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  1. Employing the + Quote option helps alleviate thread confusion at times. now, if I could find some professional help....
  2. I apologize. I just wanted to provide an alternative (much better interior IMO) silver car for your friend. And the price did just drop. Dealer price point killer. The Phily interior is scary to me. And can cost a bundle to re-do. Best of luck to your friends search.
  3. Tranny in drive? Check ALL linkage/spring between carb. and accelerator pedal. Look behind the pedal as well. Something must be bent or worn between all. Is it all stock? Floor boards replaced?
  4. Indeed - the states went bonkers over the bicentennial. Every commercial enterprise jumped on it, even her:
  5. "Patterned Velour" = wild times Its '76, toss the ascot and don a Ankh Pendant
  6. Yup - groovy grainy somethin'. I think ROA needs to initiate an investigation. Heres a red version:
  7. Well, this '63 deluxe silver just dropped to $25,500.
  8. Nice! Like new. Love the wheel covers. I've always wondered how the dash cluster illumination appears. The silver face impresses. Congrats
  9. Sharp! Cant wait to see them installed. Keep us posted.
  10. Sure looks like a '67 knob style. Where does the knob install? Cool trick but not very aesthetic. War of the Worlds
  12. Great I'll check it out. I found my spring partially disconnected. I guess its just a retainer for the main spring. Tryin to get her ready for southeast regional. Thank you much
  13. I can't find a good pizza joint here in Ocala. Was spoiled in NY. Heck, I cant find a good Chinese joint either. Home cookin then. I would love to see a photo documentary on the seat resto' done to original. Cotton and burlap - mice like it more than pizza!