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  1. Now how the heck do I delete my profile?....this board is just not for me. My suggestion to you all after I figure that out is to embrace the younger guys that customize their cars. Without them the Riviera will just go by the wayside in the future with the generally more age advanced owners of them. Its much more open and willing to help on almost every other forum I'm on. If guys like kongaman and tough guy Bernie (seriously Bernie, find a different way to stand, sit, and talk so you don't come off like a tough guy wannabe in every single post and pic) don't like what someone posts, they don't comment on it like a smartazz.... and go on debating what the stock color of door lock knobs were, which guys like me don't comment and bash on.
  2. I think if the man that designed our cars saw yours, he'd say "Yeah, it's ok. It's the closest the bean counters would let us get to what I wanted it to look like."
  3. Bill originally wanted the headlights hidden like a '65 on the '63s and '64s, did he not? What are you '63-'64 owners all doing with your headlights out in the open? Build it like Bill wanted.
  4. I believe Bill Mitchell himself was a fan of lowering the car....I'm sure if they'd have had the technology to do so, they would've come like it from the factory. Exhibit A is the Silver Arrow l. The man even had the top chopped to make the car lower, and I'm sure he would've liked our cars to look like that from the factory. Bill was a car customizer, like us "morons" that turn them into our own expressions. Most people aren't willing to put up with some compromises to get the car to look it's best. I am.
  5. If done correctly....yes. Have you driven a properly lowered one?
  6. They sure look good with those shot springs though, don't they?
  7. They sure are pretty cars stock, too
  8. Been considering the same thing....I've waylaid a filler at a gas station pretty hard when the sun was low and in my eyes, but just on the front frame crossmember. I've measured my car vs a factory '65 and it's actually over 4" lower than stock. Never been a problem and I can go over speed bumps fine at an angle, but sometimes "things" happen......
  9. Being how both cars (mustang and riviera) were being designed in completely different companies at the same time years before their release to the public.....I'm gonna go with a simple "no".
  10. If what you're after is increased safety for night driving, get an led light bar or a couple small ones and put them behind the grille. No unsightly lights sticking out ruining your car's design and you'll light up the night like a Roman candle. Working on this on mine right now. Lots of room behind that grille for pretty much whatever you can imagine.....
  11. Sorry for the misunderstanding....the little emoji rolling his eyes confused me. Thanks, now back to our regularly scheduled program. Sorry everybody!
  12. So, I'm having trouble picking up your sarcasm because we aren't face to face....are you making fun of the custom redlines on custom wheels on a custom lowered beautiful Riviera that I don't own, because redlines didn't come on the car? And making fun of my car? Seems unbecoming of a member to trash another member's taste or especially car unwarranted, don't you think? To each their own and whatnot?
  13. The cool thing about Supremes is, they work with just about any "lined" tire, from thin whitewall to WWW to redlines. I love them on certain cars, pretty much any fullsize.... Cadillacs, Rivieras, Galaxies....I tried to buy this Riv out of Detroit last year. I love it's whole set-up.
  14. Took the Riv on a 300 mile solo road trip to nowhere....All backroads, and stopped at all the interesting little bars and other neat areas along the way.
  15. Took it out for about 300 miles this weekend on nothing but backroads, stopping at all the little cool bars, restaurants, and other cool areas. No interstate weekend