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  1. Dynaflash8

    Rear carb 1941 Buick 60-70-90 AA-1 new or used

    Thank you Jon, Earl Jon, So all you have to do is find me a new AAV-1 380088 or a used one and rebuild it and sell it to me. How's that sound? 😛
  2. Dynaflash8

    Rear carb 1941 Buick 60-70-90 AA-1 new or used

    I've been watching ebay for 1941 Buick more than once a day and I just went there again. Ebay has a way of hiding stuff. I've put stuff up for sale and never found the listing but sold it anyway. Can you give me a lead on how to find these carburetors if they're still there? Also, my aunt and uncle had 1942 Buick Special 46S during the war and afterward until they bought a 1951 Buick in about 1952 or 53. It was two-tone green. I even have the serial or motor number on a 1946 registration card. I'm sure it never made it's way to Indiana, but it would be interesting to know. Earl
  3. Dynaflash8

    Clutch Equalizer Safety Issue

    The clutch equalizer for a 1941 Buick fits all the way through 1949. Part number is 0.806, part #1393327. There is a casting number on the part that doesn't match the one in the parts book...beware of that. Anybody have a new one? I have two new ones for a 1939 Series 40 if anybody has what I need and prefers to make a trade. The weld-up and redrill is something I've heard from old friend mechanic's who have gone on to the old cars in the sky club.
  4. Dynaflash8

    Rear carb 1941 Buick 60-70-90 AA-1 new or used

    The NOS Front carburetor is a Stromberg Bendix AAV Number 380104. Both of the kits I have for it fit three different AAV's including this one. Is it your recommendation if or when I use this carburetor that I rebuild it first, or just go ahead and use it? Thanks for your experience and help. Earl Beauchamp
  5. Dynaflash8

    Rear carb 1941 Buick 60-70-90 AA-1 new or used

    I didn't know there was an early and a late carb. I have a NOS front carb in the box. What do you want me to look for on the box or the carb? The carbs on the car work great, but are really scummy. I don't want to log the car down to have them rebuilt. I have a NOS Stronberg kit for the front and two of them for the rear carb. I have no idea if the ones on the car are early or late. The kits do not mention if they are for an early or late carb. Thanks for your reply
  6. I would love to find a NOS or Rebuilt 1941 Buick 60-70-90 AA-1 rear carburetor for my 1941 Buick Roadmaster. I would also be interested in buying a complete used carburetor that I can send off to be rebuilt. Does anybody have one laying around? I saw a used one on eBay about six months ago and neglected to jump on it. Thanks
  7. Dynaflash8

    WANTED 1942 Buick Century Sedanette 2 door

    The car I spoke about was on eBay for quite some time. It was located in Port Charlotte, FL, two-tone green. Man said he needed to sell for healt reasons in the ad. I contacted and talked to him, but decided I wasn't interested. It was within the lat 30-days.
  8. Dynaflash8

    1935 buick S.40 HELP!!!

    Make sure the thermostat housing inner thermostat is working. Better yet, remove it. In 1948 Buick did away with in anyway.
  9. Dynaflash8

    1947 320 water pump

    Same water pump 1936-1940 60-70-80-90; 1941-49 all
  10. Dynaflash8

    1972 Buick Electra 225 Limited coupe (SOLD)

    This car is a wonderful buy for someone who is very knowledgeable and good with wiring. Mice did this twice to a pickup truck that I owned at one time because it sat outside for long periods at a country home. The problem, as I see it, is that there are so many electrical gadgets. I think the first thing to do would be to get the car started and then check the electrical gadgets one by one. I have a NOS 1971 Shop Manual still in the box, but I don't know how that would convey over to a 1972. The best Buick our family ever owned was the 1972 LeSabre Limited my parents bought new. That said, a 350 cid was a different animal from a 455 cid. The next question is where else in the car have the mice visited?
  11. Dynaflash8

    Minnesota: Windy Hill Auto Salvage, New London

    We're dealing with some illness right now, but if we can get all squared I think we'll take a little vacation and go to Minnesota and I'll visit Dave Tachney, the Buick 1936-1941 parts man extroadinaire and go by Windy Hill for some fun browsing.
  12. Dynaflash8

    WANTED 1942 Buick Century Sedanette 2 door

    There is one located in Florida for sale in Hemmings right now if it's still available.
  13. Dynaflash8

    Firestone tires 6.00/6.50-17 white walls

    Corr Correctness? Give me a break! The only 50's cars I even remember, and I came 16 in 1955 were the cheapo versions like 2-door post sedans, small hubcap sedans and such as that. Both of our '58 Buicks and my '55 Ford Fairlane came with white wall tires. My '56 Ford Customline did not, and my Dad's cheapo 1951 Plymouth Cambridge sedan did not, but we could have paid $5-15 a tire more and ordered them that way. My Dad was not a car guy but my Mom liked fancy cars, thus their '58 Special sedan came with whitewall tires. No kid I knew at the time would be seen in blackwall tires. We even painted them with whitewall tire paint if we didn't have the money. I did that with my '39 Buick first car and bought portawalls for my 2nd car a '52 Plymouth, but once I was working and making some money my '55 Ford Fairlane was all decked out in 2-tone paint, white wall tires, 4bbl Holley carb, automatic and backup lights. Later I learned that a 272-Special came with a 4bbl carb in '55. Try to find one of those today.
  14. Dynaflash8

    Firestone tires 6.00/6.50-17 white walls

    Up through the 60's, and I believe the '70s as well, white walls were an "extra cost item" on all new cars. In other words, they were so desirable that people paid extra money to get them. In the 30's, up through 1941 you had the option of dual white wall tires (inside and out) or single white wall tires. I can remember as a small child playing around my parents' 1939 Buick parked in the yard that it had dual white wall tires (dirty on both sides) but stil dual whites. When the War came white walls were cut out until about 1948, possibly 1947 and dual white walls never came back. In my father's case he bought black walls after the war because he couldn't afford the extra cost of white walls. However, when he bought a new 1958 Buick in 1958, he bought white wall tires with it. As for the culture and music of the 1950s, you don't know what you missed. They were the best years of my life and the 60's were the worst. Yes, I did have a couple of bad experiences in the 1950s, but overwhelmingly they were good years. When I started growing in my job and sort of "made it" by 1975 things started getting good again.
  15. Dynaflash8

    Please introduce yourself...

    Today we switched to the '39 Special 41C convertible sedan and drove it to church again. Used one of the '39 Specials for church each of the last three Sundays. It was really hot today too. It did pretty good. Pushed a little gas out of the carb after we got to church and she sat awhile, but she was fine when we got home. The float must have stuck a little I'm guessing. Mighty hot in south central Florida these days.