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  1. Wasn't this for sale like...7 months ago? I remember the bent right front fender. You would think they could at least fix it. I thought it sold. I guess 55G don't fly fast.
  2. Oh here they are:
  3. The term should have initiated as OLD - NEW STOCK. ONS! As is, "Do you have any old new stock items?"
  4. Ditto, rear '73 with a '71 front. Ka-pow!
  5. I just noticed the right pillar vinyl is all bubbled up. Not mint
  6. Lid and/or '67 GS base. A few web-sites sell them. They are a ring but the cross-section is a correct D shape. They all are. The outer indent is created by compression. Its a good seal. Heres one for 8 bucks:
  7. I finally found an outstanding air cleaner housing (base) seal replacement for my '67. Fits my old lid cover as well. They are used on the storm cases and last forever. It is simply perfect. About 20 bucks. Should fit any 60's '70's cleaners? Its enough for two bases. Used scissors to make a 45 degree lap joint at back of cleaner. A knife does not work as well. Just had to share with my Riv. pals because I don't see better on the 'net.
  8. Finally found an outstanding air cleaner housing (base) seal replacement for my '67. It is perfect. About 20 bucks. Should fit any 60's '70's cleaners base or lid. Just had to share because I don't see better on the 'net.
  9. Wow! Classy I believe its an exact match. Thank you very much. I'd like to get a dealer book but the two I've seen commanded a few hundred bucks and they were far from mint. So no
  10. Not sure of '66. My '67 latch/hatch have paint. It has never been repainted - for sure. But the car in question appears to have over spray on the floor pans. Unless thats bright red rust - exactly where over spray would land. This is a Q. for JZ
  11. 70 Bucks (U.S.) This will be my second go around. I cut and re-soldered my last one. Worked fine but I screwed it up be cutting the wires. Didn't realize I could simply unplug at the the terminal - what a knuckle head
  12. A good sheet metal man with an English wheel and passion can bring her back. This ride would win at BJ, west of Mississippi in this economy. Key is - attention to detail
  13. Indeed, I posted this clover before. See Connies Lucky '69. ROA Forum post: My lead engineer whom resides near Coeur d'Alene turned me on to her. He's willing to check her out if anyone is serious.