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  1. PWB

    To resonate or not?

    The poor abandoned exhaust resonator. Any technical or note passion remaining for '60's / '70's resonators? Anyone?
  2. That made my weekend! have you hugged your Riviera today? 🙂
  3. I just got a quote from Just Dashes on a ‘73 Monte. about 1g for basic service. Another 150 for cracked speaker area and about 200 for paint match. (Black is standard)
  4. 1965 silver cloud up to $57,000!! 7 hours remaining!
  5. Indeed. Here in Florida non-ethanol is running 3.50 gal. Wait till the summer traditional hike goes up 🙁
  6. Yes, thank you. Love the color because it has a bit of metallic. There is a driver quality one for sale I like. I would use as a driver but with the gas prices skyrocketing I hesitate. I recall my prior ‘73 mandated hi octane fuel. Any one getting away with burning today’s low octane corn oil??
  7. Hey gang Does this plate paint code decipher as Midnight Gray? Thank you
  8. Good catch. The curtains should match the drapes! Sometimes more is just...more.
  9. I see the dealer/aftermarkets did well. That's a bling bling sandwich on too little real estate! Now - I'd have to fill the hole then repaint. '74 Chevy and a '75 Caddy...whoa Nelly
  10. Ya gotta give the upholsterer credit. That's a ton of labor!
  11. In the market for a boat tail. Whats with this double R ornament? The R styles don't match at all. My '73 did not have two "R"s. Thanks!
  12. Huh. That tells me the images are probably a decade old. I just went out of my way to Philadelphia to look at a car which initial photos must’ve been a decade old. Nothing like being deceived. The car showed rust where the hi-resolution pictures did not. Infuriating. One never knows until in person. Not the first time I’ve been duped and won’t be the last. Some people, I’ll tell ya!
  13. Welcome! This car had A/C. It was removed. I see wiring, brackets and controls for A/C. It would be easy to return the system. Shift console adds value. Good luck
  14. Two wildcats: