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  1. Dynaflash8

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Dave, the Chesapeake Region name comes to me as Karl Feather who had one or many Franklins. There was another elderly gentleman during the mid-late 1960s who had three or four of them, one was an Olympic I recall. I also recall he worked for the Core of Engineers as did Mr. Prentice, but I can't remember is name. Dave, it has been a tough decision for me, but I think the owner helped me make a decision tonight. But, I'm just not going to make it final until after Judy's surgery on Monday. I never owned or drove Al's car....I admired him as being almost supernatural doing feats I just wanted to do. I don't think driving his car will make that transcend to me, especially at 80. There's not even anybody here in this town to "play cars" with. You'll see what I decided next week. Gettin' old ain't for sissies my Dad always used to say.
  2. Dynaflash8

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Matt you know more about the old Limited's than I've forgotten. It was a good review. The blue & gray interior is gorgeous like your car and the Landow car in D.C. I think I mostly would like to try and recapture a memory from 51 years ago when I first saw the car. Nobody else who might buy the eBay car will care about it's extroadinary historical past. The '41 Limited looks like a space ship or bullet train next to the previous Limited's to me. There were 1223 1941 Buick Series 91 Limiteds built. This one has survived hard driving, long storage, and repossesion. But it has still survived and would be an excellent HPOF car in AACA. As old Al Newman would have said in his own words, "that's not too shabby".
  3. Dynaflash8

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    The rear stone pad moldings are wrong on the Mecum car for starters. They is from a Special and the rocker panel molding has somehow been modified. They are correct on the eBay car and impossible to find. The main thing is that I'm not in the market for just any 41 Limited......I'm only interested in this particular 41 Limited. And yes, it is sentimental, but I'm not sure sentimental is worth as much as $20,000 for that car in its condition at this stage of my life. That said, I am serious about it if everything works out.
  4. Dynaflash8

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    That is good information Jan; something I've never heard before
  5. Dynaflash8

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Dave, how could I have forgotten the co-founder of CHVA! I was just with Bob Trueax last week, and talked to Charlie Smith the week before that about the car. Al had this car at both Overlea in '67 and Bonnie Blink in '71. The Chairman of the 2017 AACA Grand National in Kansas City is going to actually review the car at my request. The cost of Florida sales tax and shipping would be collossal but it is the same car....tired...but the same. I've never seen you on here before. There was once a member of Chesapeake Region who owned a fleet of Franklin's. I think the founder of the Region in 1955 had a Franklin. Bill Bond had a Franklin that belonged to former AACA National President Frank Tucker. Do you have any of those cars? Good to hear from you....been a long time. Also, you're 3 years younger than me. There is a lot of history of the car in the old CHVA magazines and I still have them all. Trueax and Smith said I should let the car pass on by as a memory. Don Barlup told me I should buy it. What do you think?
  6. Dynaflash8

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Janousek, I have probably a dozen boxes of genuine Buick brake linings but no more than a dozen rivits. They came in little bags, fell out of the boxes and were lost forever. Unfortunately, they only fit the 40-50-60-70 models. The 90 brake linings were bigger. I guess White Post of some truck place has bigger linings. I don't know how that works. When I lived in Baltimore there was a truck place that could do all brakes and clutch disk linings. I doubt they are even in business anymore, plus I don't remember the name. All this talk about deathbeds and nursing homes. I've seen some people in nursing homes and assisted care facilities paid for by the government, oh yeah. And being in such a place in such a condition is worse than being dead. My parents saved their money and paid their own way in a good place when that time came. Some others in my family did not and the suffering was great. Talk is cheap when you're young enough not to think it's only a short time off.
  7. Dynaflash8

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Re-wiring is the big bugaboo. The previous owner had a new, uninstalled wiring harness, but in all of the commotion it didn't convey to the new owner. Al's 1940 80 series Limited was used in the old "Wonder Woman" series on TV, but I think this car was down for an engine overhaul at the time. It was, at least, the last time I saw it, in 1979 when I visited him in Fullerton, CA. Maybe the same friend bought the '40 and '42 from Al's daughter, I have no idea. I've heard two different stories about his friend that he worked for at Cars of the Stars Museum. I was told last week that the gentleman had 400 cars and sold them with the museum and then ended up getting some or all back again. I only remember pictures of one, a 1929 or 1930 Cord with a searchlight on a post mounted to the runningboard. The seventies and eighties don't sound long ago until you starting counting on your fingers, huh?
  8. Dynaflash8

