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  1. Dynaflash8

    Where are the Pre-War Events these days???

    By the way, I finished our 1941 Buick Roadmaster sedan in the nick of time to feel safe spending $869 for a new set of shoes for the blue '39 Buick Special that we'll take to the Sentimental Tour. There seems to be no end to spending money on my old cars, so we're going to sell two of them, the 1939 Buick Special 4-door convertible (next AACA magazine) and the 1964 Buick Wildcat 2dr hardtop (would be in the same magazine, but not sure I can have it ready to sell in just another week). That would get me down to two old cars. We may search for a 1991-1994 Buick Park Avenue with low mileage that we can drive to the AACA Founders Tour in Nebraska in 2019.
  2. Dynaflash8

    1948 Buick super rear shocks

    What is the condition of the shock links? Are they worn out and not hooked up, or very loose? Rear shocks fit all Buicks from 1941-53 (I think it goes up to 1953....said without checking the parts book). There are some NOS rear shocks still out there. Use the number stamped on the bottom of the shock. It will be 21-someting......I'm thinking 2105-2106 but that might not be the right number 1939 is 2103-2104 for example.
  3. Dynaflash8

    Where are the Pre-War Events these days???

    Good for you Marty. I wish I had your nerve, but that's going to have to come maybe. I turn 80 next month, and I just wonder how long I can make those long pulls. Trailer tires are a real factor for me pulling long distances too. Don't know how much longer I can do it....wish it never had to stop. Thinking about the SC Glidden next year and hope to hang on for the WVA Sentimental Tour in 2020. After that all bets are off I guess. Fortunately there is a good CCCA Region here in S.Florida that is close enough to drive the car to for an old couple.
  4. Dynaflash8

    Where are the Pre-War Events these days???

    Grimy, that is exactly why I devised the Sentimental Tour. I can remember when late 30s and early 40s cars were lined up at the Hershey show, but starting about 15 years ago they began to disappear and no they're down to onesies twosies. Hopefully, the two I developed for AACA in my years on the Board will encourage more people to save those cars, most of which do not have A/C, power steering, power brakes and FM radios, tape and CD players.
  5. Dynaflash8

    Where are the Pre-War Events these days???

    We do all of that on an AACA Tour. Talk, sitesee, amble along....especially on the older car tours. Me, I'm registered for the Sentimental Tour out of Natchez and Vicksburg, MS. They don't teach American history anymore in schools, but when I was in the 8th grade we studied all about Natchez, Vicksburg and the Trace.
  6. Dynaflash8

    Where are the Pre-War Events these days???

    But Terry, did you register for the upcoming AACA Sentimental Tour....vehicles 1928-1958?
  7. Conflicting posts here I think. My car did not ever belong to any of those people. Earl
  8. My wife and I owned two different 1958 Buicks back in the day. My parents bought a baby blue/white Special sedan new and when they traded for a 1967 LeSabre we got that car. At that time, we had just finished using up a 1958 all white Special with factory air, which I sold for $100. The blue car lasted until about 1969 or 1970 when we gave it to my father-in-law. It ended up ingloriously in the woods on a farm in Upperville, VA. Both cars gave me lots of trouble, but after all these years when I see one, it speaks to me, as you say.
  9. Dynaflash8

    1938 Limited for sale on C/L - St Louis MO

    And it is no Limited............not even a Roadmaster. It is a Special or Century, just look at the rear quarter window............all you need to see
  10. Had my latest, and probably last, restoration out today for a picture taking trip and to get some real gas (non-ethanol) which was $3.799 here in beautiful downtown Sebring, FL at our ONLY gas station with it. Enjoy two of the pictures here.
  11. Dynaflash8

    1940 Buick oil pressure problem

    I've been driving 1939 Buicks since 1955, one after the other. If the engine is worn oil pressure may start off at ever 45 lb, but in 15 miles it will fall off to 15 or less. If it will hold 30-35 hot, after a long run, you're still okay. In good condition like my blue car with the rebuilt engine it will stay 45 lb. But, you have to have the 1941-53 oil pump to assure that. Both my '39s have that oil pump, one carries 35 with an original engine and the other 45. The original engine did have the shims adjusted in 1970 at around 77K miles. It is now just over 100K miles I think. I know what I know, and was taught this trick by a guy named Hank Bates back around 1965. My Dad drove a '39 that had virtually no oil pressure on the gauge. After he traded it in 1951 the next guy drove it a little hard and put a rod through the left side of the block. Just letting the car sit and get hot in the driveway will not usually show up the problelm.....normally you have to get it out on the road.
  12. Hmmm, I don't really know how Kindle works. Ralph got it put on there. Only thing I could do is try to buy one back from my barber; or maybe somebody else who has read it will offer you one. 80 were in soft back, and 20 were in hardback...............most of those went to relatives...............AACA library has one, and President Tom Cox ended up with two since both Ralph and I gave him one. Probably have a better chance of finding up on the AACA part of the website above, rather than the Buick part here.
  13. Both Ralph and I expect to be at Hershey and judging. Bring it to the Judges Breakfast and we can both sign it for you.
  14. I advertised it in the BUGLE. I don't remember a single sale that way.
  15. The only thing anybody can do now is to find a used copy somewhere from somebody. I sold one each to two barbers where I go. Both read there copy, so I can ask each if they are interested in selling them......no to me......but if they will sell I'll let you know, and you can then send me the money. They sold for $18 each and there were 100 copies.