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  1. Ron Lawson

    Late 20's handle/lever identification

    The interior door handles that you show are ones used by the Holden Body Building Co I have the same ones on my Holden bodied 1928 DB Senior Tourer
  2. Ron Lawson

    DA Tail Lamp

    John, Where would the old car hobby be without you wisdom ,knowledge and generosity ? You are a true Champion to us all
  3. Ron Lawson

    DA Tail Lamp

    John can you post a picture of what you need
  4. Ron Lawson

    Any idea what year

    The 3/4 eleptic springs finished in 23
  5. Ron Lawson

    Wing and body fitting to chassis - 1927

    Glad you got that one sorted Rich One often wonders what canabilizing has been done to our old cars in their "Previous Life"
  6. Ron Lawson

    Brake/Stop light switch mounting on RHD

    Rich the switch that I have is more like the one on Rays 26 DB
  7. Ron Lawson

    Brake/Stop light switch mounting on RHD

    Hi Rich I have a brake light switch that I thought was for a Senior 6 .Turns out it wasn't If it fits your car your welcome to it Sorry I cant post pictures on here
  8. Ron Lawson

    1924 touring rear body panel for free.

    I don' t think Ford had an All Steel Body
  9. Ron Lawson

    Transmission oil/grease

    I have stated before on these forums that Penrite make an oil that is suitable for our old transmissions ans rear ends This oil is formulated for use in the above applications where "yellow metal" is used Plus it's a great Aussie Company
  10. Ron Lawson

    Looking for Carburetor for 1928 Victory 6

    The Carburettor that you need is a Stromberg UX2 Very hard to find a good one as the pot metal that they were made of is terrible stuff. Reproduction parts are available but very expensive Some come up on ebay now and again
  11. Ron Lawson

    Rim color for a 1926 DB

    DON'T use VB mate It evaporates and the finish is not the best
  12. Ron Lawson

    hood hold down

    The earlier ones are clamped Real bugger to pull apart
  13. Ron Lawson

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Calling Ben Cassey "Can you mend a broken Dodge Brothers"
  14. Ron Lawson

    1920 Dodge Brothers Touring

    Many DB owners in America are ignorant of the fact that DB cars that were exported to Australia and other countries were Magneto equipt I know where you are coming from Ray
  15. Ron Lawson

    Ian Greenlaw

    Thanks for the reply Ian My you have been busy Good to know that everyone's health problems are on the way up Kerry and I are coming to Vic for the DB rally at Colac later on this year