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  1. On the back of this factory picture, it identifies this car as a 1902 Studebaker Electric.
  2. I believe that I have the side pieces that you are looking for.
  3. I am no longer looking for these parts. Thanks to those who helped.
  4. Never mind. I got tired of waiting for you to answer, and I had one made by my machinist. Thanks,
  5. Check your original post here. 1938/1939 Studebaker Window Garnish - Parts Wanted - Antique Automobile Club of America - Discussion Forums (aaca.org)
  6. I finally received the special tape from Tom. First batch got lost in the mail. I will try to get to the storage where the 1935 Dictator parts car is, in the next couple of days. I still have hopes to get the button off.
  7. Yes, Those are the 2 pieces that I need. Both sides are the same. So if you would like to sell me the ones that look the best, please message me with the details. They just both unscrew.
  8. Looking for the 2 parts from the External Brake band rear adjuster. For my 1922 Studebaker Light Six. Actually fits all models (Light Six, Special Six, Big Six) from at least 1919 to 1924. and then also on the Standard Six. I went to adjust my brakes and the adjuster bolt (square head) 3/8"x16x2", and the lock nut (hex head) was missing. It must have come out on one of my shakedown cruises. I can get or make the adjuster bolt relatively easy. Thanks.
  9. Might you happen to have the 2 parts from the External Brake band rear adjuster? Same on 1927 as my 1922 Light Six. Actually fits all from at least 1919 to 1924. and then also on the Standard Six. I went to adjust my brakes and the adjuster bolt (square head) 3/8"x16x2", and the lock nut (hex head) was missing. It must have come out on one of my shakedown cruises. I can get or make the adjuster bolt relatively easy. Thanks.
  10. I do have what you need, but have not been able to get my parts car horn apart. I tried Tom's trick, but all I had was the type of two sided tape for hanging pictures and stuff. The tape adhesive broke free, before the insert budged. I will see if I can get the type of tape recommended, and try again. I
  11. This is a pic of my 1922 Studebaker Light Six Touring door. Notice the door is smooth. Also there is alot of wood framing. My guess is your doors might be 1923.
  12. Thanks Tom, I will give it a try next week. My1935 Dictator parts car, has been moved from my place to storage. This was moved to make room for my 1929 Erskine, right hand drive, so that I can get it ready to take to Hershey in the Fall, FOR SALE. Chris, I will let you know next week, after removing, without damage!
  13. Did you ever find the steering wheel parts you need? I may have them if I can figure out how it comes off!
  14. Tom, Erskine's used Gemmer steering set up., not Ross. I think I have a "37 and a '39 column.
  15. I do still have most of the parts shown above, which I believe are all Erskine. That rear motor mount holder is the same as on my 1935 Dictator 2A (planar front suspension) parts car. I do have a pair (rusty from storage)of NOS Studebaker rear motor mounts (fits Model 30. 31, A, 1A and 2A)So correct fit for your 1934. I also have a one pair of NORS Doan front motor mounts. Fits same as above. So correct for your car. Let me know which of the bolts you are interested in, and I will take pics and measurements. I still have a lot of parts from the 1935 Dictator parts car. Plus some NOS, chrome that is already done, and other parts for 1934-1935.
  16. Maybe you are thinking of this great site? https://sites.google.com/site/identifyinginstrumentpanels/
  17. I don't know if this 1936 Studebaker is a driver's ed car. But it sure would be a neat one.
  18. Hypodermic syringe. The needles come in various diameters., pick one smaller than the width of the letters. Paint will flow and fill the depression to the top. It does take a little practice. 1 Shot Lettering enamel.
  19. Here is the latest information that is available for the 2021 ASC National Meet. Please be sure to read all the information, as there are some important changes to the way that the SDC is handling any interaction between our club members and their functions. This impacts even visiting their Swapmeet! Also our host hotel is NOT pet friendly, and some alternatives for those who wish to bring their pets, are listed below. We were informed of this just now, after the arrangements were already locked into place. Please make your reservations for the hotel ASAP, before it fills up. _________________________________________________________ PET FRIENDLY MOTELS There are 2 motels right next door and across the parking lot of the official meet hotel that are PET FRIENDLY. There is also a PET SUITES Pet Hotel just south across the road to the south of the motel. Home 2 Suites Residene Inn Pet Suites 5215 Noggle Way 5250 Noggle Way 1032 Emerson Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46237 Indianapolis, IN 46237 Greenwood, IN 46143 317-851-8518 317-888-4955 317-412-9237 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO GO TO OUR MEET AND WANT TO PARTICATE IN THE SDC MEET, READ THIS. The attached Statement of Clarification from The Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc. will clarify AOAI and ASC’s involvement in the 57th International Meet of The Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc. at Marion County Fairgrounds September 8-11, 2021. D December 8, 2020 SDC statement of clarification on the 57th International Meet in Indianapolis, IN, Sept 8-11, 2021 The Studebaker Drivers Club understands AOAI and ASC will conduct their International Meets during the same time period the Studebaker Drivers Club is conducting its International Meet. It has recently come to our attention that some AOAI and ASC members will also attend the 57th International Meet of the Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc during this same time period. This letter will clarify SDC’s position for participation in the meet. Attendance at an SDC International Meet is open to any member of the Studebaker Drivers Club Inc, Antique Studebaker Club, and the Avanti Owners Association International who has registered through Cornerstone Registration for our meet. Registration for the AOAI International Meet or the ASC Meet is NOT considered as entry to the Marion County Fairgrounds. All entrants to the meet on Tuesday afternoon (set-up), Wednesday, Thursday and Friday must wear SDC credentials. Any AOAI or ASC member attending the 57th International Meet must register through an online or printed registration form for the SDC International Meet. We will accept registration from any member of AOAI and ASC, PROVIDING 1), it is through our registration agent, Cornerstone Registration, 2), you are currently a paid member of these affiliate organizations, and 3), you pay the fees on SDC’s Registration Form, including the General Registration fee. You may opt and pay for any tours, events, banquets, etc. as an SDC meet registrant. Specifically, the SDC event is a closed event from the afternoon of September 7, and all-day, September 8-10. On Saturday, September 11, AOAI and ASC members who have not registered with SDC may enter the fairgrounds by paying a DAY RATE, along with a parking fee, but in no case will ANY VEHICLE be permitted on the Concours Field during that event unless they have paid a JUDGED or DISPLAY fee through SDC to be on the field. Please relay SDC’s requirements to your membership to avoid confusion. Registering for your meet does not provide entrance to the SDC International Meet. This clarification is in lieu of any prior agreement or discussion that may have taken place. Dennis W Foust, President Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc.
  20. Can you post a pic with measurements. All those different hub caps from around that year look the same to me. George Rohrbach
  21. 1938 Shop Manual (studebakermuseum.org) For sale :Only $22.50
  22. Drive shaft is 42 1/2" with tape measure at these places. How did you make out with my u joint info?
  23. All steering parts that were needed have been found. Thanks to all!
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