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  1. With the positive pressure test use dish soap and water mix sprayed on all components. (Heavy on the soap) Saturate and wait for the bubbles.
  2. Mr. Jim White or Red stripes? Would you please post images of your Riviera? Would love to see
  3. PWB

    1967 Buick tires

    I'll throw a wrench in this: Notice they underlined whitewall. Were red stripe radials available for '67? Bet not from dealer. Mr. Jim, we'd sure appreciate a pic of your Riv. Thanks
  4. Stunning combo. Classy too. Could easily be reverted if desired. 👍
  5. The Buick Bugle lists them but I don't think it could be officially quoted?
  6. Where Yoga got started. Certified instructor now.
  7. What was this guy smoking when he wrote up this one ? Kona Gold? Just a guess... I'd say Hawaiian Fantasy - LoL
  8. I survived Katrina in NOLA and Irma here last year. Fortunately I had houses on high ground. Really stinks if you lose power after the storm. Mr. Mike - we have a spare bed and bath here for you and yours - god forbid you need it. Good luck.
  9. The looped web at the male latch does not pass thru unassembled. Otherwise it would retract into the housing. Bust out the saddle needle if you don’t want to notch the plastic.
  10. CARS blows it again. Sorry Mr Bill.
  11. PWB

    Engine Removal

    The mounts appear great. Does the rubber still flex with an imprint? If you cant separate with a few pounds of force they should be good. As you know left and rights are not interchangeable. And anything new is probably garbage that can NOT withstand heat or vibration. I'm sure TA sells a decent product but it may be more race rigid poly?
  12. I concur! The deluxe wheel covers must be seen clean and in person to be fully appreciated. They have facets and depth in the sunlight. They can be broke down fairly easy for spring cleaning. Its like looking down the intake of an old fighter jet. Sure beats looking at a common set of lug nuts IMO 😎
  13. PWB

    Engine Removal

    Oh great. Now I’m having nightmares about my timing chain. 😵 Otherwise, that’s a geat lookin’ motor! How many miles on her? Thanks for the vids too.
  14. Appears like a Riviera and a Monte Carlo gave birth. 🤪
  15. Guess I’ll get on the wagon and do mine this winter. And change all the main seals on her. Please post pics all thanks