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What is a Aluminum Head Worth?

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Those of us with flat head engines are usually interested in production Aluminum heads.  They have a little more CR and hence,  a little more power.    In the Plymouth 6 world they can  go for $1200-1500.  I am building a Ira Vail style early Hudson  fair grounds racer using a Hudson straight 8 254 engine.   The engine came with a Aluminum head which turned out to be beyond salvage.  I replaced it with  a good re manufactured head.  I scrapped the old head today.  It weighed 17 lbs and cast aluminum went  for .20 a lb.    That works out to $3.40.  Perhaps I would have been better  off to make it a "Wall Hanger"  

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I vote for a wall hanger in naked aluminum.   Non car people have no idea what a flathead is.   I have one cast iron and on aluminum

Flathead Ford heads on display as wall hangers.

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For what you got for recycling, I would have turned it into a wall hanger.

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Everything makes for a good wall hanger, until you have to take it down and move it. Drill and tap it, install a hose bib on the end. Flip it over and turn on the garden hose. Have a low budget sprinkler when water shoots out of the cooling passages.🤔

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For Sale 1939 Hudson straight 8 cylinder Power Dome flathead engine head.



This is a super clean original Hudson Power Dome cast iron head for the 254 cubic inch L head inline straight 8 engine.
5-17 Month/Day date code.
Has the raised NH lettering.

Nice spark plug threads.
No cracks.
Ready to be hot tanked and surfaced.
2-5/32 inch thick along the side edges
Just out of long term storage.

May fit other year Hudsons as well.
Ready to replace your cracked head or for a spare.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited servi

.html  1939 Hudson straight 8 cylinder Power Dome flathead engine head 254 100909_ejbFt3ywBzI_0CI0lM_600x450.jpg

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