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  1. Dick, Did you view the attached link? It looks legit.
  2. SI contacted me looking for those bearings for their 42 pres. So they need them also. They recently bought Shrocks inventory. I wonder if they had any.
  3. I've seen those undersized bearings and on the box it says resizeable. So they could be sized to what you need, such as .40 under.
  4. I never researched model 54 running production changes, but the 31 president used tiltray lens until the last month of production when they changed to glolite.
  5. Why not just send to Save a lot of time and grief and have them make you a new shaft with modern universals. Located about a mile from the old Studebaker plant.
  6. I might have what you need. Have rebuilt motors, good used motors and low mileage motors. 1929 to 1932.
  7. If you have the size list it here and I will check the ones I have. Length, height at ends and center. Also photo if you have the old one.
  8. The blueprint might be available at the museum. It is amazing what is there. You have to have a part number. Got a manual?
  9. If it is N/C Industries they have done several for me and did a good job. I don't think they have your pattern though, unless its a roadster. But they are your best bet. I have a couple sedan window frames but not sure of their application.
  10. In rehab center and wants out. Looks like Wednesday.
  11. 684.00 I'm going to have to dig mine out.
  12. Watching that auction also. Have a few in boxes somewhere.
  13. Get the blue print from the museum. It shows the number size and style. It is etched not stamped.