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  1. What is under the big nut with the key thru it? What is it's function?
  2. Try rotating the engine a little one way or the other to see if chain tension changes to allow alignment.
  3. I will bet they got sugared instead of overheated. (That keeps your response relevant) It was.
  4. Go get your gas can, pour some in a glass, stir it some "powdered sugar" and report back with results. Then heat it to a rolling boil, report back with results.
  5. If you don't believe, go get your gas can, pour out a glass full and stir in some sugar. After the test, come back and post your results.
  6. Never mind, like you said, it is late. 1 day late. I'm bored!
  7. Me thinks it is functional, just not like you think.
  8. This is funny! Why did we have this conversation anyway? I re-read the entire thread and realized you had answered my first question 3 hrs later with 2 videos, somehow I had completely missed that. Carry on! Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!
  9. Now I am the one that doesn't understand, but I don't need to. 😉
  10. Quote: "The transmission drive gear is supported by a ball bearing seated in front wall of transmission case. The ball bearing, which is shielded on rearward side, is pressed against a shoulder on main drive gear and held in place by an oil slinger, washer, and retainer (snap ring) . The outer race of the bearing is grooved for a snap ring which fits between transmission case and flywheel housing to hold bearing and main drive gear in place." From 55 shop manual, pg 4-14
  11. Let me rephrase this: The cut of the gears is causing the end thrust of the assembly, something has to hold the assembly in the case. I will look in the manual. John
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