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  1. I believe its 1/8", but not 100% sure, was just some stuff I had hanging around in the garage. It sticks out slightly farther than stock, but nothing noticeable after you remove all the old veneer and adhesive. I'm going to stick them on tonight if I get a couple other things done on the car.
  2. Thanks fellas. And don't worry, I already got rid of the "ricer" brake pedal for a stock one and got a stock gas pedal. It's coming along nicely, I'll post pics of the completed interior when done.
  3. Yeah, this one is a little bit "much" for me, but I'm going to be changing the red armrests to black. I've got a leatherette kit for the console coming, and I've done a black leather dash and rear package tray already. The previous owner was a man of questionable taste.......
  4. Hi, just thought I'd share some pics of the "woodgrain" panels I made for my 63's doors. I used lexan to make them and a buddy of mine does hydro dipping, so we came up with a custom red burlwood pattern to match my red leather. Just thought I'd share some pics to give some other ideas to options for them. Lucas
  5. Veneers and leatherette is on ebay now. Just ordered my set.
  6. That's cool that he's making them like that now. His prices can't be beat, and he's a really cool guy. The valley pan was top notch quality that I got from him.
  7. Just received an e-mail from Bob, said he's going to start making the leatherette sets tomorrow. Excited to get my last little bit of interior work done
  8. I don't know what factory is, but to me satin looks best on a chassis, unless you're building a Deuce coupe or something completely custom. Plus, as you stated, it'll be about 100 times easier to touch up, and it won't look as dirty or beat up after a few miles. Just my 2 cents.......
  9. Here's a link to the radiators from Jegs. They fit great, the only thing I needed was to change trans cooler fittings.
  10. Sorry fellas, was at home last night and I don't have a computer, and posting from my phone sucks. Agreed on the Richie's valve covers, I think they're cool, but I didn't like the script. The Offenhausers have always been my favorites on the Nailhead, though. Burt (aka Richie) is a super cool and super friendly guy to talk to. His valley pan fit like a glove, no mods needed, but as I stated, just pay him to have it polished. That was 4 days after work of sanding and buffing for me......As for the air cleaner.....The air cleaner originally comes with a standard base, which makes it stick up above the fenders, so I first had to get a 2.5" drop base for it, which then hit the fuel line. I got a 90 degree banjo fuel fitting for that, then it hit the electric choke on the Edelbrock carb, so I cut and welded a pie shaped section out of the drop base, then it hit the linkage. So, finally, I took a 1.5" carb/air cleaner spacer and removed about .8" out of that, and with two aircleaner/carb gaskets, it all fits now. Lots of little headaches, and I came thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to cutting the hood support for clearance, but got it all to fit after a few days of messing around. I love the batwing air cleaners, and I wasn't going to give up until it fit. Depending on what carb you've got, it may be different. If you do the math, you can probably cut out a couple of my steps, but you'll at least need a drop base and do some cutting or precise denting to get around carb parts. On my Caddy, I just had to add a .75" carb spacer for clearance on the A/C compressor and that was it.
  11. You can get them from jegs. They start at $175 and go up to $250 I think for one rated for 1000 HP, and that's what I went with. Fit and look fantastic!
  12. And a google search of 1965 Riviera interior shows just about all of them full chrome:
  13. Here is a link to a full chrome set on e-bay. Look to be original to me.
  14. Thank you guys, I like the batwing Caddy/Olds myself. It was not easy to get it to fit, and had to modify a lot of things to get it under the hood, and I can explain if anyone cares to listen haha. I wasn't going to stop until I got it under the hood and off the carb, I just feel like it fits the style of my car.....And thanks for the tip on the Loctite, it is very useful. I used to rig boats for a living, and we used blue on everything unless it was stainless on stainless, then we used anti-seize otherwise you'd gall the threads and it'd never come apart without breaking the bolt.
  15. My '63 had chrome, but it was pitted, so I sanded it down and powdercoated it black to match the headliner.