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  1. Don’t forget the left to right steering conversion kit. 😏 Congratulations
  2. Just ask Steve for the keys to his house up north, I’ll bet his beers darn cold too! lol
  3. My leaky old cork was bleeding after sitting in a garage for years. Like Mr. Bernie stated, let her run 100 miles and she'll seal herself up. Thus she did. Cork - the natural sealant. No aids needed.
  4. Pinging when floored

    Hee hee Corn rots - dinosaurs don't - Muscle cars and I prefer red meat WHEN are you going to write your book, Bernie??? There are editors for hire....
  5. Hoo wee, some scary stuff. Makes me glad to have dual reservoir - fin cooled - booster Dewey on my '67! No drama - Happy Golden Anniversary '67!
  6. The early Rivieras had some of the best headliners ever made. I've seen these headliners being the solely intact item on some otherwise derelict cars. I have no idea as to what is up/under there. I'm betting on there being insulation. Surely someone shall chime in... Some generic stuff here. Hi temp 3M spray adhesive should hold them in until the liner is up:|Make%3ABuick&hash=item1e8975d6e2:g:mUgAAOSw9OFZN7Ob&vxp=mtr
  7. Just received console shift lever fuzzy and I'm very pleased with the product. Not quite as dense as the original but its the best runner up I could find. SO, I got plenty left over for any brave souls out there. Give a ring.
  8. A project worthy of Hot Rod Mag and the Review. Incentive for my back burner projects and all reversible. Time to start my own collection. Look forward to more. Thanks Mr. Ed and all chiming in.
  9. Love it. I'll just throw my spare and jack out. Ride on half a tank. That's equivalent to the weight of my first date. Let my new posi do some work for once.
  10. A 4MV for sure. (For My Valentine) She's a beauty too.
  11. Curious...was an aftermarket aluminum version ever produced for the rears?
  12. That's awesome Steve! This guy HAD one but may have leads: Everyone, please post pics of your projects.
  13. Hah, I just called Mr. Tim myself. No go. We'll find one ....
  14. Mr. Reed C.A.R. states they have one: 530-272-1564 West Coast time