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  1. Been working on the body. My body guy got the rumble lid finished and in primer and has the majority of the body pretty much squared away other than the lower front passenger side cowl. I put all the patches in the car except that one. I had cut the patch panel and spotted it in but my old paint shop got in a new brass wire welder and they wanted to try it out. Needless to say, the patch wasn’t so good and my new body guy didn’t like it at all. It would have required way more filler than it should have seeing since it was solid metal so tonight I cut the old repair out and using my tig, welded in a new patch. I struggled for about an hour trying to weld because it’s hard using the pedal when you’re crouched down. All of a sudden the light came on and I realized all I had to do was put it up on my lift to eye level. Needless to say it went easy after that and it will get a little further tin knocking but the whole area is a lot better now.
  2. chistech

    Inflatable paint booth

    No. I’m also painting my own cars in my booth. Anything for anyone else will go to a shop where they can stand behind their work. I’ll do my own restorations in my garage.
  3. chistech

    Inflatable paint booth

    1.Would have used a totally enclosed mercury thermostat. Connection is made inside the glass but this was only if the booth was used outside and would run the propane fired heater box, again, outside. 2. My hot air furnace pulls outside air for combustion but continue reading. And yes, pretty familiar with turbine engines. 3. Yes, with the booth in the garage there will be heat. The garage will be warmed up and the make up blower will blow warm air into the inside to warm the booth. Heating system will be shut down,one garage door opened up about 1’, the other 1’, which makes a wind tunnel type exhaust along the floor through my 60’ long garage. Painting will be done with make air coming in from a pipe from chamber of warm air furnace. (Which is off during painting) Also, in booth warm air rises so cooler air will enter near floor and exit at rear of booth through charcoal filters. Don’t paint with heat on anyway as it’s hard to keep a wet edge if your paint is drying. Ever see a painter keeping a wet edge? My painter never turns his heat on to bake a car until after 10 minutes after painting and NO ONE is in the booth. 4. Have a fresh air breathing system with Tyvek fresh air hoods and suits from my days servicing medical waste processing equipment. 5. Booth is commercially made and is designed for air flow, see #4 above, also see 1,2,and 3. What makes you think I haven’t thought about the whole process? Also, oxygen and air are a lot different when it comes to combustion. 6. I have actually built, installed, repaired gas fired hard walled paint booths in the past. I still continue to rebuild the blower units for them to this day. 7. Again, the heat is turned on AFTER painting is done and any paint mist has been exhausted. While fixed wall commercial booths are designed with optimal temperatures, allowing my make up blower to blow in piped heated air directly off the garage hot air furnace will help the paint cure better than no heat at all.
  4. chistech

    Inflatable paint booth

    The outside is held up with air with one blower and a second blower forces air to the inside which exhausts through two big charcoal filters at the far end. The material is a special material that doesn’t build static electricity but as a precaution you can spray it down inside with an anti-static solution. They are using these all over the place these days.
  5. chistech

    Inflatable paint booth

    I don’t think painting one or two cars a year will be much problem. There are two charcoal filters on the end and from what I’ve been told by other users is there is very little fume or smell that comes out. Can use a water based paint too.
  6. chistech

    Inflatable paint booth

    Got my booth in yesterday. Set it up behind the garage to make sure all was correct with it. Took about 3-4 minutes to fully inflate because it needs a little help at first to get all four corners up and I was by myself. After taking some measurements I realized it will fit inside my garage and will just be up against the bottom of my trusses. This is a good thing as I won’t have to worry about the weather and my garage has heat for the cold times. I hadn’t put the filters in when I took the pictures.
  7. When ever I complain about her pickiness to her that’s exactly what she says!
  8. I’m married. EVERY car is her car! Actually, the thing that sold her on this car is it’s a convertible. She loves convertibles. Now, they have to be in proportion. Long hoods like a jag XK8 are out, short back ends like BMW and some others are out to. Too small like MGs, Miatas, TRs, and too big are also out. She did really like the Pontiac Solstice I took her to drive one day, but then said we didn’t need another car. Then the big kicker on anything old, she wants an automatic roof. So, you see, she’s made a concession on the Olds. She thinks the hood is long also but she’s coming around. So while I posted earlier how great she is, she’s equally picky about things! LOL
  9. I should have posted this response earlier. Yes John, I am definitely very lucky. I really ended up with this car because of my wife. This car is the third vehicle I’ve restored for myself. The first my blazer and the second my 31’ Chevy. When I told my wife I wanted a rumble seat car and had a line on a nice one that was all done but just needed to be repainted, she put the kabosh on it saying if we got another car, she wanted it to be a full restoration done by me (She’s my biggest fan), not just a repainted car someone else had done. I told her we could still go look at the car but it turned out when I called the owner, she had sold it. Found the Olds by circumstances too long to mention. My wife took on look at it and knowing how much it cost thought I was a little crazy but then said she trusted me. Now, after seeing just the wheels painted, she’s telling me she’s going to be paranoid about driving it because she appreciates all the work that goes into it and also knows the lack of regard people out there can have for nice cars. Is she a full fledged car person, no, is she a understanding and great wife, absolutely. And like all my cars, she’s not available!?
  10. My neighbor is a professional polisher and has his own small spray booth in his back garage for lacquering parts. I had already told him I was getting it and he came over to help me erect and pack it away. It took about two minutes to inflate and about 10 for it to deflate on its own. Simple enough.
  11. The stencil material is extremely thin but also very tough and stays put when rubbed down with purpose. I simply scuffed the whole area with a red pad paying attention to scuff with the direction of the stencil edges, not against them. It wasn’t really hard to do a good job and you could easily see the scuffed surface in the reflection telling you any spots that needed more attention. It was probably one of the easiest procedures on these wheels.
  12. Body work is coming very good. Body is about 60% done. Running boards/splash aprons are done. Rear fenders are done. He painted my new gas tank, steering wheel spider, roof mid bow iron, and the engine air cleaner. It’s actually going pretty fast now. Small stuff he takes back to the shop where he works full time to paint. It’s funny how good it feels when you go and pick up some painted parts!
  13. Got a ring on the door bell today. Look what arrived. After i got it I got it up and measured, I determined it will just fit inside my garage with the top of it just hitting the bottom of my trusses.
  14. Classic Accessories in CA has a Harrison heater listed on their site right now. Appears to be in very good condition.
  15. chistech

    1932 Oldsmobile original wood wheel trim ring

    Finding that trim ring was the definition of "finding a needle in a haystack!"