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  1. What is wrong with that hinge? looks good. I have plenty of the hood rear hinge covers. email studerex@aol.com
  2. I have two 35 sedan front doors. Are the regulators the same?
  3. That is a open fitting. You need a smaller hole. Mine were mounted at the upper filter side.
  4. As Gary mentioned, be sure one of the fittings on the pressure side is a restricted type. Or you will be dumping oil pressure.
  5. If your engine is the 226 than this 41 engine photo should be close to the same oil line routing. Pressure line from left side of motor and return below canister.
  6. 36 Studebaker was the first car to use fram. See history https://www.fram.com/about-us/history/
  7. At 8:23 in the video is a 41 commander skyway. There are some good trim items to be saved. Hopefully.
  8. 32 president parts of any kind are rare and hard to come by. I remember a time when a fellow club member and I were both begging for a radiator shell. They rust out on the bottom. If you are selling it contact me. I might have a shell to trade or just purchase.
  9. I would check with the studebaker museum for the shock print. If they have the print it will show the collapsed and extended length. Maybe the supplier and number.
  10. Is your parts hulk a 41 president? The 40 pres is 16 x 4 1/2 and could work. I wonder if the m5 truck has the same wheels.
  11. Does anyone have 41 president wheels to sell? I have 2 friends looking for some. Has to be president. The wheel is wider and uses 9/16 studs. Also 41 has notches for the hub cover trim ring. 16 inch x 5 inch.
  12. Ernie Loga made a nice one for my 35 and many others.
  13. Can't get much closer. Don't you two know each other?
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