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  1. I recall having extreme difficulty in finding these mint in ‘88. Thank goodness for the internet and the ROA! I don’t believe I’d have a Riviera without them
  2. Nice job! Nothing missing now. That missing piece would’ve drove me insane also. Those 68+ loop bumpers have their quirks.
  3. Outstanding gold IMO. If it were a black or white interior I’d be very interested but then the price would be higher?
  4. Elle est belle. Toutes nos felicitations. She is beautiful. Congratulations
  5. This piece was discussed at our SE ROA meet. IMO one could be fabricated out of sheet metal. Perhaps coat it in Plasti-dip.
  6. Gold piece. A cast should be made. That lens can be 3D laser-printed. $$ My job has such printers but I don't have access. There may be companies that do it? Hey Mike - look - he has gas pedals!
  7. Beautiful set of salt and pepper shakers. Congrats
  8. Not mine Its all there, sin knobs and the chrome is in fantastic condition. $125 awesome deal IMO and these are all repairable. Just thought I'd share.
  9. The very small amount of the red on the tires goes perfect with it IMO. And I would only consider a few colors to do so - this being one combo. It is a unique, palatable presentation while remaining period correct. Nice commission. Congrats.
  10. Hilarious! Now that's something I would do - forget the small wrench. Eagle eye, JZ. You should be on the judges panel. Aside from a lot of fixable stuff - I'm not seeing a posi-tag as posi traction is proclaimed. I've never seen this red in person. An amazing color in these sun shined images. Looks like a recent rush whole prep to sell. Hope it sells well.
  11. Hubba hubba Not getting the orange block but otherwise amazing combo.
  12. Everyone’s cars look fantastic. Congrats to everyone Including the photographer(s). Great Review
  13. Thanks JZ! I just joined that forum. Requested one. I installed a stainless stud and plastic washer for longevity. The Riv should last longer than me LoL
  14. The R on the drivers sail panel being there and 15° away from level is enough to scare me away LoL I guess this is what 70 G gets you these days.
  15. Accessories? We don’t need no dang accessories! Good catch NC. I think a heater core would be relatively easy to change on a 68?