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  1. How to remove 927 Dodge Steering Wheel

    YOU cut that out there young Richo

    There appears to be a number missing from your frame number They have 6 numbers Going by Myers production dates Frame #s starting with A 270-000 started on March 3 1925. Are you missing a #? The # you have found on your axle does not match any on the DB 1915 to 1933 parts book Can you post a photo of what you have?
  3. How to remove 927 Dodge Steering Wheel

    Stuart My car is a 28 Senior and my original nut is only thin about 1/4 or 5/16"" On my car the outer steering column does not connect to the steering box Does the one on your car? If it doesn't Then you un-clamp it at the dash board and slide it down a fraction I am sorry my computer skills are not good enough to post photos of mine On a lighter note I have heard of a loose nut behind the wheel but not one that's abandoned ship.
  4. How to remove 927 Dodge Steering Wheel

    Yes Stuart there should be a bush in there. I turned one up out of Niolothane and used that. From memory there are 3 small dimples to hold the bush in the tube About a inch is in the tube and about 1/4 '' out and the top external diameter is a little larger in dia than the tube So in affect you have a bush with a bore to suit the steering shaft and stepped on the outer diameter to fit into the tube Hope all this makes sense
  5. 1928 Std Six Wheel Torque Value

    Keith, Back when these oldies were made there were no torque values The main retainer nut would be tightened up enough to take movement out of the front wheel bearings just the same as on a modern vehicle The rear wheel is done up tight Do NOT put any lubrication on the taper before installing the wheel Make sure the taper is clean with no burrs so that the taper seats well Some people I know put the wheel puller on the hub with the bolt removed and hit that with a copper head hammer to ensure the taper is seated The hub bolts were originally fitted tightened and then center punched to stop them from coming loose
  6. How to remove 927 Dodge Steering Wheel

    OK went and check to refresh the brain matter At the bottom of the steering box there is a clamp plate This clamps the outer tube so in all there are 3 tubes in the steering column Spark throttle and this outer one You will have to drop off the spark and throttle linkages from the tubes un-clamp the outer one and then the 3 can the be remove as an assembly Then you can access the nut that holds the wheel on Take care not to damage the steering tube when trying to remove the wheel Hope I have been of some help Ron
  7. How to remove 927 Dodge Steering Wheel

    Stuart I will have a gander at mine a little later to refresh my memory and get back to you
  8. How to remove 927 Dodge Steering Wheel

    G'day Stuart , Mate you are going to have to take out the two tubes that run down through the steering column You will need to disconnect the spark a hand throttle connections at the bottom of the steering box then the tubes will pull out

    Hi 30s, Firstly check the part # of the front axle It is cast onto the axle on the right side front between the spring perch and the kingpin pivot If your frame # is below A 204877 the axle part # should be 18303 If your frame # is above A 204877 the axle part # should be 32409 . Maybe they are not original pins that are in your car that is if they do not have a hex head From the info that I have the hex head pin went up until late 27 I hope that I have been of some help Ron
  10. Bob My 28 2249 Senior has Zirk grease nipples I think DB changed to them in about 26
  11. It is no good using a modern grease gun on those nipples The gun you need is a Zerk gun and they come up on E bay of at auto swap meets quite often
  12. Its good to have two people do it and use the heaviest dolly you can
  13. Rich are you using a pneumatic hammer to do the riveting
  14. Dodge Brothers serial number help

    Jan the picture of your frame is from the top The same Number should be on the side just above where the spring shackle pin is
  15. Visiting Australia in December 2017 & January 2018

    Hi Donn, You got me mate just the first name you got wrong I called you when we were on our way to visit Yosemite National Park I will send you an Email Ron