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  1. Mr. Tom, Do you sell these seals? If so, for which engines? Thanks
  2. Indeed. Its obvious the studio sprayed the fin and sail. They used to spray clear matte on most of the vehicles to not let bright reflections blind the camera AND detract from subject. Sometimes they used too much on TV shows as well...but I digress. Sorry
  3. Love it Only Mr. Bernie would inference my post this way. If we can leave y and z out of it, I’ll take a cut from a linea abscissa at eight feet. If you please? - Will leave me room for mistakes in which I’m prone. LOL And no empirical use of this in the measure:
  4. Super nice Does anyone know if the scroll holes are accurate? I've seen them only on the right side and like below on both:
  5. Hey gang Any one know where I can get windshield washer nozzle hose 4 "spine", circa 1967? ebay just has the TRICO larger diameters. Thanks!
  6. One of the best indicators of mileage on these 66/67's are the deformations of the the door pulls. A 75K door pull should have minimal if ANY distortion IMO. Get a load of the ghost controlling the headlamps: Spooky If that doesn't sell her, I don't know what will RC!?
  7. Yes sir - among And partly why I never bought a Buick new. Touché One could pause as to why the (once) heralded family shield of Buick persisted with GM... Another thread perhaps?
  8. Well, the initial question was rather vague. It opened the flood gates. I found all the posts interesting and entertaining. The invaluable knowledge (and humor) delivered by you and others is what makes this forum a great place for shared experience and knowledge ... entertainment (sometimes) Mama always said, "Keep the porch light on". Hmmmm
  9. The whole point of stating "Two pennies" is a declaration in humility and describing ones expression/statement as UNDER value. I don't see anything hi-jacked, pushed or sold here in this forum's thread. No offense intended. Mama always said, "If you don't like whats on, change the channel"
  10. If either disc or drum is brought to the performance level of locking the fronts at any real world temperature, whats the difference aside from aesthetics? - Until ABS is added, I'm indifferent 'til I kiss a windshield. Then its an outer (Fisher) body experience Two pennies
  11. Very good images indeed. For all to judge. I hope the best to buyer and seller. May the Riviera survive....
  12. The instrument gauge cluster is cracked right down the center. How the heck could that happen? Prior wreck? The rear arm pads are rotted and the lower interior panels are yellowed. No A/C in a top Buick? Who played kick the can with the gas tank? I love the car too but seeing this with images would have me nervous about 38 g's Maybe...37? Yes...37
  13. For storm cases. There are a few retailers out there. Their cross section is D-shaped. Cut to fit. I cut at a 45'. I could have made at least 2 out of mine. Here is one source:
  14. His store front states partly: "...restoration with troubleshooting and diagnostics" Sorry he couldn't help
  15. Captain Cadillac specializes in these. Repair and sell. He has an ebay store as well. Good luck