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  1. First time I've eyed this cool ad
  2. Best green I've ever seen on a Mach1. Is that a factory color option?
  3. Thanks guys. Beers on me when I see ya here at the regional!
  4. The scratches are pretty light. I dont want to remove any door panels, ugh. I was planning to use a Dremel with compound and disk pads. Lazy approach ?
  5. Please help I'd like to polish fine scratches on my original '67 window "rails". I just can't tell if they are chromed. I don't want to burn through any chrome plate. Are they SS plain or chrome capped? (Already done the #0000 wool) Thanks!
  6. If I may liken my Riviera to Raquel Welch (then) and a ATS coupe to Scarlette Johansen (now) - I'd admit I could diversify if the later two were even obtainable. So I'll just name my Riv' Raquel for now.
  7. At least most of the body lines and all of the chrome and dash remain. Its easily identified as a Riviera. One less Riviera to end up in the smelter. I was just in a yard outside Boise with multiple Rivieras melting into the Earth, beyond saving. This is a Phoenix to me - if anything. Hopefully new generations eyes will appreciate it. (you know I prefer original)
  8. I noticed second gen. hood trim skipped black paint? My last two had black.
  9. Thank you. Please tell us more about your good family and the countless memories they fostered in way of our Buick's. More detail brings to life that which was given. And welcome to a bigger family!
  10. Are you kidding? Beauty of decay, with purpose. I want my final ride in this beauty. It would be an honor. (Closed casket) There is some history to this. Do you have any data? I would resurrect this ferry of Styx if I could. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.
  11. Apparently - the wife took her out while I was out of town! 1/4 tank missing Recent pic:
  12. I've never seen the Reatta tail at night. Impressive! Hats off, thanks - maybe this finally explains the quadruple Reatta threads as to ROA....
  13. NICE! And here is her sister, left behind in Florida. Same ride without the consolette. Called the owner - nice guy. Rims do not seem original? Just had the front seats done very well IMO: I don't have room for another car I would trade for a BT if the right one came along. I can check it out if someone is interested.
  14. Gents Are second and third gen. steering boxes interchangeable? For the intent of gaining a quicker ratio on a second gen. Thank you
  15. I had to adjust mine as well. Is fairly easy but you must do it in small increments or you'll rip the felt sweep off. I did not remove my glass. It can be done with fine turns of the top most adjustment screw. Here is a link which depicts not the same but similar set-up as far as adjusting goes. QUARTER WINDOW INSTALLATION-ADJUSTMENT.pdf