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1935 Commander

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A long time ago Ford Stoecker told me that the ring  around the horn button unscrews. I tried for years to remove the ring with finger pressure and had been unsuccessful, even at one point wrapping masking tape with the sticky side out around my fingers.


Today, after reading Chris’ post, I tried again with thumb pressure.  There must have been some tape residue on the ring because it actually moved a little before it stopped and I couldn’t get another grip.  I then got an old bearing race that was big enough to go around the horn button. I cut a ring of double-sided sticky-tape material that was designed to install floor tiles and put that on the bearing race.  The tape material is kind of cushion-y and I figured I could get an all-round friction grip on the outer horn ring. And I could get a good grip on the bearing race.


It worked like a charm.  As you can see, the threads are pretty fine.  I’m glad I didn’t break the ring and I’m hoping I can get it back on without cross-threading it.








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Thanks Tom,

I will give it a try next week. My1935 Dictator parts car, has been moved from my place to storage. This was moved to make room for my 1929 Erskine, right hand drive, so that I can get it ready to take to Hershey in the Fall, FOR SALE.

Chris, I will let you know next week, after removing, without damage!

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I do have what you need, but have not been able to get my parts car horn apart. I tried Tom's trick, but all I had was the type of two sided tape for hanging pictures and stuff. The tape adhesive broke free, before the insert budged. I will see if I can get the type of tape recommended, and try again.


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