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  1. I asked Andy about accessories and he said he did not have prints for AC numbers.
  2. Gee, an ebay bidder backing out? I'm shocked.
  3. Those are the last of the batch we made. They are stainless and will polish up to look chrome.
  4. I had them reproduced about 10 years ago. I thought it would be a good seller as most cars need them. Not much interest shown so I sold off what I had and haven't made any more. Also made the pins that they go on.
  5. When I bought the Jay Fisher mirror molds and patterns that one was missing. I know he did make them.
  6. I've never heard of anyone reproducing them. There might be a truck drum that would fit. Are yours shot? I do have them for wood or wire.
  7. Originals not cast. Stamped steel. And no. Cast drums started in 32 for Studebaker.
  8. Famous last words. Do a search. This has been covered before.
  9. That looks like the ones Nyal Weaver reproduced.
  10. You're asking for a lot. Most would be happy to just find a used one to rebuild.