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Vicente Sevillano

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Dear all,


I show you a photo of a PACKARD 904 DELUXE TWELVE COUPE. Last August 11st, I had the pleasure of being present in the prestigious 2022 Autobello Marbella-Sotogrande. It is a Concours D´elegance with more than 10 years. It was celebrated in Sotogrande, in my city San Roque, Cadiz province. The chosen location was on the main field at the Santa María Polo Club in Sotogrande.


I hope all of you could enjoy it. 

Best regards,



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Hope you have been well, thanks for the comment confirming the history of this car.


That is exactly what I told my friend Vicente on fb a few days ago.  This car left quite an impression on me and I recall speaking with the owner in late 90s about the wheels, he had just refinished them.  Not a showcar but what a great Packard.  A former regular at some of our local shows.


I knew the chances of a grey 1107 coupe not converted into a convertible and having those wheels were slim to zero. 😁

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