 MS, Cadillac V-16, 1938 BMW 328, 1942 Packard town car, among several other Packards and highly collectible postwar pieces.
  13. A few days with a Packard

    The one in Dayton sounds promising, as it is a 645. The one in Cinci is out, as it is a 633. Here's information about Jack Eichelberger. I hear his name every time I attend the local theater downtown Dayton. Jack W. and Sally D. Eichelberger Foundation – 2006 was established by Jack and Sally Eichelberger, longtime Oakwood residents, to enhance the legal profession, the arts and the Greater Dayton community through the awarding of grants. Jack Eichelberger was a well-known Dayton attorney and real estate investor.
  14. 1930 7-45 sedan. Only one known?

    A member has recently purchased this 1930 Packard Model 7-45 sedan. He is not aware of any others than exist, but would certainly like to find out. If any others are known, please let us know.
  15. A few days with a Packard

    In regard to the "modest house" comment, most of the people who collected them in the 1950s and 1960s ... even up to the very early 1970s, were very modest middle-income collectors, and the cars were not really considered works of art like they are today. Many of them were bought for hundreds of dollars and even the absolute best restorations back then would probably not score well if judged today.