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  1. Not a 1 1/4" to my knowledge. The next step up from Champion is 3 rows of 5/8". They're rated for 1000 hp they say, but you and I know that there's more to it than tube size, rows, and cores...... All I know is mine works for what I've got and that's all that matters to me. And it looks good.
  2. Just 1". Wish it was bigger tubes, but idled for over an hour yesterday and never boiled over in 90 degree heat basically not moving getting into the air/car show after driving 50 miles to Hamilton. It and the 6 blade flex fan are doing a good job this summer.
  3. If you don't mind it not being stock, I run one of these HD 2 cores in my car. It fit great other than the stock cooler lines I had to adapt, but other than that, super happy with it.|0||P_SalesVolume|1&Tab=SKU&make=4294829225&model=4294829199&year=4294829683&storeId=10001&catalogId=10002&langId=-1 Here it is in my engine compartment......
  4. Thought this was a cool color combination....looks like a nice car, and the guy sounds like he knows what he's talking about.
  5. That looks great! Excellent job.
  6. Agreed PWB. I like the natural flow of conversation, like sitting around with your buddies having a beer and the topic goes off in left field naturally. When I'm talking with people in real life, we don't end a conversation, stop, pause, then reset on a different topic. It stays flowing. And we're not all going to get along all the time. It's fun.
  7. For the original poster.....I've heard nothing but good about Scarebird or the OPGI kits. I've heard great things about the Australian Mako kits, too.
  8. I didn't mean to get into a pissing match Just different strokes for different folks.....I've actually got Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrics off a new Corvette on my Riviera. I run the shop at a Chevrolet/Cadillac dealership and I get take offs from work for basically free. Corvette guys are a weird bunch of ducks and want what they want, so I'll end up with $1800 worth of tires for nothing because the want Pirelli P Zeros or whatever else. The Riv will still lock them up. Once. Then the tires have more grip then the brakes. But still impressive for drums.
  9. Yes, I love those gauges too. I'm in the same boat, but I'd like to put them in my Mustang. The prices are pretty out there, though, as you said....Too many more "important" things to do haha
  10. Nothing super rare, but my Riv key fob and Buick watch my buddy got me for Christmas (I'm a massive watch freak).
  11. That car ended up winning all kinds of awards, I believe maybe even the Ridler. Not for everyone, but the craftsmanship is top notch.
  12. Oh, the one I posted is on Ebay again, and it's up to a whole $9,000 this time, with 2 days left.........
  13. Reminds me of this car. Before I bought my '63, I was trying to make a deal with these guys on it. They wanted $29,995 for it at the time, which was way out of my price range. I watched it get listed on Ebay a few times, where it never got over $8,000. After looking at all the pics and talking to the salesman, I told them I believed they had a $15,000 car (which I feel is generous), and they wouldn't budge under $25,000. I then offered my '70 Coupe DeVille as a part trade, telling them that I believed I had a $12,000 car, but I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and offered $5,000 difference, and I'd drive it out to Portland even and if they didn't think it was a fair deal, I'd turn around and drive home. They said the best they could do was my DeVille and me throw in $13,000 difference (my car is all original except for the rolling stock which I have the factory caps and wheels, and quite nice for those of you who've seen pics of it.) Long story kind of short, I politely told them to call me when they came down to $15,000 on it. Well, after over a year of watching it go on Ebay numerous times never getting above $8500, they've dropped it to a listed price of $25,000....You'd think they'd at least detail the undercarriage in the last year.....
  14. Put about 300 miles on my '63 just driving for no reason.......
  15. Went out on its first real road trip yesterday. 300 trouble free miles, drove around Flathead lake to Kalispell and back again. Its finally "done" enough to enjoy. Drives great after I rebuilt the front end and put the stereo in. Just need to finish the trunk in carpet and leather, but just driving it with no worries is a good feeling.