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Filling rear shocks question-'51 Super


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What apparatus do you guys use to add hydraulic oil to the rear shocks ? The filler hole is a tiny 3/8" . I've tried my smallest funnel, small diameter rubber hose in combination with a large syringe. Nothing fits but a small eye dropper. I'd be there all weekend if I went that route.


I'm down about an inch from it's recommended level of 1/2" below filler opening.

Thanks all.

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I'm almost ashamed to admit it , but a few feet away on a shelf was my seldom used metal oil can with flexible spout as Rusty Heaps and other suggested.

Why I didn't even think of using this, I can only attribute to advancing age.


She worked like a charm, "easy peasy". I ended up using a zip tie as a dip stick.


Who needs special GM tool "Shock absorber Gun KMO 1026 & Adapter J 1611" as the manual calls for ??? 

Thanks guys !!




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