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  1. The Mach 1 is a '72......I message you a couple pics of it so I don't clutter up this thread with non-Riv photos.
  2. Been busy and not on the board much lately. Here's just a couple of mine chilling in the garage while I worked on the Mach 1 yesterday.
  3. Washington still has a few. Was in one in Spokane last month while the drug dealers were sampling their products in the parking lot....Not a joke, sadly.
  4. Nice 63 - Critiques

    I believe the vacuum canister should not have the dent being an early production model. Mine is smooth......Look at me, talking originality!
  5. 65 Riviera "chin lamps"

    If you're talking about the marker lamps under the bumper, my car has them on it. I've got the 65 grill without having the clamshell headlights, I have headlights retrofitted into my original front side markers. I didn't do the lower lamp swap myself, the car was in the process of the conversion when I bought it, and I finished it, but it looks factory. I don't have any pics with just the markers on, but I can take some detail ones tonight or tomorrow if you need or want. Lucas
  6. Tom Telesco (telriv on here) knows them in and out. I'd pm him if I wasn't going to rebuild it myself
  7. Well I WAS driving mine to work this morning......then I ran out gas....
  8. Mine is a Centennial watch from 2003. My buddy found it on Ebay for me because they're not still produced, obviously. I think you can find them fairly easily
  9. What is This?

    That's the bell housing. It houses the flywheel and torque converter and connects the trans to the engine.
  10. In the "overview" section of the radiators that I posted, it tells you what the tube size is. The Champions are fully welded and brazed. No glue or epoxy.
  11. Took the Riv out to Hamilton, MT for the air/car, those pilots are NUTS! Did a little more driving, probably going to put it away and drive my Caddy for the foreseeable little bit. Over 90 degrees here and black paint and no A/C make it kind of unbearable......
  12. Not a 1 1/4" to my knowledge. The next step up from Champion is 3 rows of 5/8". They're rated for 1000 hp they say, but you and I know that there's more to it than tube size, rows, and cores...... All I know is mine works for what I've got and that's all that matters to me. And it looks good.
  13. Just 1". Wish it was bigger tubes, but idled for over an hour yesterday and never boiled over in 90 degree heat basically not moving getting into the air/car show after driving 50 miles to Hamilton. It and the 6 blade flex fan are doing a good job this summer.
  14. If you don't mind it not being stock, I run one of these HD 2 cores in my car. It fit great other than the stock cooler lines I had to adapt, but other than that, super happy with it.|0||P_SalesVolume|1&Tab=SKU&make=4294829225&model=4294829199&year=4294829683&storeId=10001&catalogId=10002&langId=-1 Here it is in my engine compartment......