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  1. Great. Glad to see them get a home. check or PayPal will work. pm me your address and we’ll see what USPS may charge
  2. I have a nice set of four hubcaps without a matching car to go with them. You pay shipping . Paul
  3. I’ll bet it’s screamin hot under the Cali sunshine! My refridgerent is all leaked out. I don’t dare take my double black out this time of year! 🌞 How does R134 run in these ol gals?
  4. Site states only one remaining! I almost got one just ‘cause I’d like to get a ‘69 someday
  5. Indeed And only ‘73 had the tucked rear bumper and draped trunk lids. The ‘76 headlamp “array” was all the rave but the original Euro look was lost in my opinion. Both ‘73 Montes / Riviera’s have nice big hips! My ‘73 Riv is out there somewhere
  6. Yes Tim, finally. 350 4 Barrel / stock dual exhaust big banana. Zero rust. Still has bright silver unpainted surfaces in the trunk. Light colored cloth seats for the hot summers here. Nice driver not too bad on gas. I'll trade for the right '73 Riv' someday. Happy fathers day all!
  7. You’ll have to leave your top hat 🎩 behind. WILD RIDE! 🤩
  8. The fine details make for a fine piece. Can’t wait to see the tail lights. Inspiring - I’ve been neglecting my Riv for working on my house. where are my priorities? LoL
  9. Perhaps one of the lobes on the return to park side is worn away - at the trannies' connection. I'd get under and take it apart there first. With the car parked and blocked of course. Was it recently serviced? How many miles? City or highway?
  10. Absolutely stunning ‘71. I’d be nervous to drive it. A floor shift?
  11. Bring your Riv’ by me here in Ocala and we’ll get her done. We have the NPD and Garlets auto museums too. Well over a thousand vehicles between the two. Paul
  12. Sweet perfection. What - you don’t want replicate the glue overspray? 🤪 kidding
  13. Really nice 👍 you may want to use lithium for lube as it seems not to soften paint. Or test an area after 3 days for full paint “cure”.
  14. Indeed! How rare and classy - turbines AND cloth seats. Business class upgrade for comfortable hauls.
  15. Quite impressive metal work over in Essex. A reminder of just how massive this generations hulk is. Buick Riviera 1.html Forgive if previously posted