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  1. It’s a shame I didn’t have my Riviera when I was working at the airport. I was pulling a gallon a day of Avgas doing quality control that could have gone right into my tank. Nothing beats the smell of 100LL exhaust.
  2. That's it! Perfect match, even down to the leftover adhesive where the sticker was. So since this is installed in the engine bay and not the cabin, would that mean the trailer brakes would have been synced up with Riv brakes (without manual control)? I have not noticed any other signs of a trailer hitch/ tow package installed. Maybe they were set up differently than the basic U-Haul brackets I'm used to seeing. Here's a picture of the rear with no tow signs ( that I see) of a hitch setup. Also, here is the brake line that comes out of the "contraption" connecting to the master cylind
  3. I have this "contraption" in the engine bay of my 1965 Riv 401 and I haven't been able to figure out what it is yet. Can anyone give me their best guess? It appears to be wired up to the positive battery terminal and is also tubed to the brake master cylinder. The lever seems to be connected to an electrical switch inside the device. From what I can tell, it doesn't do anything when I move the lever. I have not pried the contraption open yet. I also have not seen anything like this in any member photo's of their Riv's.
  4. Thanks Ed, that video confirmed my fears that my motor is bad. Time to research where to send it off to now. So far I'm leaning towards fostermom1962 on ebay.
  5. Hey y'all, I have a new to me 1965 Riviera with headlight visors that will not close. This forum has been a huge help so far and I've followed the suggestions of Seafoam65 in testing all wiring and relays (all look good). I suspect the motor itself is burned out, but I am wondering if theres anything else I can test before I send it out for replacement/ rebuild. I have power on the brown wire all the way to the microswitch on the motor, but not downstream of it (I'm assuming the closed switch prevents that). Is it possible a microswitch could be bad and not the motor? Has anyon
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