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  1. Search "Auburn", there are several threads already with pics and video.
  2. "long shot" : very unlikely and improbable. ( "Wild ass guess" ) "WAG"
  3. Long shot, have you reversed polarity of battery?
  4. Bernie, never use your hood or deck lid for a workbench! (unless it looks like mine, cluttered up!)
  5. We need a long term study as well, say 30 days and 3-6 months?
  6. Label don't say but it shows they are RED apples.
  7. That is a no brainer. If my engine was representative, the rear plug was completely covered with rust and scale, the next forward plug was about 1/2 covered. No amount of flushing and Evaporust will remove that much buildup. Removing the plugs and digging out the buildup is a good start to restore the system before treating with ANYTHING to remove the rust. John
  8. Wish I could join in but life gets in the way. Be safe "Texas Road Warriors". TJ55
  9. I didn't know that a Park Avenue came in 2dr model. Was that common in those?
  10. Handsome family you got there Billy W.! The car is ok too.
  11. old-tank's method has it's merits. cementing the gasket to the pan keeps it from squeezing out.
  12. I don't use anything on rubber, the gasket tends to squeeze out when tightened, bone dry should seal. JMHO John
  13. That is normal with mine also after short hot shutdown. Re timing: The blade acts as a flywheel, acting to continue rotation by the mass inertia. Try removing the blade and cranking up the mower, violent kickback. I learned this as a kid fooling around with old mower engines, only found one that would consistently crank up without kickback when blade was removed. I learned if I pulled it FAST I could crank it up. Also had very aggressive throttle response, kinda like my Buick 264 without the torque converter bolted up.😉
  14. The shop manual simply states that either could be used on a series 40.
  15. Both mine on the 55 264 are Carter.
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