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  1. The car isn't "perfect" so I believe it sold well. Black on black ever popular. The sole Riviera at BJ Vegas. Some really nice cars. A few sold surprisingly very cheap. At least $200,000. to charity, always good. Will watch tonight!
  2. At BJ for $33,000
  3. 1976 Riviera s/r

    A very rare and well equipped vehicle you have. You may require '76 shift lever linkage and red (for plastic) paint in addendum to these:
  4. 1976 Riviera s/r

    Mr. LaScala, Welcome to the ROA forum. You will find many knowledgeable and well seasoned Riviera veterans here. Your console option is a gorgeous one and there are several available now on ebay. What current floor shift configuration do you possess, if any? The prior years of "boat tail" consoles are the same as '76. Here is a prior thread with relevant detail: Any posted images of your interior would help. Thanks!
  5. No Wildcats here. Keep scrolling
  6. Same cover different center cap. The Corvette gang goes bonkers for them. Thats why a mint set commands high coin. They made a 14" version for Camaros but by then no one wanted covers anymore. Most were melted away or Devo used them for hats.
  7. Gorgeous! Congratulations. This wheel does not fit my '67. A knife in the heart.
  8. I got in an accident ...that way Lets keep our eyes on the tach .... and road
  9. I'm in Cleburne, TX now with a rental Camaro. I must say I dont like the new Camaro AT ALL. The weather is awesome 70's. Your rims are stunning with your car. I've never seen them before. The (mag) silver with black inserts go well with the body. Angular curve combined. Is that a single stage paint? Gorgeous
  10. Yup Last year was '67 deluxe interior option. I remember them as a kid back seater and own them now. As the world turns....
  11. Dual carb. setup propels it to a higher level in Nirvana. A period correct tach. proud atop dash center - justified and warranted. Not a distraction there IMO. The dash pads are repro. available if a future owner dislikes. - heck - the resell of the tach. would more than pay for the dash pad. Its combos like this that make all the buzz at BJ. "Whats that tach. doin there? Whats under the hood?" BAM
  12. Upgrading - a very contagious disease. I hope we get well soon.
  13. I like this guys idea. I realize now there is no smooth way to place this knocker on a second gen. (You can tell I have NO work today) Dang - this is a well optioned vehicle. Disc brakes AND Stereo
  14. Perfect wheel to a perfect stranger = $400. US minimum. Are you upgrading to the deluxe wheel?