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  1. Help with a 1925 Trans Rebuild

    Ray that sounds like a lot of bull
  2. 1927 DB fast four cabriolet, on the road!

    How did you go with the steering box?
  3. Dodge brother's get together....

    Sure is great to catch up with old friends.We are having a big rally down here in West Aust. next week and friends that we know from the DB Club here are coming from the East Coast and they will be driving my 62 Chrysler Valiant S series. The bride and I will be in my 1913 Mors Sure am looking forward to this
  4. Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day to all of the Aussie members of the DB Club and these forums
  5. Speedometer rebuild

    If your speedometer is a North East Glen is your only hope of a new one at about $500 AU
  6. Looks like enamel to me the way the enamel has chipped in the damaged areas Paint doesn't chip like that
  7. A question about a hole in my block

    I would say that it is a 26 with the first of the 2 unit starter and generator
  8. Suggested literature for early Dodge owner's?

    David I think that the book you are refering to only covers the 4 cylinder models I have an original hand book (the one that comes with a new car)if you don't have one Ron
  9. Vague 1927 Dodge Touring Steering

    Stewart, If you can post a photo of your steering box .Bloo is right in what he says and I think that you have a Gemmer box in your car There are improvements that can be made to stop oil leaks and modern thrust bearings too I have done a couple now and the setting up can be fiddly From memory mine (on a 2249 Senior) has about 3/8" at straight ahead and about 1 1/4"at each lock If I can help with advice just holler Ron
  10. Water pump packing specs

    That's a bit hard to do BG as the Standard 6 are 6 volt system
  11. Any ticking time bombs on these old Dodges?

    Hello David,The entire DB various models of the late 20s have what we call the Pot Meal Curse, In all reality the metal was inferior and this problem was NOT only a DB one. The whole of the Automotive industry was affected all the way up to high end cars The parts on the DB Fast 4, Standard, Victory and Senior that are affected are The Distributor as Taylormade mentioned The ends of both the starter and generator and the main frame in the speedometer. This does not make the DBs a car to avoid by any means. they were a very well designed and engineered car Good luck with your car and I sincerely hope that you have many years of enjoyment with it
  12. Grease / Oil for Steering Box

    They had Armstrong Brand Power Steering The patent was submitted in 1892 by a guy named Big Biceps
  13. cowl lights

    The cowl lights should come on when the switch is turned to park I don't know if they stay on once the switch is in the head light position The globes were 6 volt 5 watts
  14. The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Looking good, Getting closer to completion
  15. Grease / Oil for Steering Box

    I have the Penrite Lube in the steering box of my Senior and to fill the box I used a grease gun No mess No leaks although I must say that when I reconditioned the box I fitted modern lip seals to the lower part of the box and also on the sector shaft.