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  1. West Peterson

    Paint Color Opinions

    For AACA judging, if it was painted an authentic color offered by Edsel, you are fine. No point deductions.
  2. West Peterson

    Paint Color Opinions

    Hank Davis is a true 1958 Edsel enthusiast and has several. You might want to get his opinion. He is also a semi-regular on these forums. hank@gotocarguys.com
  3. Ed. It's not just the "new younger generation," it's also the new older generation just getting into the hobby.
  4. Great Autopulse ad, Karl. It lists all the cars that came standard with the electric pump, plus all the race car drivers that use it. Does that article state where and when that ad was used?
  5. It allows you to turn it upside down and paint all sides at once.
  6. West Peterson

    WTB Edsel's

    ... AND featured in Antique Automobile a couple of issues ago!!! on the back cover.
  7. West Peterson

    Part time collection help, Southern Florida.

    Contact Penn State restoration program in Williamsport, Pa. I would bet you'd find a lot of hands going up in the air.
  8. West Peterson

    Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    For the brown and creme car, yes, you'd have to swap sides as well. For the two-tone blue (silver?) car, you'd have to rotate the bars 180 degrees. However, it looks to me like the two ends are different, so I'm not sure how that could work.
  9. West Peterson

    1920s 1930s Cadillac upholstery buttons???

    Any more guesses as to what this would be used for. It is apparently are NOT a button... it's. a tube rivet. But what's the application. Have more than a hundred of them from an old upholsterer's drawer.
  10. West Peterson

    Double Clutching

    Ha! I did the same thing.
  11. West Peterson

    1930 Packard 734 Speedster Sedan - For Sale

    Auburn convertible sedans are smaller, and I think an easier sell than a huge Senior Packard convertible sedan.
  12. West Peterson

    1930 Packard 734 Speedster Sedan - For Sale

    The last one that sold where the top went down went for more than $2 million.
  13. West Peterson

    Manuals, books

    I was there several years ago. Nice guy. Beautiful reproduction material as well.
  14. West Peterson

    1930 Packard 734 Speedster Sedan - For Sale

    Not known to exist. That is the only known photo of it as well. 1:43-scale model???