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For Sale: Sunday's 1957 Buick - Super Pick of the Week !

buick man

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Well it appears over at BOT, some poor soul is once again attempting to offer up yet another Classic car offering to the gods of Slick Click Euro Exotica a 1957 Super that was highlighted in Sept 2012 issue of Hemmings Motor News.  There is a-lot to like about this Buick.  Very clean on top n musty blushy on the bottom but well presented.  Nothing a few repeated spa treatments with MMO would no cure.  Yes, apparently someone either mis-judged the location of the safety pole at the drive-thru ATM or a concrete truck's turning radius was just a little too tight cause nothing short of these could dent in that 1/4 inch thick sheet metal plate called the back door !  With that said, that door would be an easy fix and since it is no doubt a repaint in enamel would be an easy blend out task when painting.  Everything is there in the engine compartment, correct with no hints of a back yard spray can restoration specialist in sight.  Even the distributor rubber flap is there but appears to not an original type of thick white specked factory hacked rubber.  Oh, and the interior is very presentable with just the right touch of character.  Either the seat covers were covered in plastic forever or someone got hold of some original fabric.  Carpet is original as is the driver's foot area components.  Notice too, the glove box has that rare Buick Accessories Dept.'s offered liner "Lip" to help secure and keep contents in place.  So what do you folks think, is it a good buy it and drive it as is or ?? :































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I like this car very much.


The larger-series cars, Super and Roadmaster, offered

the color separation only at the roof;  or at the side molding

where the roof and upper body were the same color.


The color separation at the roof is not shown in the

sales catalogues, but is shown in at least one ad.

It's not often seen.

Was this roof-only contrast a mid-year addition?

1957 Buick--2-tone by roof.jpg

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I think it was one of their "Spring" deals.


This appears to be a really well preserved original car.  I tend to agree with Lance on the paint being original, but unless I could see it in person, all we can do is debate it.


Well, what's everyone think?  $18.5k is my guess...these cars that BaT have been selling lately have gotten really healthy numbers.  There is no reason why this one won't.  Its well photographed and presented without a bunch of used car salesman tactics.

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Super 4 doors are pretty rare, too.  There were a lot made, but they weren't preserved and restored the way 4 door Roadmasters were/are.  I nearly bought but passed on one with 17k miles a couple years ago, mainly because it had been repainted and it was a solid blue same as top color on my 75, so wouldn't add much variety.  If it was a certain color, perhaps like this one or especially black I would have bought it.  It was in similar condition to this one, but actually a tad nicer except it hadn't been started in about 5 years; I could have gotten it for about $10k.

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Yes no after market incorrect decals on the rocker cover oil caps nor incorrect eBay white A/C decals made in china on the air cleaner either. However, this is still sitting at 2,700 as of Monday night with 2 days to go. Chief C'mon says. "Smoke signals make mean face. no good sign " .... Glad this is not a No Reserve auction or the bottom ground dwellers would be crawling all over it.   Perhaps the seller is wise and just testing the waters and if so he's on a bad river course for that on BAT in our opinion or is simply tempted like so many others with survivor classics by the open forum platform offered by BAT.  My prediction is it will not sell and seller will accept he must truly market the car on another venue somewhere else like so many others have done.

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The undercarriage rust, as well as the questionable rockers may have been a limiting factor.

It surely was an interesting looking Super Riviera,

and nice colors, too,

although A/C would have been a big plus !

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That's a shame and yes Marty the seller should of engaged with more certified independent testimony regarding the under carriage areas/compoents.  Such an inspection report would of been golden and would of revealed any rust through areas.   However with even that said there is nothing notable that I can observe on the under side except evidence it sat for a long time over a damp base area.  Although the surface blushing is heavy on this one 3 or 4 spa treatments with a complete undercarriage area spray-on using ample amounts of  Marvel Mystery Oil MMO will totally eliminate all that pink blushing and give the metal a fresh conditioned active-in-use look. Each treatment is applied then let set for 2 weeks before the next MMO spa treatment is applied and repeated.  Works like a charm.

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Yeah, the undercarriage scale was heavy.  I like original, but on this car if I'd gotten it I think I'd be compelled to go over the underside with a wire brush and seal it with POR-15 to strengthen it and keep it from getting any worse.

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