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  1. Iceland's last government Packard was a 1955 or 1956 Patrician which unfortunately proved so tempermental that it was quickly returned.
  2. I remember Art Brummer, I guess it was in the late '60s or early 70s that I purchased many of his brass or bronze reproductions of the die-cast trim parts for my 1934 Packard which I had bought in 1963 or 4 from Ed Jurist of Vintage Car Store in Nyack. Anyone remember Ed?
  3. Wire spoke wheels were available on the senior Packards in 1936, but they were not offered for the 120 model.
  4. The current issue of CCCA's The Classic Car has an article with description and pictures of a similar model used by Minerva dealers to demonstrate the sleeve valve operation.
  5. The A.E.A. wiring diagrams are viewable on The Packard Club website.
  6. Assuming you're in The Packard Club, just check your monthly newsletter. Northfield Ltd regularly advertises that they have it for all models of 1934 Packard.
  7. I suggest you contact the club webmaster, his contact information is in your monthly newsletter, he has always been extremely helpful to members having access problems. From time to time the forum has been bombarded by malicious and inappropriate postings and perhaps in the process of banning those posters, you were inadvertently swept along?
  8. No mention of this in the recent Mitchell-Bentley book which covers their postwar work for Packard.
  9. I recently installed 4 7:00-17 Bedfords and metal-stem inner tubes sourced from Lucas on my 1934 Packard Eight, replacing a set of Lesters which were 27 years old and had given superb service. I went with the Bedfords on the recommendation of a local and very prestigious restoration shop and to this point (just finishing 2nd season) I am totally satisfied with their performance, zero problems and I very much like the "of the era" appearance of the tire. The tubes were Firestone branded radial light truck tubes, 16", made in China.
  10. "I have never heard of a Title VIN for a vintage car being listed with half model number and half serial number." From 1932 thru 1956 Packard vehicle numbers consisted of a model # prefix followed by a sequential production number for that model.
  11. That's exactly how Bijur themselves were repairing them when they were still doing that work. A pair of rings, one on either side of the opened seam, and then held with a series of screws thru the top ring and threaded into the lower ring.
  12. I've been very satisfied with the NAPA Commercial 6-volt batteries, 6-8 years of service from them. My own feeling is that these batteries are better and longer-lasting than batteries of the past.
  13. I've never experienced any problems with these Daytona float valves and the use of 10% ethanol fuel, and I've had them in service for many, many years.
  14. I'm pretty much in agreement with edinmass, for a truly top-notch paint job think in terms of $50K and up.
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