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  1. Hi, I'm interested, do you have any pictures? Mine is ok, but it's worn in the oil pump housing and some corrosion around the water ports. Regards. Thorbjørn Norway
  2. Hi. I need a new timing cover to my Riviera. I see that summit sells one and I've heard about the TA. Which are the better of those? Are they made with the same quality, or is the TA much better?
  3. Do you know if a sway bar from a 67 Impala would fit my 67 Riviera?
  4. Ok. Thanks. Do you americans have any idea of where to buy some used one? East-coast may be the best place for me, the shipping costs are a bit high from the West coast I think.
  5. Ok. Thanks, do you know what other car that shared the front sway bar with the Riviera? And some places to buy a used one? Thanks!
  6. Sorry, I listed the wrong partnumber. The right one is 1371853, It seems that LeSabre, Wildcat, Electra and Riviera shared the stabilizer bar / sway bar ?
  7. I did this yesterday, but I haven't seen any receipt or any email?
  8. Hi, on my Riviera I've a very beefy front stabilizer bar. I want to get an original one. I got 3 different part numbers 397703 (size 0.781") 397706 (size 0.937") 397704 (size 0.875") I wonder if some of you know where to buy this? When searching the net the 397703 sometimes shows up as the stabilizer bar to the 64-74 Chevelle, other A-bodies, some F-bodies and so on. Could I use this one? It's the Dorman 927-175 who shows up at a 64-74 Chevelle at rockauto.com Thanks from Norway.
  9. Ok. I'll see what I can find here in Norway first, but how about the exhaust, do you guys have any mufflers?
  10. Thank you for answer. This is like a stock item? It will fit a stock 430? I'll live in Norway, do you have any idea of the shipping cost? I also have an adress in the US, 33311, how much for shipping at that location do you think? Kind regards from Norway.
  11. Hi, I've a 67 Riviera with the 430 enigne. I need a Hamonic balancer, does anybody have an idea where I could buy one? And I need the rear exhaust mufflers. I have only the mufflers under the front seat, and the car gets a little noisy at 55 mph. I want to keep it as stock as possible. Where to buy?