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  1. The rubber sleeve and brass ring are an interferance fit and should be difficult to relocate while in the column. If I recall correctly, the brass sleeve should not be able to slide down the rubber sleeve to expose the rubber, I think the brass sleeve is slightly crimped on the upper end, it also has the notch stamped in it for the wire to be soldered to. Your alternative might be to loosen the column and slide it downward to better align, not positive about that because the 56 design has rag-joint and the 55 shaft is captured in the steering box. At any rate, if you could re-position the bras
  2. Dry and gummy. Had to remove all door panels on mine and spray with WD40. You might get enough sprayed in around the door latch area to do some good.
  3. Mud, do you oven bake any parts that you paint?
  4. Even a washing machine needs an agitator.
  5. Yeah, me too! How about a pic of that beautiful Miss Rita?
  6. Dang! I feel lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut! All in fun Dave. ( I do prefer the overalls though.) TexasJohn
  7. Yes, but funny anyway. C'mon, haven't you ever dreamed of being a hood ornament? .............Anonymous in Texas Honestly, would you prefer pink bunnies?
  8. Ugh! That stuff should be censored! Where is a moderator when you need them? Ugh!
  9. Keith, pretty car, pretty "colors" too..............TJ55
  10. JohnD, Nice pic but PLEASE resize your photos. It took me 10 minutes on dial-up to download it. I was too curious not to though. That is what mine looked like before I replaced it.
  11. Dale, Don't condemn the transmission just yet. Did they determine where the fluid was leaking from? Front seal area, rear of trans,dipstick, etc? First check the vent tube for being plugged. Try slipping a rubber hose over the vent tube and blowing into it. If it is plugged, it may blow fluid. If the fluid level was overfull or low, it may also spit fluid. If the fluid cooler or lines were restricted it could overheat and spit fluid. Probably not in 5 miles, but......... Does it still drive and pull OK?
  12. Good job Matt. Did you happen to check to see if your voltages returned to normal readings in spec? That might be a good clue for others chasing the same problem.
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