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  1. Hey all I heard Mr. Steve Tcaks is selling his '71. I'm out of country and don't have my ROA mag. If anyone can have him contact me via PM or phone I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Paul
  2. Good catch. A 59G bid battle was no joke. Appears like an apartment complex where the cellphone quality images were taken. Something stinks...😷
  3. Very good photo history depicting the story. I love all the versions. There just is no bad choice here on the first generation vehicles. Nice work. Thanks all
  4. National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966, which is now codified at 49 U.S.C. ch. 301 "The basic requirements of FMVSS No. 118 are enumerated in paragraph S4 of the standard. They include the fundamental requirement that power windows must not be operable unless the vehicle's ignition switch is in the “On,” “Start,” or “Accessory” position. In this way, the standard provides a simple means (i.e., ignition key removal) by which a vehicle's windows can be disabled and thus safeguarded from accidental closure. Paragraph S4 does specify a few exceptions where power windows may close without the vehicle's ignition being turned on (e.g., by use of a limited-range remote control), but each exception is specified in such a way that safety can still be assured" 12 hour shifts in Saudi Arabia...Yeah, I'm that bored. ?
  5. Mr. Jim Heres a link to a '67 wiring diagram which is almost identical to a '68.
  6. Yes, I thought I've seen that before but always scratched my head over it. Strange location. Are these standard equipment for '65? I'd love to have a green '65 one day. I'm tempted to run to the bank - gotta stop myself. This rear bumper seems a bit tweaked. Thanks Rivman!
  7. Another gorgeous green '65 Anyone know of this car? I wonder what that switch is....
  8. Sorry Mr. Reed. Is the speedo cable socket rounded out? Frustrating that GM speedos are sub-par. Theres a few on ebay for sale but I'd prefer to have my original repaired.
  9. I dropped these pics from the 'net and thought it might help through the entanglement. You might as well replace all the bulbs while your in there. Get the LL (long life) As you know all that has brittle plastic mounted on it. Good luck.
  10. PWB

    Boattail door handle - reproduction ?

    Now, wouldn't that be nice on a Chevelle? ?
  11. Appears to be a road salt car you have. All the typical areas. Here lies a Florida '73 worth the floor shift and buckets: Unless it was a beach car, you may have some luck. I'm out of town so I cant get under it.
  12. That’s a good indicator the head internals are ok. I would disconnect the conduit at the tranny next and turn the internal cable with a variable speed drill motor to isolate.
  13. Does it return to zero when parked?
  14. Well, what-a-ya know? Who says green don't sell now? SOLD FOR $59G What a bid battle!