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  1. felt seals

    I got some for my 12 Buick from a Model T supplier
  2. March April The Antique Automobile

    That's why I would not make a good editor. How about Old Car Fan? Look forward to seeing all of you in Auburn.
  3. March April The Antique Automobile

    I am terrible at typo's myself so I rarely notice them. The Antique Automobile is a fantastic magazine now vs the rehash of shows in the past. Well worth the cost of membership but then I am a life member so bias. My mother who just pasted away a couple months ago did the Canton Ohio Chapter AACA newsletter for over 10 years back in the 1970's and 80's. This was back when they were all printed and mailed. I helped in the folding and stamping process. She also produced the Ohio Region Spark Plug for a year which was a big undertaking. They purchased a small printing press and we had parties to fold and prepare over 500 copies for mailing in our basement every quarter. My wife and I did our Southern Ohio Chapter Gauge for several years pre e-mail so I quite aware of what is involved with putting out a magazine like ours. West also spends a lot of time at National Meets and tours gathering content. He even occasionally shows up at our local Southern Ohio Chapter tours when there is not a National Event. While the processes of preparing and printing are probably much easier than 30 years ago due to technology, the amazing amount of potential content via the web and ease of communication with our editor via this forum, e-mail, Facebook, etc has made it a much more demanding job. It is great having a true old car guy as our editor! Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  4. Battery charger/maintainers?

    I too have multiple cars in an unheated barn that I drive or start monthly in most cases and do not use a tender. All but a 96 Buick have a shut off. I have been getting 10 plus years on them. When they only keep a charge for week, I replace them. I only get three years with a deep cycle for a boat that sits a lot but try to charge monthly. Since the 96 Buick has computer, I have not put on a shut off but would like to prevent rodent fires. Any thoughts on shut offs for Computer equipped cars?
  5. 1913 Buick model 25

    Simon, I am bit late to this discussion but I have a 1912 Buick Model 35 and 1912 McLaughlin- Buick Model 35 both with the same 165 CI engine and chassis. The Body of the McLaughlin is different than the Flint made body with a cowl but both have the shifter inside the body as have most 13 Buick model 25's I have seen. It was unusual to see the shifter on the outside but as Mark Shaw and other have stated, it might be due to shipping laws. I have toured quite a bit in the McLaughlin and it cruises nicely at 35-40 MPH on flat ground but has slightly different rear end ratio than most others that run better at 30-35 MPH. I have not run the 12 Flint Buick yet as I inherited it from my Father and while it was almost completely restored about 15 years ago, it was never sorted out and has carb issues now and I have not had time to deal with them yet but hope to later this year after I get a 1911 T Ford back on the road after a cracked engine head issue last fall. One of the issues you must consider with a Buick or any non-Model T era brass car is the fact that you will have to make or have made any parts that fail. For a brass T, you can order most any mechanical parts you would need from numerous suppliers on the net for a very reasonable cost. With a Buick like this, no so. For example, the ring and pinion on my McLaughlin went out a few years ago and I had a new set made to the tune of $2000 vs $300 for a Model T. I had lot of other issues with the Rear end that made the $2000 ring and pinion cost pocket change. Got almost as much in the rear end as I paid for the car. Same thing if you have major engine or Tranny issues, be prepared to shell out big bucks or hot rod with other cars parts. A friend has a 1911 Overland his father modified years ago with 26 Chevy Rear end and Tranny. It also has cast Aluminum wheels that look like the wood ones. Wish I had done that with McLaughlin as I am grossly underwater. On a side note, my daughter met an Aussie in Perth, Au four years ago while student teaching. She stayed and they were married last year. I have made one trip to Australia so far but will be making some more in future. Tom Muth Cincinnati, Ohio
  6. How Many Are Enough?

    I have ten official AACA eligible cars from 1909 Maxwell to a 1970 Vette plus a 1988 Searay boat and soon to be eligible 1996 Roadmaster used as a tow vehicle. Had a 1984 Motorhome that achieved HPOF original but sold it last year after Hershey and bought new one so I can hopefully spend more time getting and keeping the cars running in stead of working on the motorhome. My pole barn is full as is my home garage. I either need to get rid of one or add on the pole barn to make room for a shop. Sound like I am just average.
  7. brass car or truck project 1909--15

    There is very nice 1912 Buick model 35 for sale on the HCCA site. It is owned and was restored by a friend of mine in Pittsburgh, PA.
  8. Single car club decision

    By the way, Jeff is active member of our Southern Chapter, AACA. We convinced him to join a couple years ago after seeing his posts on this forum. He has made several tours and even the annual meeting this year. I was going to try to get him to do a tour next year but the sign up sheet was full for every tour month by time it got to him. Things are looking up for our Chapter. This forum is great vehicle to recruit members for your Chapters and Regions along with getting advise to keep our cars on the road. Tom Muth SOC AACA
  9. Corvair Ultra Van Bull(etin)

    I remember seeing the Ultra Van at Hershey in recent years too along with the days on the grass. Yesterday I sold my 1984 Tioga MH I showed at Hershey in 2014 and got an HPOF. Dressed up as Cuzzin Eddie with sewer hose on the show field. Cuzzin Eddie and the Tioga made one last appearance this year in flea market. It was purchase new by an Ohio Region AACA member and spend many years in the flea market with the original owners and myself. Sorry to see it go but I tired of working on it. Maybe the Ultra Van owner can bring to the show next year. Another Ohio Region AACA couple has shown their GMC motorhome a few times. Tomcarnut
  10. Sweet 1957 Thunderbird around the corner....

