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  1. Search "Auburn", there are several threads already with pics and video.
  2. "long shot" : very unlikely and improbable. ( "Wild ass guess" ) "WAG"
  3. Long shot, have you reversed polarity of battery?
  4. Bernie, never use your hood or deck lid for a workbench! (unless it looks like mine, cluttered up!)
  5. We need a long term study as well, say 30 days and 3-6 months?
  6. Label don't say but it shows they are RED apples.
  7. That is a no brainer. If my engine was representative, the rear plug was completely covered with rust and scale, the next forward plug was about 1/2 covered. No amount of flushing and Evaporust will remove that much buildup. Removing the plugs and digging out the buildup is a good start to restore the system before treating with ANYTHING to remove the rust. John
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