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  1. I found a lot of things different between my early build '63 and even just later on '63s when I was buying parts for it during it's rebuild. Different sized fuse panel cover, for one. Never did locate one that fit, and I bought 3 that were supposedly correct.
  2. Is your starter wired up yet? I remember mine had violet and yellow going to it, don't remember a connector like that, though.
  3. Thanks Jason! Had to sell the beloved Riviera to get it, but it has always been the other (realistic) dream car of mine besides the Mach 1.
  4. Thanks Yep, was a labor of love for a few years, lots and lots of work. Miss it but couldn't afford my '60 Coupe Deville without sacrificing it. Build thread from the time I picked it up until it got loaded on the trailer for the new owner: http://v8buick.com/index.php?threads/my-63-riviera-custom.316125/
  5. 1996 Riviera for sale on the V8 forum. Briz is a really good guy: http://v8buick.com/index.php?threads/96-riviera-titled-parts-car.360601/
  6. 20x8.5 and 20x10 Ridler 695s on my former Riv.
  7. Not a Riv, but none for me, either. Luckily my paint was ok and I just had to buff the edge a bit. You want a car to look like it's one piece as much as possible from a design flow point of view. The less things breaking up the profile, the better.
  8. X2 on what Tom said. If you're going to pay someone else to do it, Jim W is the man for the job: http://www.trishieldperformance.com/
  9. Nope, not off base, just a lot of misinformation and old wives tales out there about AvGas 100LL. It's all we had back in the day for race engines and before hardened seats became a thing on rebuilds. Like I said, years and years of real world experience running it instead of hearsay with nothing but positive results on anything that is not fuel injected, and the only reason not to run it on those is because it will foul O2 sensors.
  10. I've been running 50/50 mix of 100LL and pump non-ethanol 91 octane in my 13.5:1 552 cubic inch iron head Ford for 13 years. Ran the same mix on the nitrous oxide 351 Cleveland that was in it for 15 years before that. Without the 100LL it'll ping itself to death, with it we're good to go. We also ran the same in our drag cars since I was just a little tyke and my Dad drag raced back in the 80s, because there was no such thing as the internet and race gas wasn't readily available. My older brother ran it straight in his 11 second Chevelle..... I've heard plenty of naysayers and have yet to
  11. Hello, I have some leftovers from my '63 I sold a while ago. I'm looking to get $90 for all of it plus shipping. I think I should be able to get all the parts in 1 or 2 USPS flat rate boxes, otherwise shipping cost will be from 59801. Ok, here's the list. I have: 1) complete set of Trim Parts exterior door handles and gaskets. New, never installed. 1) set of brand new never installed TS 197 Napa brake shoes for the front. 1) new never installed passenger side Soffseal quarter to front glass seal. My car only needed the driver's side, so this is a leftover. 2) g
  12. Looking to sell the rolling stock off my '60 Deville. I have 4 chrome Kelsey Hayes wheels. 2 are in great shape (run on the front) 1 is decent, and the 4th is one that I always run hidden under the skirt. Center caps are good, but the ones I run on the rear do have a couple small dings. Cap logos look like they've been repainted on the two nicer center caps. Tires are nearly new Hankook Optimo white walls in 235/75R15. Tires don't have more then 500 miles on them, mounted, balanced, and roll smooth. Car does not shake a bit with these wheels and tires. Just looking to step into something diff
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