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  1. Haggerty #3 Good Condition 1963 Riviera Base $15,800. Condition rating scale: [ 1967 base #3 valued $900 more ]
  2. Prepare for sticker shock. A perfect set of "turbines" can cost almost as much of those of chrome rims. P02's would appear great on a '64 IMO.
  3. All posters available at: Which I believe is robbery for an 11X17 print at $60. US You could easily print your own at much less $. (For private use)
  4. Yes. It is slightly lower than say - it could be. i.e. the top of the window is 1/4" below the opening full down position. The bottom travel stop bolt is there and tight. When I hand force the window up it all works again. No corrosion in the rails. Plenty o grease. Just BAD geometry in this thing - I guess ugh
  5. Konga I found no chewed up teeth on either motor nor scissor. The travel has not exceeded any limit. Teeth were engaged well when motor was in. When motor is out all goes up and down fine. The "wheel" in the rail has no flat spots. Its quite nerve racking....
  6. Greetings Riviera fans, I seem to have an intermittent issue with my left rear power window. When I purchased the car, the window would not go down. Bought a new motor, R&R - worked fine. I hardly ever drive this car, its got super low mileage and zero rust. Wires and their sheathing are still pliable. In other words - almost like new. Few months pass by and again the window locks up again. I know there is power to motor, I can see the ammeter dropping when I hit the switch. I can hear the very faint click in the motor with each flip. Take motor out and check it. Works fine out of car. I grease all up. Put another new motor in, anyway. Nothing binding, dragging or squealing. All seemed right as rain again. A month later again the motor is locked in the full down position. Same observation - amp draw and faint clicking sound with each switch flip. Tried to pry it up. Nada. I replaced several GM motors in other models with never a glitch. Any clues? Thanks
  7. They do appear...chromier! Safer night driving, I'm sure. I'll stick to ol' school T3's.
  8. Buick Tachometer

    Whoa that's a gorgeous instrument panel. I see now these little tachs go for huge picayune! Maybe someday....
  9. Buick Tachometer

    The case which is suspended. Not the other styles like in the floor consoles. This must be one rare gem! I want one.
  10. Here she is with her top down:
  11. Buick Tachometer

    Any one know what years/time span this model tach. covered? (Don't ya love it?) Thank you
  12. I've got family I never yet met in beautiful Australia. Someday. Been to Perth, loved it. Enjoy the forum. Great people and knowledge here.