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Recommendation: Struts for 1998 LeSabre

Fr. Buick

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Greetings all!


I just picked up a very low-miles LeSabre.  I had a '94 years ago, and loved it, so I was very happy with this new find to use as a daily driver.


The ride seems a little too bouncy at times, and I hope someone can recommend a brand for new struts for front and rear.


Grateful for any bright ideas,


Doug Cook

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For general principles, ACDelco "quick strut" assy.  www.rockauto.com will probably have the best price.


IF you read everybody's literature, they ALL are probably very similar other than the external paint color and labels.  They ALL have some sort of speed-related valving they will mention, which is nothing more than the old 3-stage valve set-up that has been around for ages.  But how they stage the different stages might be a bit different.  But to get to something like the OEM ride or just a bit firmer, I'd trust the ACDelco items more myself.


When the cars were new, each brand had their own brand-specific struts and such.  I believe that Buick was the softest and Pontiac was the firmest (not by much, as I recall), but in the aftermarket, they are usually all the same part number, by observation.


What amazed me, initially, back then was that the optional Gran Touring suspension option and the normal suspension used the same struts.  Just that the stiffer-sidewall Eagle GTs probably engaged the stiffer section of the valving a bit sooner, in addition to the larger sway bars.  Whereas the normal tires would ride softer and filter out more of the road vibrations before they got to the struts, so the struts perceived they were on smooooth pavement and would ride softer.  BTAIM


Just some thoughts,


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