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  1. I looked today and was surprised that this is all I have in 29 30 president steering. I've parted out so many.
  2. I know you enjoy the challenge of doing these projects the hard way. The farm tractor guys do supply the pins and shafts. Check the sizes that might fit. I also might have a gear box around here. I parted out many 29 and 30s. Also the early ones that did not have a adjusting screw did the adjustment by cover shims. https://antique-tractor-parts.steinertractor.com/tractor/Steering-Gearbox
  3. One of you 38 guys should start a roster. I know of two 38 coupes.
  4. I spoke with Tom on Monday. He is OK, but still recovering. He said he had to threaten to call the police to get out on the nursing home.
  5. When I did my 35 it used the wing type joint. Also the front upper control arm used the joint end caps. This company can cover all your u joint needs. https://www.actionmachineinc.com/collections/wing-u-joint Right down the street from the old studebaker plant.
  6. Thanks for the new word. Had to google it.
  7. I have a extra body by studebaker tag I will trade.
  8. I'll check some tomorrow. I think they are 1/4 -28.
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