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  1. I agree with slosteve. Redlines would look good too, but anything added to an already clean design is just going to clutter up the lines of the factory body work
  2. Hmmmmm.....just looking for a quick flip apparently. I also saw it on Spokane's cl a few weeks ago. Great looking car. Do you know if it's still in the area? Lucas
  3. That it is, sir Everybody says it looks like the batmobile.
  4. Just a couple of cool pics I thought I'd share......
  5. Yessir, but I got mine from them. I looked them up on the Googles internet machine and just typed that in their search engine.
  6. Here's a list of shocks from Summit. Starting under $20 for fronts and rears, even the KYBs are under $25.
  7. Why is everybody driving in the passing lane on a double yellow stripe?!?! Just kidding......
  8. You've got some real beauties down there! I really dig the green boattail!
  9. Almost all cars that have been repainted have some form of a skin coat of filler. To metal finish is almost a lost art and extremely time consuming (read: EXPENSIVE). Think about trying to get a welded seam completely smooth to where you can't see it with just primer and paint and how much work that'd take. Dang near impossible to pull off. Leading is another option (we did that on my Mach 1), but also expensive and finding someone old school enough to do it is a task. Lucas
  10. I'm running them. The fronts are shorter on the mounting holes. I just welded a plate to them and drilled a hole in the proper spot. They work great, but my car is lowered over 3". I've always had good luck with their stuff, which is why I went with them again. Lucas
  11. Well, that and the dual 4 barrels Super Wildcat option. I'd say that's the best option to me
  12. I know its not an option, but hideaway headlights on any of them is the coolest feature of a Riv to me.....
  13. I did the same on my Mach 1. I like the sequential effect and the brake lights are super bright (the same reasons as you for getting them), but I do wish that the driving lights weren't so "digital" looking. But, it's worth the trade off.
  14. I've got some aftermarket LED taillights on my 63. Might try and see if I can do the sequential mod to them. Very cool!