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  1. Plate bracket on and new personalized plate installed. Super happy, thanks again Alini.
  2. I used 3m spray adhesive. Worked great.
  3. Mine is lowered a bit over 3", but I cut my coils. Its fine on everything except driveways with a harsh curb, it'll drag the exhaust every now and then. But mine has 2 1/2" custom exhaust, so stock might not be so bad. Lucas
  4. Well, I won't try to preach to anyone, because I believe every man and woman should be able to do as they please. But, I will say that I was a fireman for 7 years, and was on the extrication van ("jaws of life") for quite a few accidents. If you've seen what I have seen, you would wear your seatbelt, believe me. The old "getting thrown clear of the accident" might work once in 500 times, the other times you get thrown clear, and impact the ground, a tree, or some other solid object without a steel cage around you at over 100 mph (when a car is rolling it will throw objects at a much higher speed than the vehicle was actually traveling, like a catapult), it is not a pretty sight. I was actually in a rollover at age 15 and didn't have my seatbelt on, and I would've been injured much worse if I had, but that was that one in 500 I was talking about. Despite that lucky occurrence, I still personally wear mine every time I'm in the car....Just food for thought, and I won't argue with anyone that decides otherwise. Lucas
  5. This one is just a couple hours from me, looks clean. I don't know enough about the second gens to know if it's a real GS, but supposedly all original and in good shape for $12k (although he does say it has a 431 haha).
  6. Alini has graciously offered me one he has left over from his blue car. Thank you very much, sir! Much appreciated. Lucas
  7. I haven't seen it, either. There's a couple that look similar, but not exact. Check out under the Marble and Stone patterns on his site. There's a lot of places out there doing hydro dipping, I would think someone has got to have the pattern to do it. It's basically a tinted clearcoat with the pattern on it, and you can change it's color by laying down a different base coat color. I agree, that'd look super cool and classy on some interior parts.
  8. Right year and the whole bit.
  9. That's a great deal, I might take you up on that, Tom. Let me see what I can get done this weekend and I'll let you know Monday. Lucas
  10. Thanks fellas. Rivman, that's exactly what I was looking for. I checked ebay and saw most of those for sale, but I'm a tightwad when I know I can make something myself and save me $40 or $50. I'll fab one up out of some aluminum. I appreciate both of your responses, and now I know where it's supposed to mount to for sure. Thanks again. Lucas
  11. Thank you. On mine, I made new ones out of lexan, but you can just as easily mask off and do it to the originals. That's what I did on my Mach 1. I had him do a silverwood pattern on my door panel inserts and center stack for my gauges in that car. Here's a link to all the patterns available from my buddy and pics of the Mustang's panels. You just have to make sure it's spotless, so you have to clean all the old glue and veneer off. It was a pain on the Mustang, so that's why I just made new ones for the Riviera. He does it super reasonably priced, it's much cheaper than if you had them made out of real wood, and the possibilities are endless (there's $100 bills, skulls, American flags, flames, about 100 different woodgrains, camo, yadayadayada). Lucas
  12. Hi, I was just curious if anyone with a first gen would mind shooting a picture or two of their front license plate bracket and how it mounts to the bumper for me. My car didn't come with one and the great state of Montana requires us to have a plate on the front, so I'll be fabbing something up. Just wanted to see what it mounts to and how it's bolted up. Thanks very much! Lucas
  13. On my 63, I put a little bit on the corners, but that was it. It came out of the channel a couple of times, so I just did it in those spots. I don't think you're going to wrong either way, it's not that big of a deal just as long as it stays in place. If it doesn't, some adhesive isn't going to hurt anything, just makes it more difficult the next time around. Lucas
  14. I got mine hydrodipped (ink dipping). Just about all the "woodgrain" and "carbon fiber" you see in new cars is actually hydrodipped. There's an unlimited amount of patterns available. Pretty much anything you can think of. Lucas