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  1. West Peterson

    Torquing bolts/studs

    Head bolts to block on an inline flathead: start from the center and move out alternatively to the front and back. 40 pounds to start, then do the process again at 60 pounds. Drive the car, get it warmed up, let it cool slightly, and check/re-torque at 60 pounds. Do this check/re-torque a couple more times during the first 250-500 miles.
  2. West Peterson

    Switching from 6 volt system to 12 volt system

    If you are having some troubles, make sure you are using 00-guage six-volt cables. Many cables have been "updated" with 12-volt cables, and it is amazing the amount of voltage drop.
  3. West Peterson

    1932 Marmon Sixteen sedan body - $6500

    If you're going to talk about non-production 16-cylinders, don't forget about prewar Bugatti Type 45 and Auto Union.
  4. West Peterson

    WTB-Reproduction VIN Data Plate for 37 Packard

    Most reproduction plates I see have been "engraved" versus the correct stamping method. I'd prefer to see them stamped. Only the serial number itself should be engraved. The dealer and date should be stamped.
  5. West Peterson

    American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    Where are the valve stems located? You can see them on the current photo, but not on the original.
  6. West Peterson

    1931 Buick Big Box of Engineering Drawings

    Contact the Buick Heritage Alliance. They might have it. http://www.buickheritagealliance.org/
  7. West Peterson

    Isotta Fraschini

    Jeff You might want to call Jeff Orwig, in Maine. Maybe he can help you get the info you need.
  8. West Peterson

    New Olds Curved Dash Book

    He was a one-cylinder Reo whisperer, too.
  9. West Peterson

    Packard Detroit Lubricator rebuilders parts

    This thread is five months old.
  10. West Peterson

    Saw this nice (edited) 1969 Olds 442 yesterday....

    You can't blame people for upgrading their cars with optional items. They look better, in my opinion, so outfitted. Putting the 4-4-2 emblems on, though, I don't understand.
  11. West Peterson

    1931 buick sport roadster 94 series

    Serial number should indicate whether it's an early or late car.
  12. West Peterson

    Saw this nice (edited) 1969 Olds 442 yesterday....

    It does have the correct bumper, though.
  13. West Peterson

    1931 buick sport roadster 94 series

    Roughly seven are known to exist. The two color choices were black, or Everglades Blue. 843 were built.
  14. West Peterson

    Interesting 1929 cylinder head

  15. West Peterson

    Interesting 1929 cylinder head

    I'd love to see a photo or two of the Johnson carburetor. Thanks.