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Where does this go.?

Barry R

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Just finished a complete rebuild of the engine and engine bay of my 4 cylinder 1923 Buick.


I am idiot 🤪 just like all the old jokes, on the self after I finished I still have this bolt left

where does it go?161FCB49-AA30-48D8-918C-9BBBF2EBC5A9.jpeg.34071add332817663c55cbac6d270890.jpegCDFAE336-A63C-4B45-BAD0-2C1A147CBB01.jpeg.2eebf00d90446fd109652c00e0e3f500.jpeg


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19 hours ago, 27donb said:

Looks like the plug that goes under the distributer.  It covers the adjustment bolt that is loosened to set the ignition timing. 





Don: When I first test drove my 1925 Standard at the Ogdensburg NY. owner's home I had found the adjustment cap screw in his driveway. 

650327642_1925BUICKLEFTSIDE.jpg.fdf69a6fcfef9eee22a239841d5795b6.jpg I did not know what it was at the time. Thankfully the owner knew! Since then I have become very familliar with it on both my Standard and Master.

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