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    There must have been some ebay glitch around 10 or 10:30 last night. It was back up to $22,500, but this morning it is back down to $20,000. I have asked an acquaintance in Kansas City to look at it. He said he would call the owner last night, but I've not heard anything new. I can do the interior for under $10K where I had my Roadmaster restored. Leather was available in 1941. If I did the car I'd do it in pleated red naugahyde I think. There was a 41 Super at the Allentown National BCA Meet done in green pleated leather. Well, maybe I wouldn't. This car was originally two tone tan broadcloth. If the paint is as good as my Roadmaster was, I'd probably leave it alone, but I can paint it for the same price. I have a price quote on all of it, but I just can't go there at my age....have to think about the limited future and my wife...I'm 80. If only the 64 Wildcat would sell first, though, I think I'd use that money and go for it. The wiring harness would be an awful cost. I hope somebody buys it before I weaken. I don't have time or space. Thanks for that information on White Post. I didn't know they did brake linings. I have a dozen or more boxes of Buick rivit brake linings with only a couple packs of rivits, and didn't know anybody who could put them on shoes. Of course, none fit a Limited. The price for refinished engine turned panels is $925 for the pair. Woodgraining the dash, back of front seat, and wide garnish moldings would cost a small fortune. There used to be a guy in Winter Haven, FL who did that, but I haven't heard anything from him in years now. A steering wheel would be about $850 now I think....'39 wheels come up on eBay for around $795 recast. I have a number in my cell phone for a guy who came to AACA Philadelphia meetings last year for a seminar. I could call him and ask the price I guess. Buy why? Once you ever start, there is no stopping. Everything you do, makes what you don't do look even worse. Anyway, my wife has serious surgery coming up next Monday, so that's all I can really think about now.
  9. Dynaflash8

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    The price was raised back to $22,500 this afternoon. Go figure as the kids say. Oh well, it's his car.
  10. Dynaflash8

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Everything that Matt says is pretty much true. I don't remember mine being that fast, but I do remember this car was driven both ways from California to Baltimore and back in 1967 with a stop in Pittsburgh in three days if the owner told me the truth. The second time he had a wife and four kids in it, so he probably took longer...........in 1971. I would have chosen this car to restore if the owner had a clear title, but when he didn't I moved on and spent my money on a Roadmaster. What am I going to do with an additional well used 1941 Buick. That said, I did inquire if he would take a price for it. The previous owner put it up for a loan at a loan company to get money for his business he told me. This owner told me that person failed to pay and it went through a a used car auction. Being a dealer, he put in a bid and got it.....Cost him $1800 in shipping. Would cost me another $1450 in shipping. My only hold back is my age. The AACA magazine was delivered today, and my '39 Buick convertible sedan is in it for sale. I'm trying to cut back....to buy this car would just muddy the water for me. I've got a 64 Buick Wildcat out on consignment. If it sold I might take the gamble and sit around looking at this Limited and remember good times past. Or, the money could be earning money. By the way MATT, the right rear brake cylinder is leaking....if it is on the lining now, where could somebody go to get a new lining put on that big, big shoe? The cylinder is the same as all of the others around that time.
  11. Dynaflash8

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    That is so true, and it is a shame....the effects of street rodding an modifying I think....but that's just an opinion. This car is also a Series 91, which means it is a straight 6 passenger sedan....no jump seats, no divider window. Still for we old farts who love the pre-War cars of our youth, it is the King of the Buicks. I've been tempted because I know the car, and it is the first 41 Limited I ever saw when I was 29 years old in 1967. It was approprially named "The Parlor Car That Flies" by Buick. When Cadillac saw them, Cadillac almost had a heart attack. Longer, faster and more powerful than a Cadillac. If I hadn't already invested in a 41Roadmaster and restored mine I certainly would have bought this particular Limited. But at 80 there is too much water under the bridge now. I'm almost afraid he'll meet my price and I wouldn't know what to do with another 41 Buick, even a Limited. If that right rear leaking wheel cylinder has leaked onto the lining I have no idea where I'd get one. The brakes are much larger than the other models. I guess somebody, somewhere car reline brake shoes....maybe a big truck outfit. Still, the bottom line is that buyers for the cars I love are dwindling as fast as World War I veterans.
  12. Dynaflash8

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    I was on tour with Bob Trueax last week. He knew Al Newman as well as I did. Bob is 83. CHVA editor Charlie Smith knew him well, also, he's 80 now. I'm 80 now. I don't know how many others are still living or are still into old cars, but CHVA doesn't even present the "Al Newman Touring Trophy" from what I'm told. I was also with Doug Seybold on the tour. All of these people have advised me to enjoy my 41 Roadmaster and let sentimentality lie. I'll need this money for assisted care or something in not so many years. Judy is having very serious surgery next Monday. I am in no position to take on a project, any project. I also don't see where I have time left in life to enjoy another project. My '39 Special 4-door convertible is even for sale and the dealer with my 64 Wildcat on consignment can't seem to sell it. All that said, I did tell the guy what I would pay for that car and I think it was close enough to the $20,000 what with shipping cost. And, I don't know why I even did that!! When I couldn't get it before it went to loan company auction I bought the Roadmaster and restored it. I think somebody on high was telling me something then.
  13. Dynaflash8

    FS: 1955 Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis 

    Where is the 55 Chrysler? I should know 304 area code, but I don't.
  14. Dynaflash8

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Matt: I'm upside down in my 41 Roadmaster already. For sentimental reasons i'd love to have this Limited. But, I can tell you this. My friend drive this car hard and put it away wet. No telling how many miles it put on it. I've known the car 51.5 years. I still want it, but at 80 common sense gets the better part of valor or something like that.
  15. Dynaflash8

    Sentmental Ready to Roll

    Arrived Natchez Ms this afternoon. 39 Buick backed right off trailer just fine. After falling off the trailer Thursday while loading and a trip to the Sebring Hospital am lucky to be here. Just some black eyes and a little worse for wear. No wi-fi here for my old computer..no decent TV...boo Hampton Inn. That's why I never stay there on personal travel. Tour kicks off tomorrow, can't wait.