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  1. Ian Greenlaw

    I haven't seen any activity from Ian for some time Is he not well ?
  2. To me it looks like a complete 28 National motor The 26 and 27 never had provision on the block casting to bolt the pushrod covers to
  3. 26 DB Initial valve clearance set up

    The modern ULP burns slower then the old gas I can't comment on E10 as I have never used it
  4. 11" Rushmore Brass headlamp needed

    Will do tomorrow It is 10.30 pm Friday here and I don't think John would like a call at this time
  5. 11" Rushmore Brass headlamp needed

    I have no brass lamps but a friend in our club has a Rushmore carbide gas generator that is for sale Please note we are in West Australia
  6. 11" Rushmore Brass headlamp needed

    One way to replace the mirror is to find an old convex glass clock glass They are available in various sizes and have it mirrored
  7. Wanted: 1928 Dodge Bros Speedometer Housing

    Keithb7 , The speedo in the DBs of that era are made of pot metal Your only solution is to replace it with one that is made by Vintage Restorations Myers Early DB Parts are their agents in the U.S They are pricey
  8. '26 ignition switch

    Ray I found when restoring the headlight switch for my 2249 Senior that there were "Dry Joints" in the switch Where your switch has the screws and the little "dog bone" shaped connectors I found that the current wasn't getting from the wire under the screw to the hollow brass rivet and this was on a NOS part There was a build up of corrosion between the rivet and the plate I am just wondering if this is causing the intermittent ignition problem
  9. 1927/1928 rear axle/diff rebuild

    Rich, You never mentioned that your wife used BLUE Lipstick
  10. 1927/1928 rear axle/diff rebuild

    Rich pinch some of the wife's lipstick works well
  11. I am with you Spinneyhill Not a tradesman or a craftsman but I take on the challenge and like you it takes a while By the way I plan to visit N.Z. in JAN. 2019 maybe we can catch up Ron
  12. Down here in Aust. "we would say real bonzer cobber" Now you go and have some fun in that old DB
  13. Well yesterday (Thursday)had possibly the best day ever. I traveled from my home to Fremantle Western Australia to collect three very distinguished guests from California. My guests were Elaine Gong and Sherrin and Donn Marinovich After our excited greetings I ferried the trio to the Western Australian Motor Museum in Whiteman Park about an hours drive away The museum was explored with gusto and memorabilia was purchased to take back home Then it was back to my home (another hour and 10 min drive)for a beautiful lunch of Crayfish (Lobster to you folks) and Salads Plus a couple of Aussie beers were consumed by Donn and myself I can't honestly tell you what the ladies were chatting about as Donn and I were to busy talking Dodges After our hearty lunch we then went down to my work shop to show off my DB 2249 Senior Touring that is under restoration I tried to answer all the questions that were asked and all to soon we had to lock up as our BD Sisters and Brother had to be back in Fremantle by 5pm to board the cruise ship Thank you Elaine, Sherrin and Donn for a very memorable day It was a pleasure to share our hospitality and humble abode with you Ron and Kerry
  14. BFM That is Bonzer news. I sincerely hope that you can get some assistance in breathing some life into this car I would love to be able to help but I am a little too far away.(Western Australia) Good luck and please keep us posted on progress
  15. Gee mate you give up easily Surely there are other DB owners in your area that can help you out