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  1. I am at RNA 15-16 selling brass era to Corvette items. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  2. Here is a few items I am bringing to Hershey. A front and rear pre 1915 Packard doors $1500 or offer. Nice shape, $5000-$10000 to make new ones. Also a brand new set of all brass early Model T Ford E&J sidelights $695 Pair. Nice all brass John Brown taillight for early T $225. See them at RNA 15-16 Light post Seven by the football stadium Tom Muth
  3. Brass era parts at Hershey

    Here is few items I have at my spot. Pre-15 Packard doors(a front and rear) $1500 or offer. They cost $5000 - $10000 to make. These are in nice shape. I also have a brand new set of E & J all brass sidelights for early Model T Ford $695 pair. Nice John Brown early Model T ford all brass tail light $225. Tom Muth RNA 15-16 Light Post Seven by the Football stadium.
  4. 1914 Locomobile spark plugs

    Mike, I would check with the AACA's Snappers Brass and Gas Club. There are at least 6 pre 1915 six cylinder LOCO owners in that touring group that have driven 10's of thousands of miles around the US. They have a website and a facebook page. At least one will be at Hershey next week. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  5. Nice, and Buckeye Colors. I have one my dad bought new and used only in good weather. I use it to tow a boat and my brass cars. Hope to show it at an AACA meet in 3 years. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  6. I have two Direct Lift four posts used for storage mostly that I purchased last year. I also looked at the Bend Pak but did not like the need for air. A friend of mine has had one for several years with no issues. So far they have worked fine but I use them only once a month at most. Tom Muth
  7. 1931 ford tudor as a daily driver

    I believe I saw Model A Ford sedan with A/C and a four banger( maybe a model B)once on tour in Northern Ohio AACA Ohio Region tour about 10 years ago. It was set up as a taxi and was driven around the country. They will run at 55 ok with an overdrive. Mechanical brakes are fine if set up right. In fact much safer than single cylinder master cars till 1967. May want to ask around on a Model A Ford site. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  8. Right Hand Drive?

    I have three brass era cars that are right hand drive. A 09 Maxwell, 12 McLaughlin Buick and a 12 Buick. Have driven the McLaughlin the most and it has turn signal and brake lights. Do not have to pass very often at 30-40 MPH. I also have 11 Ford that is left hand drive but with he original steering gears that our touchy at 3:1 or less. Going to put on the later model 5:1 gears to make it less exciting. Everyone asks if the right hand drive cars are foreign which I have a sign that explains why and what the carbide tank is. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  9. Trailer

    I have used Carlisle(yes I have heard the horror stories about Carlisle radials) Sport Trail Bias Ply on a boat trailer I tow behind a RV and small 7/16 covered trailer that I use to haul my small brass cars(just less than 5000lb loaded) at 45 lb psi and keep the speed around 60 MPH. So far no issues. I had Carlisle USA that worn out quick but the Sport Trails seem to last longer. It is my opinion that bias ply tires have stronger side walls than radials and I tow maybe a couple thousand miles a year so they will time out before they wear out. I know radials will go more miles but what's everyone's opinion on the sidewall strength of a bias vs radial? Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  10. Yes, one can modify their car with other cars parts like a friend that had a 1911 Overland his Dad put in a 26 Chevy rear end and others I know have put in a late model trannys. You can also drop a small block Chevy in them too but all of this is basically hot rodding. Not my bag or AACA's. My 12 Buick project that included new axels and a few other things was estimated to be $5-8m but turned out to be more than double that because of other internal parts that had to be made. Had I known, I would have sold the car or found someone to put in a different rear end but did not find out till I was handed the bill. Basically if you want a tour ready driveable brass era/ pre 20s car that is AACA/ VMCCA/HCCA eligible and somewhat close to era mechanically, get ready for some big bills unless you are talking Ford. Then again, sometimes you can get lucky and have limited issues with cars of this era but the point is only Fords have affordable mass reproduced parts in this era of cars. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  11. These are great tour cars with a V8 but a 1916 is one year too new for HCCA national tours or AACA Reliability or Snappers. The Caddys of this era were used in WW1 by the US so great for WW1 events like the Dawn Patrol Rondevous's every two years at Wright Paterson Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. A friend of mine has 1915 he just drove last week on a Snappers Tour in Indiana. He toured last year with no issues but had some distributor issues this year that was solved on the tour with daily cleaning of carbon build up. As far a parts, the ONLY car of this era that has any parts made is a Model T Ford. Any mechanical parts for a Caddy or any other non Ford of the is era if not found by chance or by networking with other owners have to be made. I have 1912 Buick that had a broken ring and pinion along with several other parts in the rear end. The ring and pinion cost $2200 and that was the cheap part of the project. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  12. Made it to Oregon!

    Good to hear you made it home. Hope my daughters do the same for me if I have the same issues as your Dad. My Mom is in late stage of Alzheimer's too but has rallied a bit lately when my oldest Daughter(who lives in Perth Australia) got home a few weeks ago to prepare for her wedding later this month. On good days Mom lights up and says Model T when I show her a picture of my late Dad's 1911. If all goes well we will have my Mom at the Wedding along with Model T and Mom's 67 Camero RS Convt and some other cars. Hope you can enjoy yours on some tours in the Northwest.
  13. I plan on attending the Car and Parts Show this weekend as it is the biggest in Ohio covering a 100 plus acres with lots of cars for sale and parts vendors. It is at the Clark County Fairground off I70 east of Springfield and run by an AACA member and active AACA forum writer know as LUMP! Takes about a day to see if the weather is good which it looks like at this point. A fair amount of prewar stuff along with lot of the 50-90's stuff and not too many hot rots. Some times you might even see a brass car. Tom Muth
  14. AACA / CCCA Central Spring Meet 2017 Questions

    Had a great time at Auburn showing my 1911 Ford DPC that was last shown in the Old Car Fest in 1955 by my Dad just after restoring. In fact he was next to Dick Teague in Rambler who had my Dad follow him to a Greenfield Village Barn when it stopped raining. No such problem at Auburn. Loved the McCartney Band in fact the lead singer sounds better than Paul. My wife plans to use them in Cincinnati at some events for her job. Other than my HPOF Original 1984 Tioga Motorhome breaking down on the way back with the T in tow, it was a perfect weekend. Hope to be back with other cars in the future. Great job by the AACA staff!!! Tom Muth
  15. What Was The First Car You Ever Drove?

    The first car I drove was my Dad's 1911 Model T Ford at age 13. I took the drivers test in my Mom's 1967 Camaro RS convt . I now own both. Tom Muth