    I guess I will jump in on T-bird talk. In 1957, my Dad ordered a new T-Bird as he had just finished restoring a 1911 Ford and wanted a car he would keep and not have to restore. It was ordered with the porthole delete and radio delete but with the 312 engine and overdrive. That year my parents drove it to Colorado from Ohio where they developed a life long love of the West and old Ghost Towns. That trip was the only time the car was in the rain. I came home from the Hospital in the T Bird in 1958. Two years ago after my father passed, I inherited the car with 24000 miles and even two of the original tires (recapped) on the car. Only a couple tires, mufflers and battery have been replaced. It is like a brand new car. The paint is original and like new which is not as good as many over restored cars. You can see sand marks in the areas under the doors that was just painted over at the factory. It runs great and I get it out for short drives once a month. I also inherited that 1911 T along with several other cars to add to my own collection so I have not had time to do much to the T-Bird but change oil and antifreeze. Over this winter, I plan to replace all the rubber, belts, hoses and tires so I can feel better driving it on a local AACA tour. Yes I will hopefully get it to an AACA meet probably Auburn for an HPOF at some point. Dad had it undercoated when new which would be a deduct for regular judging. I also plan to take off the hardtop to make it easier to get in and store in the summer as it has a soft top that had not seen daylight for 40 years or more. One of these days, I will dig out some pictures of it when new and today. Tomcarnut
  11. I have two spaces and friend has two space that are in a parallel row. Both my friend and I along with another AACA Ohio Region friend have motorhomes so we can stay on the field. We park the three Motorhomes on three spaces and use the fourth for most of vending but use space along the sides of the motorhomes for some stuff. We also take turns "watching the store" making sure everything is priced. We set up Tuesday afternoon and pack up Friday. Our location in the Red Field by the stadium is not too good for sales and I rarely sell enough to pay for the spots despite bringing a lot of parts. We stay open from 8am till 6 or 7 PM sometimes. I have been coming to Hershey since 1970 at age 12 and vending for 20 years or so. I always make sure anyone who is in our spaces bring stuff to sell. We also let other club members and friends put out parts to sell at our tables. My only thought is to shorten the meet by a day starting set up on Wednesday so more might stay and vend on Saturday making it better for folks with limited vacation. I believe that was the case years ago. I remember at lot more going on Saturday in swap meet areas with most people leaving Saturday night instead of Friday. Generally the vendors are tired after four days and leave Friday. If we set up on Wednesday, more vendors might stay till Saturday. Tom in Cincinnati
  12. Dipping a Toe in the Water - sixties sedans

    Wondergrape, Most of our AACA Southern Ohio Chapter Members are from Dayton. I am the current VP and will probably be President next year. We have tours April through October and dinner or lunch meetings November through March skipping January. PM me or e-mail me if you are interested in getting our newsletter The Gauge e-mailed. It is also on the AACA website if you dig a bit. The AACA national magazine editor West Peterson is a member and lives in Dayton. We can be a resource and even have some guys that would probably love to go with you to look at cars when the time comes or know of ones for sale. You can still come to our events in a modern car. I kid a couple of our members who rarely drive their old ones. Tom Muth
  13. Old tires— too old?

    My Opinion is for Radials, replace after 5-10 years depending on how they are stored. Since Bias Ply have stronger side walls, you might get more time especially in early cars that not driven over 35 MPH. Any thoughts? I have a 09 Maxwell that does not run well yet so I have not driven it on the road but the previous owner put on new tires. The old ones look like brand new and the top speed is 25 MPH so I would have not replaced. Same goes for my 1912 McLaughlin-Buick or 1911 Model T Ford with top cruising speeds on flat ground of 35MPH. I have heard some 30 era car owners just replace the tubes on older bias ply as the new ones especially whitewalls are junk. What is the opinion on bias ply slower cars? At $350 a pop on some of these early car tires that have sitting in warehouse for bit, they are timed out before you get them on. Tom in Cincinnati
  14. Dipping a Toe in the Water - sixties sedans

    Wondergrape, That is good. AACA has the Ohio Region with several chapters that tour with their cars locally for day trips and three times a year tour with all the chapters. We had a wonderful Ohio Region tour two weeks ago in the Dover, Ohio area. Besides wonderful back roads in Amish country, we toured a tear drop trailer manufacturer and private collection with 30 plus cars including a Duesenburg, Packards, Caddys Kaiser Darrins, T Birds etc. The guy had two large buildings for the cars set around his nine hole golf course and his house. Most of the cars on the tour were 50- 70s cars. This weekend I was on our last local Southern Ohio Chapter tour on back roads of KY to General Butler State Park for lunch. We again had mostly 60's- 80's cars including a poster here Junk yard Jeff in 65 Ford 4 door sedan. By the way, a tour is driving around usually in the country between stops for food, private collections, historical sites and other interesting stuff. Beats sitting around at car show in my opinion. Tom in Cincinnati
  15. wooden bodies

    I have wooden Seat bucket for early Reo that I want to sell. pm me if interested.